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  1. Our Pack does do activities during the summer, and on re-reading it with Sidney Porter's comment added on, I see it now. It also makes sense since I know a lot of Packs do Blue and Gold in lieu of a Pack Meeting, but that would qualify under the "pack meeting or activity" reading. Thanks, sometimes it takes someone else to point out what's under your nose!
  2. OK, I realize that the requirement "A" for the National Den Award is pretty crystal clear: My question to this esteemed group is: is this award often ever earned? I've seen several Packs in our area (central Texas) and not a one of them - even the ones I'd categorize as "very active" - hold Pack Meetings during the summer (and the dens rarely meet formally during the summer). This is in Packs that have very active summer programs - two events per month, and always get the National Summertime Activity Award. Do Packs in other parts of the country meet all year-long, including organize
  3. I sure appreciate both the thoughtful replies and the positive tone. I also think I've developed a better feel for the community and believe I was doing the right thing, but still, it's good to hear it from folks with a few more hash marks on their sleeves (so to speak!).
  4. Howdy all - I'm brand new to Cub Scouting, just signed up my son as a new Tiger Cub, and I volunteered as an assistant den leader for his den. I went to my first District Roundtable meeting, and I did a couple of things that seemed to run counter to the rest of the folks, and some googling for what was right (or at least the norm) led me to these forums! So with that intro, let me get to the questions: 1) when asking for order, the adult (Boy Scout) leaders held up the Boy Scout Sign. Since I'm a *Cub Scout* leader, I held up the Cub Scout Sign. Most (all?) of the other adult leaders (als
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