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  1. In "Rovering for Success", Baden Powell symbolically talks about the rocks that a boy must be wary during a Voyage of Life canoe trip one rock being irreligion. He detested that adult atheists were forcing their irreligion on boys. He felt that a boy cannot fully develop without a religious belief and that in Scouting by showing boys the wonders of Nature was a step towards believing in God. He did not necessarily mean an established religion and he realized that not all boys would fully develop as scouts. In my reading, I found that for boys, there was no religion precondition to j
  2. There has been local option before to include boys previously excluded. "(James) West also dealt with those who protested against the inclusion of African Americans. West held that they should be included, but that local communities should follow the same policies that they followed in the school systems. Thus, much of the American south as well as many major northern communities had segregated programs with "colored troops" until the late 1940s. Since the BSA had early and enduring ties with the YMCA, a firmly Protestant organization, the Catholic church forbade their boys to join. West
  3. Yeah, I could easily be wrong as this my recollection of a talk long ago. I'm hoping some forum members come forward, better informed than I. Here's some references http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_F._Smith Says Joseph F. Smith was Church President until he died of pneumonia in 1918. Scouting became the the official youth program of his Church in 1913. http://www.mormonwiki.com/Stability_and_Growth "...He (President Joseph F. Smith) was a huge advocate for education and in 1912, the seminary program began in Salt Lake City. The program provided weekday religious education
  4. My understanding is a year after the BSA started, our Scout Law diverged from the 8-point British Scout Law to reflect the American values of 1911. Also at this time, the LDS or the Mormon Church under Joseph Smith began to study Scouting program for their youth membership. One of the points added to the Scout Law was "reverent". All scouts are required to follow the Scout Law and since atheists were considered not reverent, they would be ineligible for membership. The Scout Law has remained unchanged and some would say we are not in sync with the American values of today. America is now
  5. PACK15NISSAN, my opinion. Sounds like you have a full plate. Webelos only lasts for a year and a half or so. Spend that time getting your Webelos ready for Boy Scouts. Get them interested in Boy Scouts. Take your den and visit troop meetings, join in on their outings, definitely get them outside - camping, hiking, Klondike, etc., make some connections - find Boy Scout leaders and Boy Scout who can help out here and there with your Webelos activities, challenge a Boy Scout troop to a pasta bridge building contest. Have fun. Crossing as many Webs to Scouts as possible is how you
  6. Yes. Time involved, depends on the merit badge and what you and scouts bring to it but usually 3 to 5 one hour meetings. Also some councils/districts allow you to limit what troops you serve which greatly reduces demands. You control your availability. Some counselors can only hold one or two merit badge courses a year due to their life schedule or seasonal constraints. You do not have to drop everything and hold a merit badge course and you can tell scouts 'Sorry but I cannot work on the merit badge this month, please call me back later or contact another counselor'.
  7. Philly is just using this issue as a way to collect more revenue. Yeah it annoys me when a perceived informed source is giving misinformation (I was thinking of a policeman giving me directions to the Reading terminal, not to anyone in this forum ) So I'm not sure there is a freedom of speech issue here. File the application, pass the test (buy the answers in advance from the dose guys in Joisee), and continue on with "Yeah da Liberty Bell was made down da Philly naval yard. Nows National Treasure was filmed over der. Nicholas Cage ate a hoagie right where we are sitting" ... whatever y
  8. Nope. The Eagle Candidate identifies himself as a scout when he first meets the benefiting organization. He is a representative of the BSA and hopefully one of our best representatives, but more importantly he is also representing himself - it is his neck on the line and not the BSA. He may decide to wear his uniform during parts of his project not involving fund raising. He does not represent the benefiting organization, he is performing HIS scout service project for them. One part of the Guide to Safe Scouting that applies to his scout service project is Youth Member Behavior Guid
  9. Easy mistake to make, after all, the Sportsman title page (p455 in the Webelos Handbook) has a photo of a scout drawing a bow! You would think Archery would be included.
  10. When in Cubs, first try borrowing outdoor gear from a Scout troop (along with a couple of their scouts to erect flies). Maybe you could borrow some E-Z Up or similar canopies from Pack families? Buying gear obviously costs $$$, then there is the storage and upkeep.
  11. Yes Ed good memory, one recent thread discussed this for 11 pages before being locked. Uniforms - "Eagle Candidates wearing uniform at ELSP" http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=191183 Dustoff, I suggest you ask these questions to your District Eagle Board.
