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  1. Watch me pull a moderator out of my hat Rocky Ry(This message has been edited by rythos)
  2. Sorry about that. It should say billion but I was too late in getting back to edit it. As an unofficial spokesperson for those people paying our bills on time, I would love for this housing market to swing back around. I've had a house on the market for over two years after we moved across the state. My wife and I both work and we are barely able to tread water (not without serious budget cut backs) but you begin to wonder how long you should keep putting 1300.00 a month into a house that I owe 87,000.00, have put 10,000.00 in improvements into it for the last 8-9 years, and I can't ge
  3. http://money.cnn.com/2008/11/12/news/economy/paulson/index.htm?postversion=2008111218 This as CNN reports that over 85,000 homes went into foreclosure in October alone, and a total of 936,439 homes have been lost to foreclosure since the housing crisis hit in August 2007. Silly liberal media and their focusing on nearly a million people loosing their houses. Lets keep the focus of the 700 million on keeping the banks liquid, that way we can avoid being classified as Secret Socialists or Dirty Wealth Re-Distributors! Well, maybe not..... Ry
  4. The level of bitterness regarding Obama's victory continues to astound me. That people are actually convinced he will be worse that four more years of what we have now seems incredible to me. My wallet has had all the Republican Presidents it can handle for a while... Ry
  5. Woah! Slow down DanKroh! Everyone knows that letting gay people get married would ruin the sanctity of marriage if we straight people hadn't already got around to taking care of that. Maybe we can come to some reasonable compromise our founders would approve of? Maybe we can count the same sex couples who are already married as 3/5ths of a married couple! Ry
  6. I fail to see how being uniformed properly (the book still indicates that an older uniform is always consider official does it not?) in any post in scouting is a problem. If an adult leader is properly uniformed it would appear to me that this sets an example for the boys and other leaders in their unit to be properly uniformed. This older uniform may be a talking point for a few individuals, however I can't see this as something that would significantly take away from the point of the Round Table for those leaders who attend. This is one case where I can see almost no reasonable
  7. How about service to others? Scouting in my area makes this a point of emphasis and I assume the same is true elsewhere. The bible says (depending on your translation of course) "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from youselves, it is the gift of God--not by works, so that no one can boast." The next sentence which most people don't mention is "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do " (Eph. 2:8,9) While service does not equal salvation it would appear
  8. Stuff like the inappropriate Anit-Palin shirt and the Guy with the monkey with the Obama bumper sticker on his head (http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2008/10/11/politics/fromtheroad/entry4515246.shtml) make me wonder where are all the normal people at. I miss individuals who can have an exchange of differing ideas without resorting to garbage of this nature. I clearly support Obama more than McCain, but I cannot imagine going to an Obama rally with a sign/stuffed animal/t-shirt carrying an attack of this nature, or yelling something crazy about McCain's time in a prison camp. How did
  9. "Otherwise, he remains scary and is not fit to be president" It could just be me but I'm a bit more scared of the guy who refers to Americans as "My fellow prisoners" than I am of Obama. I am concerned about his health at 73, especially given his running mate, and comments like that one do not reassure me that he is mentally/physically fit to handle the rigors of governing. Ry
  10. As I have remarked on several occasions recently, no matter how much knowledge or experience you have (and I'm forced to take people on an internet forum at their word about their experience) if you communicate with people in what is perceived as a hostile or adversarial way you are more likely to turn people off of scouting rather than teach them anything. Just because you have a high post count, experience, and a stack of BSA manuals doesn't mean you actually know how to talk to people, or lead for that matter. Sorry to see you go Doc, but I expect that you are not the first, nor t
  11. The plan should be do what your grandparents/parents did. Pay cash for things. We need to work towards spending less than what we make, and stop worrying about what your neighabors are driving, wearing, living in. Dave Ramsey (A christian fiscal responsibility counciler) says it pretty well when he tells people to stop trying to keep up with the Jones's because while no one realizes it the Jones's are up the their eyeballs in debt Cars are a great example. If you have a car payment from the time your 25 through out the rest of your life you will spend over 5 million on car payments.
