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  1. I agree about the exageration, which is why I didn't send an email out to the troop flying off the handle. what it sounds like is a group of moms got together and made the trip. yes 12 hours round trip. If I had known about it, I still would not have gone, but I could have at least told the boy: "hey some of the parents are coming up, sorry we can't make it yadda yadda yadda." I think the part that irks me is some of the parents got together and planned this trip, but didn't include everyone. like I said. I wouldn't have participated anyway, but giving the boy a heads up would have
  2. I think this situation is kind of weird and not sure what to think of it. Let's say you got a call from you son who is at summer camp and he was crying because all the parents of the other kids came up to see them that day, but not you. Mind you this is just a regular tuesday, not the friday family day, and the camp is at least a 6 hour drive away. also none of the other families shared the fact they were planning on going to the camp to visit.
  3. I don't have an answer for you, but I wish our council would do a program like this. In my pack even though it seems like the kids and adults get excited about the idea of camping, but when it comes down to the actual event nobody wants to do it anymore. I have been with this current pack for 4 years now, and in that time the pack has never camped. I have parents all excited about going camping. thinks its a great idea, good for the kids yadda yadda, but then can't make it, or don't camp. even if I plan the event myself and they don't have to do anything but show up. It's uber frustr
  4. $7.50 is cheapest shipping option. no thanks.
  5. It is very uncomfortable wearing a collar on the outside of a shirt. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be tucked to the inside of a shirt. plus it would kinda look like you didn't know how to get dressed.
  6. Kids around here aren't even out of school yet. Summer Camp already? sheesh! we're skipping it this year as a pack, and doing our own.
  7. I went through elementary school in the very early 80's graduated high school in the early 90's. I don't remember ever being taught creationism in school.
  8. I used the SOS pads with soap, as that is what I had laying around. I didn't try to start an actual fire with it,but I did catch the pad on fire using the cell phone battery and about half a second of contact.
  9. If you use steel wool, and instead of a 9 volt battery use a cell phone battery. you get a really good spark out of it. I tried it yesterday in my back yard. I was expecting just a cool little red glow, but it caught right away. I was using an SOS pad.
  10. our pack meetings are last wednesday of the month, but we do have den meetings today (we all meet at same time) so I will definately use it. Maybe I will see if I can find one of my kids' light saber or something.
  11. I definately nominate myself for the Ben Stein Award. who seconds?
  12. The Mad Hatter award: Earned by a den leader or CM or ACM that completes a program year wearing a different silly hat to pack meetings.
  13. I honestly think it's time to tell each parent that it's been fun, but since there are no volunteers, next year there will be no scouts. and then walk away. hopefully then some of the parents you asked to help will seek you out and help out. If not. honestly find another pack. You will be burnt out trying to do it all your self. I've been in one of those small packs where 1 or 2 people do everything. I got burned out and quit, and the pack folded. Now I am in a (slightly) bigger pack, and recently (March) became Cub Master.
  14. While we stop having meetings during the summer, we still try to remain pretty active. June we do a rocket build, then meet at a school to launch them. In July we march in a local 4th of July parade. This august we are going to do something this pack has never done before. go camping. Usually we participate in our council's day camp (actually twightlight camp). some of the kids opt for resident camp instead. for some reason this year, the district tried really hard to not give us any info about the day camps. it was just our pack too. every time we inquired about the packets, they to
  15. Take it back anyway. exchange it for the next size up too. bam! next year's shirt without any added expense.
  16. @Seattle Pioneer. We have a small wooded area and fire bowl on site at our CO location that we use. We basically tie line onto two trees. I am not sure of the mechanics, because I have never helped set it up, but there is a come along involved. The kids start at one end. slide down with the handle and the other side is their den leaders giving them the new necker. we have spotters at both ends and somebody (usually a parent) walks along with them as they zip down. It's not terribly high up as I am not sure if it is with in COPE guidelines or if it even neeeds to be. But the cubs l
  17. We usually hand out rank badges at blue and gold in feb. cross over from webs to boy scouts is usually end of feb or in march. we do our graduation in June. we do the bridge for webs going into scouts. for the other ranks we do a small zip line.
  18. This is one of my pet peeves too, but usually only out in public. my thought is, he knows (or thinks he knows) that no handicapped people will be needing the spot while the scouts are using the building so he parks there. I bet he doesn't use that spot during regular church hours.
  19. The kilt is a fad that I wish would just die. contrary to what kilt wearers beleive it does not look good. I don't care of any percieved historical significance.
  20. I am the shy/quiet guy who just got handed the reigns of Cubmaster for our pack. fortunately for me our pack has never been the singing and crazy pack so I don't have anything to live up to. I did my first pack meeting last week (as CM, I have done them as ACM) and I decided as a gathering activity to have the boys come up with a quick and dirty den yell. then half way thru the awards I called on each den to do theirs as loud as possible and had the audience vote. tie between our 1 wolf, and our huge bear den. everybody got candy for participating.
  21. Can anybody even tell the difference between the Scout Store switchbacks and something like REI? Look exactly the same to me, except the REI ones are better made and yet are still somehow cheaper.
  22. I just got back from camping with my older son, who is in a troop. My younger son tagged along, and had a blast. I can't wait for him to go back to his pack and tell all his friends how much fun he had. my pack (of which I am now cubmaster) has never camped for as long as I have been there. I am looking to change that. It was supposed to rain all weekend (Western Washington, duh) and we had sunny cloudless skies all weekend. even temps were warmish (50's)
  23. @SMT224 thanks for the suggestion. I ordered this tent last night. hopefully I will get it before my camping trip next weekend. I have a feeling it will be rainy. This should work perfectly for me, as I don't go on many of the trips. and family camping (not scouts) I have a tent trailer. so this will be used by me the very few times I go with scouts as a driver or something. It can also be used by scout son when he doesn't have anybody to tent with on trips.
  24. I would visit some troops and maybe pose this question with the troops he would likely be crossing to.
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