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  1. At some level the organization needs to decide if it's going to be a scouting organization serving those interested in participating in a scouting organization or if it's a business that needs to modify it's product/service to meet the needs of as many potential consumers as possible. SA
  2. I was also wondering how they managed to do scouting in Mexico, Spain and other Latin American Countries. The biggest obstacle scouting in the US has in attracting scouts outside it's typical demographic is the perception that it's well, a white, middle class, Christian organization and a lack of volunteer leaders that from other demographics that have scouting experience. Personally I think it's a mistake to target a single group for outreach. I would prefer a broader approach showing how open scouting is. While I feel it could open it doors a bit more, it's far more open than
  3. I thought activist judges were simply those that made decisions we disagreed with. SA
  4. I don't believe the unit described represents the majority of scout units. In fact I hope it represents a small minority. It does not represent the unit I serve. All our candidates complete their own paperwork. Sure it is reviewed and commented on by at least one adult leader and the the candidate is coached on how to improve/correct the documents. But then the candidate is to do them. As noted, sometimes it's 2 or three iterations. Then the SM and CC will sign them for submittal to council. As others have noted, the level of detail and quality of presentation varies considerably
  5. One of the things I sometimes do at a COH is publicly ask an up and coming likely Eagle candidate what he needs to do to achieve the next rank. One characteristic of all the Eagle scouts I know of in the unit I serve is that when asked this question they all can rattle off exactly what they need to to do. ie. 2 more Eagle required MBs and complete service as PL or 1 more MB and 2 more hours of service work, etc. This demonstrates to other scouts and more importantly their parents as to what kind of attention they need pay to the advancement process if Eagle is one of the scout's goals.
  6. NC, As noted in the first reply, First Aid MB is a requirement, not a pre-requisite. As an EP MBC I would have no problem with the approach you describe. Scouts would not be signed off on an EP merit badge until they could show me at least a signed blue card or other documentation they had earned First Aid MB, but I would not prohibity them from working on other requirements until then. But that's me. Ultimately a scout has to demonstrate to the satisfaction of an individual MB counselor that they have met the requirements for a specific MB. Other MBCs may have a different i
  7. Well to be totally sexist, the most obvious reason to keep California is the girls. Or maybe they could refilm Bay Watch on the Maine Coast. SA
  8. There's lots of good advice here but let me list some common problems you may want to consider. We are a New England unit that camps year round. Some of our best most memorable outings have been in February in the White Mountains of NH. Good for you for being willing to help the scouts out to take on this idea. Many folks are not used to being outside in the winter for long periods of time. Staying outside for 8 - 10 - 24 - 48 hours means you really need to follow the advice to dress in layers and having extra clothing. Avoid cotton. (There is a saying the boys have in our unit,
  9. True Conservatives would support the idea of smaller, and less government involvment with the private sector. Of course Liberals would support the idea of government support and involvment in private organizations. SA
  10. We have a code of conduct. The unit recites it before every meeting and it is discussed with individual scouts at every BOR. Occassionally we have scheduled BORs with individual scouts to discuss the CoC outside of the advancement process. Sometimes with have discussed the CoC with a scout in the presence of his parents. These generally have been rare though. Our CoC consists of 12 basic points and an Oath. The CoC and Oath were developed nearly 100 years ago. Our unit merely follows the guidelines set forth by the originators of the CoC an Oath. SA
  11. Personally I'm not a big fan of trailers to begin with. As far as I'm concerned if it doesn't fit in a backpack it shouldn't go on the trip. But, others in the forum have mentioned this, in addition to items 1-3 mentioned by nldscout, if you do have a trailer, it is a good idea to have it clearly marked as a BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, TROOP X, Somewhere, USA Trailer in BIG letters with the logo and color scheme if you can. An unmarked trailer sitting in a parking lot is a trailer that a prospective thief is likely to believe is full of expensive contractor equipment and tools, or even b
  12. The unit I serve has always been in the community's Memorial Day and Veteran's Day parade. It is an expectation that has always been there and they boys tend to be in their uniform best. Now as far as marching goes, we had one dad with former military experience try and get the boys to march to cadence once and the Committee Chair had a mild freak out, ranting about how scout units are not military and should not march. She is long gone. And the question of marching has recently resurfaced. Just a few months ago a rep from the VFW hall stopped by a meeting. They told us the
  13. Our District follows a process similar to John-in-KC's. There is no fixed time. One the candidate completes all his paperwork and it is turned into council, the paper work is reviewed. Then the DAChair notifies the SM the paperwork has been reviewed and the SM sets up a time and place for the review, convienient to the scout, DAChair or his representative(another member of the DACommittee), and other members of the Board. They are usually other troop committee members. SA
