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  1. http://www2.independenttribune.com/news/2012/sep/23/17/kannapolis-boy-scout-dies-fall-stone-mountain-ar-2631907/ We will be talking about Chris tonight in our backpacking training meeting.
  2. http://www.whptv.com/news/local/story/UPDATE-2-Hiker-who-was-set-on-fire-recovering-at/W_oqco4kdkq85RJMtSKWvA.cspx A hiker has been flown back to Alabama after police say two men set him on fire in Gettysburg. The crime is disturbing, two men accused of lighting the man on fire. But police say the community stepped up to help after hearing about the incident. Gettysburg Police say they still dont know who set the man on fire. It happened Thursday around 1 a.m. Police say the man from Alabama was hiking the Appalachian Trail. He was stopping in Gettysburg to get supplies.
  3. Yes and this is why you do shake down hikes it wasnt good for viruses like the micropur and its 11 oz dry and must be a pound once you get it wet. Starts off pretty fast but lots of backwashing required to keep it running.
  4. We used a platypus system 2 years ago and at Philmont and our recent 43 m trip we found the Platypus took too long to do as much water as we wanted and now just moved to all Micropur treatment. No after taste and its amazing. We pass out the tablets to the boys at the start of the hike so if we get split up they always can get pure water.
  5. Im going to go the other way...I think that reducing weight in your pack with a closed cell foam pad is key plus its awesome for being able to sit on to eat lunch or to sit on around the campfire with enough room to share a seat with a friend. If you need an inflatable the Thermarest Neo air smallest at 9 oz is a good one my son has 2 yrs on his and no leaks http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/thermarest_neoair_prolite_deluxe_le_mats.html
  6. Thanks everyone trip worked out great did a High Adventure 22 mi and a Venture Crew 10 mi had 3 days out on the trail long drive but all was great now I want to go back
  7. My son is working on the Geo Caching Merit badge and noticed that on page 71 that the snake bite treatment is incorrect. I was really proud. It says to elevate the bite site above the heart when you should really lower it. Nice Catch son.
  8. Can anyone suggest a good itinerary for Monongahela National Forest? Our troop does high (10-15 mi per day for 15 people ) and adventure (3 -5 mi/day for new guys 20 people) backpacking trips and wanted to go to WV this year. Any route suggestions ? This is for Oct 21-23rd.
  9. PERU, Ind. -- A man charged in the fatal stabbing of a 76-year-old scoutmaster during a hike in northern Indiana told a judge that he wanted nothing done in his defense. Shane Golitko, 22, of Bunker Hill, told a Miami County judge during his initial hearing Thursday that he didn't want a defense attorney and didn't want to defend himself. The Peru Tribune reported that the prosecutor asked that a public defender be appointed because of the seriousness of the charges. Golitko is charged with murder in the attack Sunday on the Nickel Plate Trail that killed Arthur Anderson, of Kokomo. Bunker Hill Town Marshal Shane Durham told the Kokomo Tribune that Golitko's mother said the trail attack happened after they fought in their nearby home over whether he would take his mental health medication. Anderson was part of a Boy Scout outing at the time with another adult and two boys. They were on a five-mile hike and had stopped to talk about a tree, police said. Anderson was the only member who was attacked. Police said Golitko went back to his home and attacked two dogs, killing one of them, and destroyed several items before leaving in his mother's Jeep. Golitko led police on a short chase before he was stopped and taken into custody.
