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  1. Now I come from a place where we have natural air conditioning. Of course we start to complain about the heat when it reaches 75. Shorts are worn by some all year around. My son worked all year round mapping surface water features for the county in shorts. If we get a week of snow on the ground we come to a stop. Very rarely do we reach the teens. Our natural air conditioning is to head to beaches on Puget Sound in the evening and watch the sunset. The camp I went to as Scout and as a scoutmaster took the troop every other year is Parsons on Hood Canal. In the swim area the water rarel
  2. It brings back memories. Eight years ago I was on camp staff. Every week we would say good bye at the final flags and the troops would move off to the parking lot to load up and leave. Then we would hold a weekly debrief and get the atta boys and oh darns. After the commisioneers told the campsite rangers the results of their inspections, those failing had to go clean up. The Program Director oversaw the cleaning of the staff area. Then we could head out on our 'day' off. This week it must a been at least two hour maybe three before I headed down the road. To my suprise I found on 11 year
  3. Years our council have a council wide accident insurance policy but had to give it up. There was a problem with not giving units a choice. So they went back to individual troop policy. They include Mutual of Omaha app with recharter material. Most unit do this, some don't have any but run in to trouble with a scout camp asks for proof. The LDS are self insured, by Salt Lake. Years ago I was in the insurance biz for about 5 years. My understanding that for the accident insurance a prospective scout could most likely go to one or two meetings and be covered but if he has been going for 6 month
  4. Elections to the Order of the Arrow may be held anytime during the year but only once a year. If you have had it in April you can't have in October but next year you can have another. Many chapters try to have their elections before their camporee to have a bang up call out (not a tap out). Call outs can be anywhere, some troops even have them at Court of Honors in order to make an Ordeal Weekend. To hold an election you must have 50% of the active Scouts in your troop present. The Scoutmaster must certify that the scouts on the ballot meet the requirements. All scouts present may vote fo
  5. When I get in to disagreements with good Christians about doctrine (dogma, canon law, tradition, practice) I always cool my self off with reread 1 Corinthians 13, especially verse 12 For know we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we see face to face. Now I know only in part, then I will know fully, even as I have been known fully."
  6. I know Washington state is a little past your hour limit. Troops I have been involved in great hikes in the Olympic National Park High Divide, Low Divide, Ocean Beaches, Mt. Rainier any part of the Wonderland Trail, North Cascade Park Ross Lake canoe and hike, May trails leaded up and down the Pacific Crest Trail. We have had hike heading from the west up and over to Holden Village and Stihekin (Lake Chelan). We have also gone to the Bob Marshall near Flathead Lake in Montana. Bowern Lakes in British Columbia have outfitters that will provide you with canoes so you dont have to haul them u
  7. First the alternative requirements rules were changed a few years back from troop committee to district or council advancement committee for First Class and below. This was because troop's were inconstant especially concerning swimming . The rule was for health or safety, but I heard a troop waived the swimming because a scout couldnt swim so if was a safety issue because he would drown(?). Be thankful your scout didnt try a couple of years ago when they moved a lot of the Swimming Merit Badge requirements to second and first class. I found that a lot of the scouts that had problems with
  8. FOG, I hope you are pulling our leg with that last post. For if you are not, that post and the second paragraph is the is the very opposite of what I learned and believed in from the day I joined Scouts.
  9. Tim, Take a deep breath. I saw nothing at all in yarrow question beyond just a honest question. He did not show any disrespect to the flag at all.
  10. OGE is correct, the only way to be elected to candidate status is by a Scout Troop or Team, Either as Youth under 18 or as an adult by the Committee. While the Scouts may elect many of their peers every year, by rules to long to explain here, the Committee may elect only one registered adult if their troop has held an election. The interesting question I have yet answered if they could elected a female ASM under 21. Also the lodge, council and district may purpose adult candidates too. My personal opinion why Venture Crews are not allowed to elect members to OA is some Explorer Posts (before
  11. The older boy problem has been around since the BSA started. The solution has had many names, Sea Scouts, Air Scouts, Explorers, Leadership Corps, Varsity Patrols, Venture Patrols, Senior Patrol and Rovers. Some in the Scout Troop, some as stand alone. My brothers were fifteen years older than me and in the early fifties they were moved into the Exploring automatically, By the mid sixties, we just stayed in the troop. My troop solved the older problem just as we did in the troop I was scoutmaster of in the nineties, provided a program that a scout could grow up in. The crowning experien
  12. The new scout patrol came with he changes when the Scout handbook of 1989, so it is a fairly new aspect of scouting. The idea was that patrol would last only one year before the now older scout would join an established patrol. The reasons as explained back then was it would easier for the new scout to advance if every one in the patrol was working on the same things and one of the big concerns that there was harassment of the younger scouts if they where split up. Two of the reasons that national found why scouts quit in the first year was the lack of advancement and bullying. My personal
  13. I have read this thread for a few weeks now and I'm just wondering where is the father to be? Is in or was in the Venturing crew? What should we do with a young man in this situation? Is it differant because it doesn't "show"?
