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  1. Hey guys, Discounting the hi-jacked thread thing...... Things are looking up. Things are looking down. As one mentioned, creation of the Pack and recruitment by the DE was done backwards. To top that off, and unfortunately, the DE has since seen fit to leave the Council and the BSA after 19 years BSA professional service and about a two month stint in our Council. Replacement DE is in training. We have an interim DFS who is concerned and so far has been helpful. In the meantime, I have worked with our PTO to Charter status and have received signed paperwork AND a check for
  2. Dork? Ok then. Dorkiness was certainly not the intention. I''m already a geek. Can''t do the dorky thing. Thanks folks, for the input. Best. LC
  3. Folks, Anyone out there doing any Cub Scout Pack fund raising with pumpkins? If so, would you care to share your experiences? Thanks, LC
  4. ** Thanks folks for all the comments and thoughts. As mentioned we''re in a seriously small town with little resources in the community. We have approached the PTO(PTA) and they are reviewing the charter and it seems like a go at this point. The president of the PTO is excited to be involved, so that is a bonus! We should know by mid next week what they decide. While the school itself will not be the CO, the school has graciously and with open arms allowed our fledgling Pack the use of the cafeteria for our monthly pack meetings. As well, one DL is holding Den meetings after school in the
  5. Are they appropriate to wear? I rather liked the styling of my 60's uniforms. They felt good . The shirts and pants held creases well and looked sharp when ironed properly. And the fold down pocket flaps with red binding. Striking! LC
  6. Folks, Thanks for the clarification. Lisa, Beavah, that is about as crystal clear as it gets. Thanks for that. scoutldr.. Yep. The DFS recruited like the beejeebers last week at the school. We wound up with two dozen boys and 4 dens with leaders. I spent an hour after the recruit meeting just signing papers and such! And then was told to find a CO ASAP. So here I are And I'm sending out our first newsletter tonight to the den leaders so they don't feel left out in the cold. Folks, thanks again for the heads-up and knowledgebase to pull from! Very cool. LC
  7. Thanks Lisabob, I appreciate your time. I'm reading through the Cub Scout Leader Book and on 7-2 under the heading of The Chartered Organization: "This organization, which might be a church, school, community organization, or group of interested citizens, is chartered by the BSA to use the scouting program." Does that exclude public schools? I want to perfectly understand what I have to do to get this off the ground. Thanks again! LC
  8. Hey folks, New pack and working to get a charter. We're a very small town. I was wondering if packs can charter with the local elementary school? Thanks, LC
  9. Hey Folks, Thought I'd say howdy. I'm an old scouter from the Dan Beard Council. Camp Friedlander rocks. Achieved Star in 1970. Did a short tour during the 80's with my son. And now find myself back in scouting as a new Cubmaster with my grandsons and a brand new Pack. We're in the Bluegrass Council, Wilderness Trail District. I'm working with an enthusiastic group of Den Leaders and new Scouts. We've just broke ground and working on our Charter. We're in a small town, population around 900. As far as I know, this is the towns first Cub Scout pack. At least in the last 20 years.
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