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  1. All the questions lately of Cross over and Blue and Gold, reminded me that my son is crossing over to Boy scouts on Wednesday. He earned his AOL at our B&G banquet, and now is just biding his time. I took over as his den leader in December. It is just my son and one other boy. We joined this pack at the beginning of his web 1 year, but he started as a wolf in another pack. My question is this. What should I do for the ceremony? I have no idea what I am supposed to say or do. I have only been the den leader for 3 months. he had two other den leaders before me. The other dad i
  2. I am just a lowly Webelos 2 den leader and I don't have much experience with RT, but I can share my experience on the last 2 RT's I attended. last month and this months. The opening announcements dragged on for so long that I finally just left. both months. I wasn't the only one. Also it's manscout central. you wouldn't believe the preening and prancing around some of these guys do. It looks like some kind of foreign embassy dinner.(This message has been edited by beardad)
  3. I am the WDL for my son's web2 den. My pack doesn't meet over the summer except for the 4th of july parade, and maybe one other event. My son did summer day camp both web years. My boys will be getting there AOL at B&G, and will cross over on March 10th. We were going to cross over at the march pack meeting, but they scheduled the FOS presentation for that meeting and no way in heck am I inviting people to a cross over event, and make them sit in for a pitch for money.
  4. We do model rockets as a pack every year. It's the boys' favorite activity and they look forward to it every year.
  5. My Son and I were invited along to do the snow camping trip with the troop associated with our pack in January. the SM told me I could bring my pop up trailer but my son has to sleep in a tent. ha ha. I wouldn't do that.
  6. I guess it's just tradition. I have not even discussed this with my son or with the other kid or his dad. It was just my thinking out loud. My son will be 11 on the first of March so he is covered on the 10.5 rule. I may talk to the guy who is technically the Web2 den leader to see his thoughts. when I talked to him last week, he was thinking of moving over to be the bear den leader since they lost theirs. I said I would take over the web2 den if for nothing else just for rechartering and taking care of AOL ceremony and crossover. I am not sure how close the other kid is to being do
  7. Sorry to hijack the thread, but I have a quick question in line with this. Does a boy have to only finish the requirements for AOL or actually recieve the badge, to cross over? The reason I am asking is, for all intents and purposes my pack doesn't really have a Web2 den. My son, and one other kid that shows up occasionally are it. They are both either really close to or done with the requirements for AOL. My pack does AOL ceremony at B&G and Cross over about a month later. Is there any reason my son and this other kid can't cross over now (or say january), then come back for th
  8. Last year my youngest son's tiger den did the "we don't have a skit" skit. On kid says Oh no and slaps his forehead like he forgot something, then the next one ask's him what's wrong? and the first whispers to him then he repeats the headslap oh no. This goes on until all the kids in the den ask what's wrong as is told then does the oh no. then the den leader or cubmaster or any scouter asks what's wrong, and in unison, they shout we don't have a skit.
  9. This is a good subject. my son is not yet in Boy scouts, but will be crossing over next year. my main concern won't be for my kid, but what if he throws such a fit about being homesick, that he basically ruins it for everybody else. I know I am not the only parent that thinks this way. that being said if they want him to go, he can by all means go.
  10. Gun owners aren't only conservatives. Lots of Democrats disagreed with the AWB too. The only thing an AWB does is limit magazine capacity and outlaw cosmetic features. you still can't just go out and buy a machine gun.
  11. Don't stop Believing. Journey.
  12. I assume they want parents just to take the fast start youth protection training.
  13. I think it was raffle not door prizes. I, of course, could be wrong. won't be the first or last time that happens. I personally am trained. I was a den leader/acm/everything that needed to be done, type person in the old pack. I too think its a good idea to have everybody trained. I guess it was the way that it was presented that all training is mandatory like it was coming from BSA and not just a pack rule, that got to me.
  14. The good news is that my former cubmaster said last night that he was going to check in with council or district for other volunteer opportunities. He specifically mentioned UC. I have known this fellow for about 3 or 4 years, and there is no reason beyond "only parents can volunteer" that I can think of. He is very dedicated, gets along with everybody and has alot of knowledge. This pack is pretty successful, and the biggest reason is they tell people up front that they cannot drop their kids off. I am cool with that. They told me upfront as the father of a Webelos, that I would hav
  15. So, I didn't want to resurect an old thread, but I thought this was the best place to post this. My old packed dissolved a few months ago, so my family found a new pack. This new pack is alot bigger and alot more organized than my old pack. A few of the families from our old pack followed us. I got a call from the cubmaster from the old pack the other day, saying he wanted to visit the new pack to make sure that all the kids are settled and liking the new pack. he did this with the families who chose other packs too. he says he just wants to make sure everybody is sticking with it.
  16. My State is mail in votes. they were there when I filled it out and mailed it in. I wonder if that counts. My son's 4th grade class did a mock election also. he was 1 of 2 out of 26 that voted McCain.
  17. Could be worse. We do recruiting at our schools curriculum nights, and send out fliers in the weekly school newsletter, as well as Nat'l night out, and our summer parade. in my 3 years with my pack we have never ever recruited one person.
  18. Since our pack is so small we just have the whole pack do it at every meeting, den and pack. usually one of the 6 kids in our pack volunteers to be the caller, then two of the remaining kids hold the US and Pack flags, and the other 3 kids line up behind them.
  19. I have tatoo's most of which can be seen in shorts and a t-shirt. nobody cares anymore. this isn't 1950's When I was in the marine corps I had a few tatoos. I even had my nipple pierced. again nobody cared. this was in the mid to late 90's
  20. We do ours at Blue & Gold. Unfortunately that is usually our entertainment for the evening.
  21. I don't know about distance, but time wise I think around 3 or 4 hours would be my absolute most traveled. and that would have to be a pretty spectacular place. I think normally about 1.5 to 2 hours away is my norm.
  22. Good post Mike. I guess for some people it is just easier to blame "addiction" than it is to blame themselves for lack of parenting skills. I wonder if the OP is really Jack Thompson.(This message has been edited by beardad)
  23. I went camping with friends all the time when I was a teenager. It never occured to us, that this would be a bad thing. it was just something we always did. and I am not that old, we are only talking 10 or 15 years ago.
  24. Not only that, but from what I hear. Philly is very unfriendly to even those that have a valid CPL.
  25. for some reason I can't edit my above post. but I wanted to add this. This thread reminded me of this for some reason. check it out.
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