  14. I was just looking in a 1941 Scout Handbook and found in the back uniforms and their prices. How about that campaign hat for $1.95, shirt (ls) $1.60, breeches $1.95, neckerchiefs plain color 50, combination colors 60, slide 10. Outdoor service outfit shirt(ss) $1.25, shorts $1.50, stockings 50, belt 50. I just spent almost $15 with sales tax for a pair of Venturing socks , but then minimum wage back in the 40s was around 50 an hour. I did like the official raincoat, it looks like a trench coat, for $5.95. It was called a bombazine raincoat and the poncho also was bombazine. Anybody know what
  15. The basic method in scouting for delivering the program is the patrol. The primary use of the uniform is to give a unity to the patrol, then the troop and then the BSA. The second use is to display the achievements of the scout and his role in scouting.
  16. I have the greatest problem with the epaulets. The troop that I was scoutmaster for 10 years did a lot of backpacking. When you live the northwest yearly fifty-milers is the rule not the exception. To wear a scout uniform shirt while caring a loaded pack is sure bet to rip off at least the button. We have a terrible time with them when we went to a summer camp that had a three mile hike into the camp on arrival. Also I have not known a scout or scouter, even the most carefully turned out one, to have at least one time shown up with the shoulder loop turned seam up.
  17. Let's see 'fly-by-night religions'. Augsberg Confession (Lutherans) 1530, Church of England (Episcopal) 1500's, Puritains (United Church in Christ-Congregationial) 1500's, Presbyterian (Knox and Calvin) 1500's, oh the new one Methodist, late 1700's. Jewish 2000 + BC, they won't last. Watch what you say these faith groups have been around a long time.
  18. If I remember his argument correctly, it has to do with taking God out of Christian social views. From the communal sharing of Acts to the Anabaptists of the reformation you find the underpinnings. He was speaking of the more pure communism, not the form finally practiced. It had also to do with the philosophers that came out of Christian backgrounds that Marx and Engles built upon. Youre asking me to go back thirty years to that lecture room in Condon Hall. It was the seventies and I was young , working and our now Eagle Scout was on the way, so sometimes Im lucky just to remember the hi
  19. Here is an example of the not understanding the separation of Church and State. The separation is that the state can not support any religion or give that appearance. It must be also fair in its actions toward all religions. But not that individuals cannot make decisions based on their religion and its beliefs. When I look at how my political beliefs have developed over time, I can see the influence of my faith journey, my parents (and maybe a bit of rebellion from them), my Scouting, my friends, and my schooling. To tell anyone to divorce any aspect from their decision making is wrong.
  20. This article writer has some serious errors in understanding the constitution. Some of them are down right scary. The one that bothers me the most is comment Use the courts or other non-democratic means to impose the minority will on the majority. The Courts in the United States have three purposes: 1) to provide a forum to determine guilt or innocence in a criminal case and fault in a civil case, 2) to interpret the laws as written and 3) to protect the civil rights of the minority from the abuses of the majority. To refer to the courts as non-democratic is a libel against our way of life
  21. I wonder too what will happen to the awards and relationships with Lutheran, Episcopal, United Church in Christ, Methodist and other large mainstream Christian churches and even Jewish groups that are defining their relationships with homosexuals. Some of these groups have gay clergy and or lay leadership. Most of these groups have been long time supporters of the Boy Scouts and have a large percentage of BSA members and charter partners. When action is taken in next few years by their national bodies, what is the BSA going to do? Write off a third of its charter partners? Tell the youth membe
  22. I was searching the web and came across this site: www.spiralscouts.org , of a group starting an alternative to the BSA. I have seen in other posts in these forums that there should be a place for people to go if they want an alternative to the BSA. They also have give some links to articles that have been written about them ( for example: http://www.spiralscouts.org/articles.php?art_id=6&when=0 ) The SpiralScouts were started according to their site by Wiccans. They have been around for about two three years and I can't help but wonder why the BSA has not stepped in to ban the use of
  23. First information for acco40. The Sabbath for Jews is Saturday as it is the seventh day of week and is the day God rested during creation. As the first Christians were Jews they would go to the synagogue on Saturday and then because Jesus rose on Sunday that would hold their Christian worship on Sunday. At least that how it it was explained to me at Sunday School, confirmation and Bible College. There are Christian Groups that have Seventh Day in their names that believe that it must be Saturday. More on point to the thread, I was amused when I went through Venturing Leaders training and le
  24. How do you inform someone that they are not entitled to wear a knot? I know a scouter who is wearing the knot for the adult religious award. While she just participated in the mentor program while the knot is for the recognition award, i.e. Lamb, St. George, Good Shepherd, etc.
  25. How history is written and look at is conditional of the time it was written not the time it happens. The Civil War has had many different interpretations. Right after the war the bloody shirt demonized the confederate cause. It wasnt until the turn of the twentieth century that the noble south view became popular. For example the period right after the Civil war, the time of reconstruction is seen by different historians as a time of greater African American involvement in southern state government as good thing or a time of mismanagement and relief that Jim Crow Laws were enacted to corr
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