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  1. The event is reportedly on video. Anyone see the video? Now it does sound like the boys involved certainly did something. I just don't think we will have all the information that a Judge or jury will have if this ever goes to trial. Regardless, it sounds like the 21 year old is facing some serious charges for sure. SA
  2. We will never know the true story simply reading newpaper articles and sound bite news clips. We are not in a position to have all the evidence and make a judgement. And don't necessarily believe that, "Deputies usually don't arrest people and lay charges without good cause." We had four scouts from the unit I serve arrested and charged with a felony. I'm not going into details on the specifics but when it got in front of a prosecutor(not even a Judge) he dropped all charges. (We're they doing something they shouldn't do? Yes. Was it criminal? No Were they punished? Yes, by their
  3. If the guy is not yet SM, and has expressed interest or applied for the position and the COR and CC don't believe he is the best qualified candidate all that needs to be said is, "We appreciate your interest but we don't see a need for your service." If he asks why, they can choose to explain the facts of life to him or not. They don't need a reason to not appoint him as SM. An honest appraisal of their reasoning might help the individual improve, but from what it sounds like, I doubt it. SA
  4. Agree with the Citizenship MB stuff, as well as Cooking being Eagle required. Disagree with the Cub Scout Tenderfoot badge and agree T21 should be sequential. This would slow down advancement a bit. Our entire new class of scouts this spring seem to be in a race to get 1st Class by next December and Eagle ASAP. Agree with the girls organization. Someone suggested running a camporee type thing in a town square or other highly visible location. We did that a few years back. We could have started a troop of girls with those that expressed interest in outdoor activities but had to
  5. "Most of your camping will be weekend 'base' camping, where you go out somewhere and not move your base around. You might go backpacking once a year, which means a new base every day. It is better to prepare for the camping you are doing 88% of the time, than to prepare for the camping you do 12% of the time. " Sorry I have to disagree. Most of your camping will be what you and the boys decide it to be. Don't feel constrained by what many, if not, most of the troops do. If you have ambitions of becoming a true outdoor adventure organization, follow the advice and get the light w
  6. Mafking, One other thing I've noticed about paintball. When I've done it with boys of scout age they tend to have much more experience with the event than the adults who participate. Consequently it's the boys that tend to lead the teams. It seems to be one of the few venues where adults readily follow youth leaders without question. More irony. SA
  7. I noted this in one of the earlier Laser Tag threads, but we had the same issue come up for paint ball several years ago. We handled it the same way High Country did. If the boys wanted to do paint ball, and do it as a non-scout function that was fine, but they would get no assistance in organizing the event from adult scouters and could not do any planning or organizing at meetings. Had to be completely offline. Turned out to be probably the most boy led activity they ever engaged in. This is not circumventing the rules. This is a bunch of guys doing something they like to do th
  8. It probably is a good idea to include WFA into the regular FA MB or even add it as a separate MB and make it an optional Eagle required MB in place of FA. However it's totally out of place as a rank requirement, especially at the STAR level. If the general advancement expectation is 1st class in the 1st year, that makes it a requirement for the next rank for 12 & 13 year olds. Doesn't make sense. Besides, if we are to believe other threads, scouting is supposed to be de-emphasizing the whole outdoor adventure thing anyway. Why then promote WFA? Maybe better to promote urban t
  9. Well I was going to post I'm the Eagle Advisor for the unit I serve and fullfill the functions pretty much outlined by Gern. I can honestly say other than an occaisional, "How's the application coming?" or "Have you thought about any idea's for a project?", I do little of the cajoling, nagging, prodding etc. Now Mojo, As Pack noted I'm sure the adults think they're doing some good here. It may be that if your son is the goody good type, and only 13, they may feel he needs some maturing to really be Eagle material. I don't agree with it but I can't really say what's motivating th
  10. The boats head to Galway this Saturday but not after what appeared to be a well attended scout event on scout day. In addition to the race crews other important scouts were in attendance...in uniform. See http://www.jamd.com/image/in-search/images/#66g86872837 For the Sea scouts in the group, the boats put on quite a show in Boston's inner harbor last Sunday. Match races in the harbor, running under shortened sail in 30 - 40 knot gusts. SA
  11. For SMDon my suggestion is along the lines of, what do you do when your SPL is unavailable? To whom does the responsiblity fall? This happened a couple of times on outings and the SPL simply didn't get up. After several attempts I went over to the ASPL's tent, told him he was acting SPL for the day and to get everyone going. The ASPL did so cheerfully and the SPL was told he didn't need to get up the ASPL was in charge. Needless to say tne SPL seemed to get the message. Like Barry, this has been a rare issue for us. If the boys know there is an activity scheduled for the next day
