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  1. Actually emb021, from what is listed, Bugler does count as a POR, APL does not.
  2. Thank you all for the feedback. My feelings on this situation have changed from my initial reaction. I am in agreement that the scout needs to be aware of what is required of him for Eagle and that that responsibility lies solely with him. Does anyone know why APL is not considered a position of responsibility when many other "lesser" responsibilities are?
  3. I ask the parent some of your follow-up questions. This scout was assigned the Assistant Patrol leader position by his SM. He did not serve in any other position while he was a Star scout. Apparently in his troop, positions are assigned by the SM and not elected by the troop or patrol. The irony is this is done to make sure scouts get the positions they need for advancement. You don't think the SM has any responsibility for assigning the position and then signing off the POR in his handbook, only to be denied rank three months later at his BOR?
  4. Update: my appologies, I meant to say his BOR was for Life NOT Star.
  5. This is the issue for a boy in a troop that is not lead by me. His mother came to me asking what could be done. The situation: -The scout will be 18 in April -He passed his scoutmaster conference last July for his Star rank -His BOR was held last Oct where he was denied rank because he had been assigned Assistant Patrol leader for the previous six months which is not a listed position of responsibility. -He was not given a project instead to meet the requirement. (The parent did not know this was an option at the time and the SM didn't offer it.) -As a result the boy has been ina
  6. No offense taken. This issue came up before the seminar was even scheduled. The previous SM, who is moving on to Venture Crew was told the same thing, as he is going to be teaching some MB's at the seminar as well. It seems now, that it may just be erroneous information.
  7. Thanks for the quick responses. The reason this topic came up is we have a merit badge seminar coming up that is offered to many troops in the area and I will be offering a few merit badges. As Scoutmaster one of our troop committee members informed me of a "new rule" that SM's can't teach MB's to members of their own troop. This was going to make the seminar a bit of a pain considering there may be some of my scouts who would like to take my MB's. I just called my local council and left a message in order to get some feedback. I was never provided a write up of any rule, but the idea is
  8. Is there a rule that prevents a Scoutmaster from also being a Merit badge counselor for the boys in his troop?
  9. If youre going to criticize any data presented DanKroh, you have to do so with evidence, not just your opinion. If you claim that Camerons work on adolescence and same sex marriage is faulty, youre going to need to prove it, Im not content to take your word for it. Furthermore, I found it curious that you made no comment on the fact that the vast majority of same sex couples are not monogamous. This fact is one of the cornerstones of traditional marriage, the failure of which is grounds for divorce in traditional marriage. Not so however, with a 21st century redefinition. The propon
  10. Just few clarifying points. -Men and Women serve missions in the LDS church -It is inappropriate for Mormon missionaries to discuss religion with, or get contact information from, anyone under age 18 without the consent of the parent. A few facts about gay relationships and children. This may provide some reasons why the LDS church opposes gay marriage and why BSA prevents openly homosexual individuals from serving as leaders. A disproportionate percentage -- 29 percent -- of the adult children of homosexual parents had been specifically subjected to sexual molestation by that h
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