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  1. I take it that you haven't done very much research on the subject, have you? Talk to anybody that can say" I don't see what the problem is with this drinking of beer, I'm not addicted, so no one else can be either...it's nothing but a bunch of hogwash... etc. " OR " I found this thread to be funny".. OR " just get sick of people always trying to blame video games " or "The problem isn't video games -The problem is just poor parenting!! or " particularly like the bit about dopamine. Oh gosh, playing video games shows up in da "chemic
  2. Nah, Scouts and Scouters are always "assuming the position", by standing up and singing
  3. Wow, I'd almost forgot about this thread. Glad to see someone else using that book. Let us know how it turns out. I wonder how many actually read that letter to their Scouts.
  4. Here is a catchy lil tune: http://webpages.charter.net/redemption/banana/ And one just for woodbadgers: http://tinyurl.com/o68x (This message has been edited by ustbeeowl)
  5. Joni4TA, You missed the point entirely. I did not CALL you a sucker, but said that you are a sucker (how else does a smoke work, but to stick it into your mouth and draw down on it to get the burning smoke into your body?) YOU are the one calling yourself a SUCKER. Like Greg Nelson said, "I dunno, but I read your post as a funny item addressed to a generic "you", not an insult to a specific person.", I did not mean just you, Joni, but to all smokers. It is a quote that I use for my scouts as well as to my Sunday School students. It gets the point across rather well, don't you think?
  6. Joni4TA + PeteM, I'm sorry that my comments have offended you and anyone else on this board, but it makes me so mad I could spit nails when I see people throwing their lives away by smoking. Yes, Joni4TA, I know that you said that you know that it is a bad habit, and that you wish that you could stop, but I have known too many friends and relatives that have died, wishing that they could have stopped for good. Well, they have stopped for good, leaving their families to pick up the pieces of their lives and to go on. The families encouraged them to quit, much like yours have as well, bu
  7. Just remember... ... YOU don't smoke. The tobacco does the smoking, 'cause that's it's job...to smoke. YOU are just the SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!
  8. >>>>>>>>>> We need to be very careful attributing all things that are good to a god, and implying that a person without a god in their lives is not so good.
  9. I thought that he is really a she and that that she is a pres. candidate.
  10. The stuff that I have seen boils at 212{F} and freezes at 0{C}
  11. So, Are saying is that the Scouts run the troop, or is it the PLC runs the troop? There is a difference. I have a couple of Scouts that won't do the tasks that their Patrol leaders say to do IF they perceive that adults had a hand in the plan. How would you explain to the Troop that the PLC is the one that came up with the program/plan?
  12. Getting back on track. It looks like a neat stove. I like the fact that there are NO moving parts to break, and in the dead of winter, propane just won't boil, so you would really get cold in a hurry. This stove looks like it could be a neat, small campfire.
  13. I have a couple of boys in my troop that feel that the troop is not boy run if the adults have anything to do with the troop at all, but at meetings, they tend to get into trouble >>because
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