  12. Just to be clear on what a Yankee is; from wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yankee The term Yankee, sometimes abbreviated to Yank, has a few related meanings, often referring to someone of Northern U.S. origin or heritage. Within the United States its meaning has varied over time. Originally the term referred to residents of New England as used by Mark Twain in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. During and after the American Civil War its meaning expanded to include any Northerner or resident of the states formerly on the Union side of the war, and included anyone fr
  13. As Frank17 notes, the actual project work may not take more than a weekend, with a lot of effort, but it's the Bureaucracy that will be a challenge. In our district, projects are reviewed by the District Advancement Chair once at month at Roundtable. If the plan needs to be redone, it's usually wait until next month, but most fly first time around, at least if the lad has a knowledgeable adult or advisor review the plan before it's presented. Once the plan is accepted things could move pretty quickly if everthing else is lined up well. i.e. materials, labor, organization that benefits
  14. Reminds me of a hike a took with a few friends years ago in NH a few days after hunting season had opened. While we didn't exactly bang pots and pans, we did sing, talked and shout out, "Human Beings Approaching!) every few hundred yards. Quiet solitude in the wilderness has it's place. When your sharing it with a few hundred people who go out in the woods a few days a year with a firearm intent on shooting something is not one of them. Now now, I realize not all hunters are trigger happy morons, but even the most careful among the hunting croud would have to agree there are more than
  15. I know adults are adults, but that doesn't mean group rules or expectations shouldn't apply to them just as much as the youth. I generally have no problem with those that want to stay up late if they are quiet and respectful of those of us that like to hit the sack early. If they are loud and I can't get to sleep at 11:00...well then for some reason I find it difficult to be quiet preparing my morning coffee at 6:00am. My main concern would be for drivers though. A campout can be a tiring experience even without the all night primal bonding event. If I were a parent, I'd be concerned
  16. Calico, You are correct the COL is caught in the middle. Someone who follows the issue more closely than I can confirm, or elaborate, severaly years ago I believe the COL, the Minuteman Council, and several others in MA, NJ and NY asked National for essentially a local option rule for their councils, (primarily to avoid the loss of some fundining sources), but their requests were denied. SA
  17. And there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Cool. SA
  18. In the unit I serve, the troop buys the basic award kit, medal patch, parent and mentor pins. For the last couple of Eagles we also purchased Eagle knots, as the boys had aged out by the time the ECOH was held. The unit typically pays for a cake, and a flower arrangement for the Eagle's Mom. The unit also coordinated letters of congratulations from politicians, etc. The unit also provides the Eagle's family a list of local pols and VIPs that are typically invited. i.e. local state rep., state senator, selectman, IH and COR. We have been fortunate as our local state rep has shown up at
  19. "Our republic is sorely in need of a third party. Blue dog Democrats and socially liberal Republicans need a home, along with all the thoughtful independents who are disgusted with all the partisan games being played by both sides." Amen. As an independent I'm tired of too often of having to pick between the lesser of two what I consider poor choices. In the last Presidential election I voted for the Democrat only because the candidate of my choice did not make it through the primaries. The 2000 version of Senator McCain. SA
  20. Well perhaps I should have said they are not likely to change units. More to the point, it doesn't sound like this unit is likely to make the cultural change these boys are looking for in the next couple of years if they havn't done so in the last 3 or 4. So they may need to get their independent outdoor experience outside of scouting. That's a shame. One other thought. And here's a plug for a NH Council High Adventure Experience. Hidden Valley Scout Camp offers a Valley Voyager program that includes a 4-5 day backpacking experience in the White Mountains of NH...Lead by Camp Staf
  21. Seems like your question was asked and answered well. I just have a hahd time believing there are "wicked smaht" kids outside of New England. Not that they're not smaht, they just can't be "wicked" smaht. SA
  22. If the boys are 15 - 16 year old scouts, they're not going to change units at this stage of the game. Lisa, I'm looking at this specific issue a bit differently. Not every outing a scout goes on with his friends who also happen to be scouts has to be a unit, patrol or even scout event. Doesn't your son and his friends ever do anything without the scout unit's adult leadership around? Why can't one of those activities be a simple campout/hike among friends? Those invited to attend? Has no one ever gone into the woods with just friends and not felt the need to fill out forms and
  23. One of Dirty Harry's greatest lines was, " A man's got to know his limitations." I'm thinking young Scott is rethinking his. I' sure he's a very knowledgable outdoorsman and could hike circles around me. But I honestly don't know anyone...and I mean anyone who could expect to hike those 17 miles through some of the toughest terrain in the US, in several feet of soft snow, in a day. Glad he's OK. Probably a good kid who stretched himself a little too far. SA
  24. "Sorry for the obvious pride in this post - just couldn't help myself. " I know the feeling. Congratulations to you and your son. I think it was Beavah that noted the parent Eagle pin is tougher to earn than the youth award. Good job and a great project. SA
  25. What do you consider the minority view? SA
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