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  1. Wow a ton of input thus far keep it coming . I am working on some kind of revolving den chief since the pack and troop meet same time different place . I wouldn't want to DC to miss out on anything in the troop . I am off to BALOO in the a.m. and looking forward to it . I keep pouring over this site and now thedump.com (thanks neil ) and learn a little more everyday . With gas prices $$ is tight but have to scrape and scrounge to keep Scouts as a high priority . YIS JP
  2. Hello to all . I am currently a 1st year Webelos leader , in two weeks will be leader for 2nd year Webs . And as luck would have it when the current Web1's crossover next year I have been asked to serve as SM for Troop . I have nabbed a Boy Scout Handbook and SM leader book . I have took all of the online training and have a ton of "Hands-on" training set up this summer . Any more input on reading/training to help me prepare to give the SM position my all and do the best job I can for the Scouts sake .
  3. Where if anywhere is the round Friends of Scouting patch placed on the uniform ? Thanks JP
  4. Thanks Scoutfish . If I don't know for sure I WILL ask . Thats why this site is here right ?
  5. True they do have alot to choose from , but I know I will hear that question come up .
  6. I hope that all of the scouters here are not getting sick of me and my questions , but I do after all want to make sure I do things correctly for the scouts sake . I am going over all of the Communicator Badge/pin requirements and I see one in 3 seperate places . Requirement 11 Use a personal computer to write a letter to a friend or relative. Create your letter, check it for grammar and spelling, and save it to a disk. Print it. Requirements for the Communicating Belt Loop #2 Write a letter to a friend or relative. Requirements for the Computers Belt Loop # 3 Use you
  7. Thanks Twocub I have not looked at it from that perspective . And you have a VERY valid point indeed . I am glad I have found scouter.com its full of very useful information and insight .
  8. I agree , thanks for the kick in the pants I needed LisaBob .
  9. I have been told our Webs need to attend the camporee with our troop . Yet I have heard nothing from the troop itself . Now shouldn't the troop be "courting" the prospective Webs for crossover ?
  10. I am a Webelos 1 ADL and my son well a Webelos1 . I want to start getting all backpacking/camping gear together for him aside from the ole' family tent . What tens and packs would you suggest that he could keep and crossover into Boy Scouts with . I know some packs and troops all have the same tent . Not here as of now we have 3 in the troop but a large pack and we are trying to build the troop . any help would be great . JP
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