  10. Reuters) - A man charged with fatally stabbing a 76-year-old Boy Scouts assistant leader in the neck as he guided children on a hike allegedly broke his mother's arm in a fight just minutes before the attack, police said. Shane Golitko, 22, was being held without bond on a murder charge in the stabbing death of Arthur Anderson Sunday afternoon on the Nickel Plate Trail in Bunker Hill, Indiana about 65 miles north of Indianapolis, state police said. Anderson, who had been involved with the Boy Scouts organization for more than 50 years, was on a five-mile hike with a Kokomo troop walking with another adult and two children on the trail when he was stabbed, police said. Witnesses told police responding to the report of the stabbing that it appeared to have been unprovoked and that the attacker had fled in a black Jeep Cherokee. Just before the emergency call on the stabbing, Golitko's mother, Valerie Henson, 48, had called 911 to report her son for battering her during a fight at their home in Bunker Hill, state police said in a statement. After the fight with his mother, Golitko took a knife from their house, walked about 150 yards south to the trail and stabbed Anderson, police said. He returned to the house and stabbed two dogs, killing one, destroyed some items in the house and left in the Jeep, police said. A state trooper spotted the vehicle 20 minutes later, but the driver fled. Police pursued the Jeep for eight minutes at up to 50 miles per hour until it was stopped by a Miami County Sheriff's Department roadblock and Golitko was arrested. Golitko was being held at the Miami County Jail on a murder charge. He also faces one felony battery charge in the attack on his mother and a felony charge for allegedly spitting at officers while he was being booked into the jail, police said. (Reporting by Susan Guyett; writing by David Bailey)
  11. http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2011/08/13/boy_scout_found_after_building_tree_branch_shelter/ The 12-year-old Boy Scout was scared but he still knew what to do when he got lost during a Utah wilderness outing: He built a shelter made of tree branches and wood to get through a cold night and he also covered himself in dirt to stay warm. Tweet 5 people Tweeted this ShareThis Jared Ropelato's lean-to -- a crude structure the Boy Scout manual advises Scouts to build if they become lost -- kept him warm enough so he could sleep after the overnight low in Ashley National Forest dipped to 31 degrees in the area, said Daggett County sheriff's spokeswoman Karen Peterson. The boy was wearing only jeans and a shirt, and had no food or water, when he went missing around noon Friday. He had gotten lost while making his way by himself back to camp from a nearby lake, walking a total of eight or nine miles before searchers on ATVs found him Saturday morning some four miles from where he started, Peterson said. "He did everything right last night," his mother, Dawn, said. "We said he was smart, and he's smart." Peterson also praised the boy, saying that building the lean-to was "good thinking" and it saved him from the elements. He told the Deseret News of Salt Lake City that he had learned to build the structure last year at Scout camp. "We're just so glad that this story has a happy ending," Peterson told The Associated Press. Jared's mother told the Deseret News that her son's biggest scare came when he encountered a bull moose. He got cold during the night, but not too cold. He fell in a river Saturday morning, "but he's still dirty," she said. Jared resumed walking Saturday morning before he was found at 8:40 a.m. in good health, ending a search effort that included about 200 people. "There were a lot of tears not only from family members, but from searchers as well," Peterson said. "Up to that point, Jared had been missing for 20 hours and 40 minutes." Nicole Ropelato of Roy, a third cousin of Jared's, said the family was thankful for searchers and that the boy remembered the instruction about lean-tos. "At such a young age to be calm enough to think like that is something," she said. "That's incredible what he did. We're just elated that he was found in good condition. We were worried for him and very scared." The boy earlier had been advised by a Scoutmaster to walk with another Scout from the lake back to camp, Peterson said. The Scoutmaster gave him the advice after finding him going in the wrong direction while returning to camp. "He never got a buddy before heading back to camp," Peterson said. Asked if he would still go camping after his overnight ordeal, Jared simply said "yeah."
  12. thanks everyone for your concern the inhaler knocked it out Im better now.
  13. BIG ELK LAKE, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Summit County Search and Rescue teams responded to reports of a dead body at Big Elk Lake above Kamas Monday night. At approximately 5:30 p.m. 54-year-old Ricky Widdison of Heber City was located deceased near the shore of Big Elk Lake by a Boy Scout troop. Summit County Deputies, U.S Forest Service Officers and Summit County Search and Rescue members were air lifeted to the remote location with the assistance of the Department of Public Safety helicopter to transport the deceased to Kamas. Det. Ron Bridge says the man's death is not suspicious, but he would not describe the circumstances until police talk to the man's family. The investigation is ongoing and the cause of death is undetermined. The man was located a short time after death and had injuries consistent with a short fall. There is no evidence to show the death is suspicious and Widdison was alone at the time of the accident. Stay tuned to ABC 4 News and ABC4.com for more on this story. ----Information from: Summit County Sheriff's Office.
  14. we sharpie the bag, the vestibule, the tent, and the fly. we are also thinking about putting a bear bag in each tent bag with the tent number in it also to make it easier at the cable for people to find their stuff. also we use tyvek for a ground cloth
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