  12. We do a "healthier" trail mix with cinnamon life, kix, crasins (could use rasins instead) banana chips, sunflower seeds and goldfish Ry
  13. "I'm Kathy. Girl Scout leader for Senior Troop and SUM for them as well. Boy Scouts I'm a merit badge councilor for several badges and just a general all around helper where ever they need me" Sounds like they put the other duties as assigned clause on the Girl Scout application just like on the BSA one. Ry
  14. Shortridge (or anyone else) if you have a scanner I'd love to see a picture of this pack. Depending on what it looks like It could prove to be an interesting do it your project. Ry
  15. I don't remember too many Republicans saying, "I couldn't figure out how to vote." I seem to remember one who can't remember how many houses he owns though..... In the spirit of fairness these people are giving speeches or having conversations where making a mistake can cost you everything you've worked for your entire adult life career wise. People are going to make mistakes under that kind of pressure and scrutiny, its bound to happen. There are no perfect people (unless your Catholic and then you get to count the Pope on matters of faith) However, there is a difference b
  16. I've been kicking around the idea of going down there for one day to visit the Jamboree with a family vacation thrown in with scout who will be a bear at that time, but I wasn't sure if he would get enough out of it to make it worth the trip (about 700 miles) People who have taken Cubs, was it worth it? Did you have enough fun and learn enough to make the trip a good experience? I'm on the fence due to the fact that he'll only be a bear. If he was a W1 or W2 I'd probably start the planning now, but as it stands I'm just not sure. Ry
  17. "Real long-term vision comes from an interested and (lightly) involved CO." I'll second Beavah in regards to the lightly portion of his statement. I am a Den leader in a Pack that has a heavily involved COR who is a lot like my father in that he fails to understand that Kids cannot be expected to act like adults all the time. He gave a five minute speach at our first pack meeting of the year about how he was disapointed at the way the kids talked too much, were not sitting up straight in the pack meeting, and that some of the scouts uniform shirts had become untucked. In my opinion th
  18. "SO, what other councils are having the same problem? CHECK IT OUT. There's probably a lot more "data" being lost than merely the Adult Leader Training dates. How about "Privacy Act of 1974" stuff, background checks, etc.? I cringe at the thought.... " Given the fact that it has the potential to damage kids (hopefully this is more important) and cost BSA quite a bit of money, I'm sure they take the background checks more seriously than they do completeness of training records. With the exception of Youth Protection and Safety related trainings, lost records do not have the same potent
  19. By these two guys asking the Unit to cover the costs of thieir damage reminds me once again that gone are the days of personal responsibility. Ry
  20. One thing you can do is get their menu and see what you can/cannot work around. For example if they are having sliced ham, scalloped potatoes, a roll, and green beans you can ask them to check on the ham and scalloped potatoes with Sysco and once this information comes back you can make the items (or their replacements) on your own and bring them in. Of course they can always tell you your diet is too difficult to accommodate, but if you don't talk to them you'll never know I ran a Gluten Free camp for twenty kids who also had various other allergies last month for 25 kids while we
  21. "LisaBob absolutely suggested that a leader who tries to learn a little more about a topic is in some some way doing a slapdash job with the topic and that is unsupportable as a general statement of fact that she presented it to be." I think what was attempting to be communicated is anyone who learns only a LITTLE more about a topic and takes the stance of an expert is misrepresenting themselves. Even individuals who possess an extremely large base of knowledge gathered over time but present it in a manner which comes across as a self proclaimed expert can turn people off more than ed
  22. Wallyn thanks for the inspiration. I set one up yesterday using yours as a guide and I think its going to workout great
  23. Raise the issue with the SE if your that offended and whatever happens happens. We all make choices and their choice was to disregard the rules. Every choice has a consequence and he will have earned his. If the program suffers due to the loss of an active professional Scouter you will have realized the consequence of your choice. Ry (edited to inset a missed word)(This message has been edited by Rythos)
  24. But one must consider that there is a big difference between arrested and rumors flying around. Ry(This message has been edited by rythos)
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