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  1. WOW some of these posts are trully unbelievable! Equating Video games with drugs and alcohol? are you people on drugs. there is a huge difference, not the least of which is one is illegal and the other isn't. why not change playing video games to camping or hiking. they are both activities. they are both enjoyable. both cause the doer to release adrenaline and endorphins. what makes one better than the other? To a person who likes to hike, video games is a waste of time and money. for a person who likes to play video games hiking is a waste of time and money. It probably cost more m
  2. I went rapelling once back in the mid 1990's. somewhere in southern California. Where was that again? oh yeah... MCRD San Diego. I wouldn't do it again. at least not there. but then again me and heights are not friends.(This message has been edited by beardad)
  3. We are one of those Self Chartered "friends of" packs. as far as I know we don't have any 501 org. it is just something we made up to put on our charter application.
  4. I don't understand either, but I suspect that the experts would rather their not be five groups of 4 either. I think they would just like to be the only ones allowed to use it.
  5. I don't know where you are located at, but you might try www.nwhikers.net. Like most outdoor enthusiest up here in the Pac NW they are a little crunchy, but they are a good source. I can tell you right now the things they will have a problem with are group size (you shouldn't go in a group of more than 4), being unprepared, and going off trail (again part of the crunchyness) Some of them can be elitest too, but for the most part most on that site are very helpful
  6. That's funny, I never was even issued a card. When I asked about it, nobody had even heard of getting a card. The reason I aksed is becuase the online training asks for and ID# but nobody in my pack has ever been issued a card. How long does it take after you send in your form? it's only been 2 years, maybe it takes longer than that.
  7. I think most cubs know what Star Wars is, if only by those prequels which came out well into their lifetime. Plus all the toy stores still sell characters from the old movies. My 5 year old know what a storm trooper is and who darth vader is, and even who he was before he was darth vader.(This message has been edited by beardad)
  8. Since I can't edit my above post. I meant disctrict and not council, and I also meant disctrict executive not council executive. sorry.
  9. It may not be so simple to change CO's anyway. Even if all parties want it, your council or district may not allow it. My pack has been self chartered for years, and everytime we talk with our council exec to get a charter he wont let us. Short of disbanding our pack and restarting we just choose to stay self chartered. at least then we don't have to answer to anybody. it's a nothing more than a numbers game to them. they don't care if a pack/troop is getting support or not.
  10. I think that is exactly the point. It isn't the Gov't job to help people to make good decisions. It should be the job of privately funded org's like Scouts.
  11. We have a great relationship with our CO.... Since we are self chartered. ha ha ha
  12. I thought Knights of the Roundtable was 2007 summer day camp theme? maybe it's different in different councils. Our 2008 theme is detectives or something like that.
  13. Kid's haven't been allowed to celebrate Halloween in school since the '90's. They aren't allowed to wear costumes to school, or have any in class parties, or put up halloween decorations. (as far as I know this hasn't been practiced since I was in school in the 80's) Any mention of Halloween at school is always refered to as harvest festival or some other nonsence. so in conclusing, all this is a non issue, becuase kids DON'T celebrate halloween at school. p.s Nowhere in the constitution does it not say schools can't celebrate a religious holiday. the constitution only sta
  14. We have our pack meetings the last tuesday of the month also. Last year, I did Wolf''s & Bears at the same time. this year I have just Bears, but our cubmaster is doing Wolves (his tigers from last year) and now tigers since we had about 3 or 4 kids join in the last few weeks.
  15. Ok Thread Hijack again. so I asked some more questions about this "self chartering thing." a long time ago we were chartered by a PTA at an elementary school. eventually we were not rechartered due to on person on the PTA''s alternative lifestyle, and that person not agreeing with BSA policy. So we went to our council exec (or president) or whatever, and he said self charter "for now" and with in weeks you will have a new CO. that was 10 years ago. During that time we approached the pta at another local elem to charter us, but were told we could not recharter by the council honc
  16. First sorry for the thread hijack, As I said I don''t know the whole story, as I am a new comer. tomorrow is our first meeting and I will talk to some of the older members and pry just out of curiousity. My wife and I have been working to get our pack out there in the community, and have been somewhat successful. But have never met or heard from anybody from district or council level. For some reason the town live in, has more churches per capita then any other city in the State of washington. Most are Islam, or Asian denominations, but we are hesitent to approach a church that
  17. John in KC: I am fairly new to the pack, and just recently found out that we are self chartered, so I don''t know the whole backstory, but as I understand it, we were chartered by a school (a public elementary school, I think) I think we either had an obnoxious parent that the school disagreed with, or it was something to do with the don''t ask don''t tell policy. After that we went to our district and they said they would help us with getting a new charter "with in a couple weeks" that was a few years ago. I also think there is some kind of bad blood between our pack, and the distri
  18. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am beardad. I am the bear den leader for my son's pack. We are a very small pack (about 6 boys). It is alot of fun. anyway, I just wanted to say hi
  19. You could always do like our pack does and self charter.
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