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  1. I'm thankful for God, Scouters, family, friends, our Constitution, and leftovers!
  2. I wasn't raised in a Roman Catholic family, so I wouldn't really know about the Mary/May-pole connection. I was aware, however, of its pagan roots as a solar celebration. That was precisely the reason why the R.C. church outlawed celebration of this holiday, and subsequently must have re-introduced it as a Mary festival. As a Protestant, I'd still have qualms about its celebration in either tradition, but clearly the original post wasn't intended as Catholic-bashing, but merely an example of a pagan holiday I wouldn't wish to celebrate as a Christian.
  3. I've been a member of a sick troop, and wish that I wasn't. The problem with not starting a new troop in your community is you'll effectively cut off the other boys in your area by ignoring the problem at hand: the need for a new Troop. Start a new Troop, and in a few years you'll get bunches of kids, and you'll be doing one of the best "good turns" you can for both your son and your community. instead of ignoring the problem, attack it. And furthermore, your district officials are totally correct in steering you clear of lone scouting when there is no need to. Just because your son
  4. I wouldn't think any unbeliever would WANT to celebrate the Birth or the Death and Ressurection of our Saviour any more than I would want to frolic around a may-pole!
  5. Christians celebrate Christian holidays, Pagans celebrate pagan holidays, and atheists celebrate themselves.
  6. Cody, Sounds like a great project! Make sure to check with your school to see if they don't have any resources (many already deal with suppliers of playground equipment). Another good lead for playground equipment would be your Town/Township/City 's office, they might have some people or phone numbers to help you. Have Fun and continue your work!
  7. God bless each and every one of you, and may all enjoy the fullness of his bounty through Christ.
  8. "If you worship the One and Only true God then there is no 'god of idols'. Why do you refer to gods that do not exist? I don't think your wording is really what you meant. " Actually, he's right , considering this scriptural passage: "For YHWH your God is God of gods, and Lord of lords, a great god" (Deut. 10:17) In considering also the 10 Commandments (really many stuck together in similar groupings to help you remember them) think of numero uno: I Am The Lord Thy God; Thou Shalt have no other gods Before Me. The One True God also said this on earth, as Jesus: "I am t
  9. classb.com has a great namebadge made similarly to the above reply, but they can greatly customize emblems and colors to match what you need.
  10. I'm a Den Chief right now, and I was recognized at the Court of Honor, and the Pack held a Den Chief Induction ceremony. When I was trained at the council level the Pack was nice enough to pick up the tab for that, as well as the book & cords.
  11. The BSA now fully recognizes the Activity uniform, as well as Troop uniforms, as suitable uniforms. That's not to say that Memorial day your Troop should shirk their so-called field uniform, but rather at summer camp they needn't be so hot all the time. You can salute wearing the Activity uniform, Troop t's, etc. Sure makes the issue clearer in my opinion.
  12. Firstpusk, Evolutionary theory deals with creation outside of the scope of God, based on that alone it is an engine of evil. I wasn't clear on your meaning about you preaching sunday, please clarify.
  13. It seems to me that ScoutParent has made several wise conclusions. 1. Evolution supports the idea of "survival of the fittest" and champions genetic change which increases survival, genetic superiority if you will. 2. It is an established fact that scientists used such "evidence" during the 1940's in pre-war Germany to "cleanse" the gene pool of "lesser races" that would hinder the creation of a master race. For further clarification, read Meine Kampf (sp?) To me these two pieces of fact turn the credibility of evolutionary theory on it's head. Eugenics and Evolution are inexora
  14. In my council the Order of the Arrow improves the summer camp, helps leadership development through higher training, and promotes the aims of scouting through Troop Representatives who, funny enough, represent the OA in the Troop. Since the scouting program in British Commonwealth nations was structered somewhat differently from the Boy Scouts of America, you'd need to adapt the aims of your program. We also drew on the rich traditions of "Native Americans" when formulating our program, maybe you could use the aboriginals? Your ideas/principles are sound, as I've noticed that t
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