  14. Beavah has it right, and I have no reason to doubt his math. The US Govt. does not have the money it is currently committing to bailouts of CitiCorp, Banks, auto industry etc. It is borrowing the money from others that have it( i.e China, Saudia Arabia, and others.) About the only good news is that prople are still willing to lend the US Govt. money. So like any other loan, you can have your $$ today as long as you or your heirs are willing to pay more later. We have probably already crippled the economic status of our sons and daughters with just the initial debt run up in the
  15. I don't think anyone is talking about a state run industry. However there are strategic national interests to provide some type of support to a new fledgling auto industry. Be it tax breaks, loans, whatever. This is not unusual, epsecially at the state and local level. A couple of new auto companies emerging from Chapter 11, free from current labor and pension obligations could be competitive. But it would be a much smaller industry, employing far fewer employees at lower wages. The airlines went through this a few years ago. And while some are still flying, (United, Continental)
  16. Uh, you do know McCain essentially supported the same type of cap & trade system don't you? And is a full believer in the data that implicates human activity as a contributer to global warming. So on this issue, it's doubtful you would see much difference between McCain and Obama. Other than McCain likely would have been more aggressive on accelerating the construction of nuclear power plants. Which a cap & trade system will encourage anyway. SA
  17. As noted I'm not in favor of forking over government $$ as is that's for sure. But, I think it's a matter of overall long term economic health for the US and national defense that we retain a heavy manufacturing capability in this country. And I believe there is room for a going concern or two manufacturing cars in this country. Just not the way the big 3 and UAW do it. I'd be willing to discuss short term loans, to be paid back before any dividends are paid or stockholder equity created. But I'd do so only with those that file Chapter 11 and are truely willing to reorganize under
  18. As noted I'm not in favor of an auto bailout. But no one should think that this will not effect the US economy overall and especially in the upper midwest. The exact no. of jobs that go away is a guess, but it will be a lot. And it will effect not just the midwest but the rest of us as well. The market is already beginning to price in the effect of the coming reorganization of the Auto industry. Obama has little to do with it. I agree there will be some kind of US Auto industry that resurects itself one way or the other. But one of the big three will probably not survive and be abso
  19. I hear yah Anarchist. That's why I'm a qualified no. As an investor I might consider putting $$ into the auto industry if they showed they were really ready to make substantive changes. But I don't see any of what you're proposing coming from the industry or UAW. They don't seem to get it. As far as Chapt. 11 goes, who's ready to go out and buy a big three vehicle now? At least in Chapt. 11 they could effectively renogiate with labor and get their cost structure down and maybe be able to make a profit on a $15,000-$20,000 vehicle, that would sell. They have some models that are as good
  20. The $74/hr figure is the total labor cost, including wages, benefits, pension contributions etc. It also includes overtime pay. According to the UAW website, average straight time wages are around $28 - $32/hr. However, add in nearly fully paid health care, vacations, pension benefits, overtime etc. and the $74/hr figure is very believeable, if not low. It's more than the fully loaded labor rate for most of our engineers and scientists. Given a little overtime here and there and it's very believable a UAW couple could be bringing in a combined income of $100 - $120k/yr or more plus benef
  21. There's the Minuteman Council's Camp Sayre. http://www.bsaboston.org/openrosters/ViewOrgPageLink.asp?LinkKey=22000&orgkey=1917 There's Wampatuck State Park http://www.mass.gov/dcr/parks/southeast/womp.htm They also have a separate designated camping area for scout units. And finally, for something a little different you might want to check out the Boston Harbor Islands. http://bostonharborislands.org/ Good luck. SA
  22. Well, it seems they didn't do anything many of the so called financial geniuses on Wall Street did over the last several years. They simply signed a credit instrument they couldn't afford and didn't understand. No different than the geniuses at Lehman Bros., AIG, and hundreds of other institutions now being bailed out by the Govt. Their only mistake was not being friends with people that could get them taxpayer money to bail them out. SA
  23. The $3 Trillion figure I gave came from an article I can't seem to find now. There are several sites trying to track the $700 Billion, BailoutSlueth.com is one. The floodgates seem to have been opened with this. I've read some 1800 banks, many who don't need the money, have lined up for a piece of the redistribution. AMEX has applied to be reclassified as a bank to get their share. Genworth was told no, so they're in near bankrupty. They must not be tight with the right people which seems to be the primary criteria as to who gets bailed and who gets to fail. The Auto manufacture
  24. Forget the $700 Billion. Over the last 3-6 months the current administration has committed to the redistribution of over $3 Trillion of our money and our childrens money. A rough ride is putting it mildly. I don't think any of us under the age of 80 have ever lived through what's coming. At one point I figured we be in a typical deep recession similar to the early 90's. Now I'm not so sure. It's likely to be worse than any of us have ever experienced. SA
  25. As Beavah note, no one should be concerned about a future socialist government. We've already got one. SA
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