  12. Some differences 1. I presume Bob did not have to identify himself as a Scouter before considering that activity as an Eagle candidate would. 2. His appearance was not to fulfill a Scout rank requirement. 3. His appearance did not require that he previously meet with Scoutmaster with a written plan which was then reviewed and approved by Scoutmaster. 4. Same as 2 but reviewed and approved by Troop Committee 5. Same as 3 but reviewed and approved by District Eagle Board. While there are stated places and activities that wearing a scout uniform is inappropriate, an Eagle Scout ser
  13. Pretty vague requirements. We looked at the Interpreter requirements long ago, rolled our eyes, and all wondered if our scouts could even qualify for the "English" strip? I think more specifics should be added to reflect likely conversations among scouts from different countries at a Jamboree - "Do you want to trade patches?", "Where is the nearest latrine?", "Is that miles or kilometers?", "Do you have girls in your unit?" ... Today, I suspect our scouts could earn ,if it exists, "TEXT MESSAGE" or is that "WU?" (What's up?). I wonder if there were "igPay atinLay" or "Kookie Talk"
  14. Don't know about Little League, Cal Ripken, Pop Warner, soccer, etc., but Boy & Girls and 4-H are larger and growing. 2007 - Boy's & Girls Club 4.6 million youth, coed, 2007 - 4H, 6.5 million members, coed
  15. Thank you for working through this with the scout. I hope he and his family thanks you at some point. What would I have done? I would have added to the drama, spelled out the situation, and had scout plan his next steps during BOR. Maybe you did this. Hold the BOR in a room where the wall clock has been set 10-15 minutes ahead. Start later or run the meeting longer (that was a Friday night) and ask scout to develop HIS plan to be a leader in troop and work towards Eagle in the next 6 months (I would provide calendar and other reference material). This would be reviewed by an openly s
  16. Hmmm size, I have been curious about the number of employees in councils, especially as I read that councils now have spokespersons, marketing specialists, media liaisons,... I remember when far fewer "employees" served a greater number of scouts. My old council office staff (two) back then was part-time and handled all the badges (Scout stores did not exist yet, families shopped at local dept stores for uniforms and other scout stuff.)
  17. Well I am thankful that there are still American-made motorcycles
  18. I have been a scout leader in four different units and webmaster for three, here's my $0.02 1. Do not upload to Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, etc. unless you have no issue with scouts navigating those sites. Alot of easily accessible, inappropriate material there. Even stop-motion, LEGO animation on Youtube looks fine but then surprise, the soundtrack includes vulgarity. These sites typically ask "registered users" to flag inappropriate content, yeah that works - NOT. I know the BSA, councils, and units have leaped onto posting to these very popular sites but I don't think they gave i
  19. "See you at camp on Sunday at noon". Let parents work out the transportation details themselves.
  20. Yeah, you will annoy some either way. What I decided in past, if the scout is in the full camp uniform (even if it's just a Camp t-shirt) then scout salute, otherwise out-of-uniform then hand over heart. Also, in your situation with ball caps, there are fewer problems with Cubs if they keep their caps on their heads for a flag ceremony as taking caps off is asking for trouble.
  21. Camp Augustine near Grand Island, Nebraska has tornado shelters. They were built back in the 80's in the aftermath of tornado destruction. The nearby Girl Scout Camp Cosmopolitan does as well. Both camps have shelters built into hillsides.
  22. The Omaha World Herald http://www.omaha.com/ has detailed coverage including several eyewitness text accounts, a log of update reports from yesterday, and a gripping 14 sec video of tornado - you hear the warning siren and 'There ain't no scouts up there.'
  23. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25107608/ LITTLE SIOUX, Iowa - An apparent tornado struck a Boy Scout camp in western Iowa on Wednesday, and local media reported four deaths at the camp, as well as many injuries. A dispatch operator with the Harrison County Sheriff's Office said first responders were at the camp site and more were en route to the camp, located about one hour north of Omaha. Arli Hasbrouck, a spokeswoman for the Boy Scouts of America's Mid-American Council in Omaha, confirmed for the Des Moines Register that four Scouts were killed in the tornado, but she had no numb
  24. Hi AhoyDave. Here are some changes I would like to see, I would be interested in your take. Make scout advancement and leadership tracks separate again (as they used to be!). It's great that scouting teaching leadership skills but not all scouts will be or can be leaders. This can be particularly hard for autistic scouts who have difficulty staying on task and making eye contact, but it can also be hard for neuro-typicals too. "But Leaderhip Development is a method of Scouting", yeah so is Uniform and uniforms are optional. As you note, require that a parent of a special need sc
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