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  1. I have a few new ideas. 1. Cool BSA Jacket. Have you seen the one Scouts Canada has? It is like a fleece pullover, we would be in uiform in cold weather! 2. Change the rank logos for Tenderfoot - First Class, and place the rank on collar pins. The logos for the first 3 ranks should be simple, like bars (1 brass, 1 silver, 2 silver) the higher ranks are fine. 3. Make use of the shoulder loops. Great for troop jobs. Make these mandatory. Then you can pick out patrol leaders fast! 4. Maybe a dream, but bring back the beret, and put the rank on it. What do you th
  2. Really, If you plan on using Creative Style Sheets then you should probably look into better hosting!
  3. We are going camping at the ruitan club. Some one said that it was like camporee. Can anyone tell me what it is like?
  4. Hello, I have a few extra megs of free web space on my personal server and if any one needs some let me know.
  5. ASM7, is there a link you can give to that artical. I went to the magazines site but was unable to find any thing. I would really like to read that artical!!
  6. I have many scouts who are embarrassed to be seen in uniform. Do you all have any tips to improve this?
  7. Do you have any photos of your color guard? I would like to present this idea to our scoutmaster.
  8. Also, Please give comments as to why you like or dislike this belt. Thanks
  9. I need to know which Graphics card to get. Nvidia GeForce 4 of Matrox? Help Please!!!
  10. How do the CALs Work? We are a soon to be new ISP and are looking for e-mail server software. I would like to use exchange but I would need several hundred accounts and to purchase CALs would be VERY expencive. Would I need a CAL for every account, or is there an unlimited version for ISPs. We may just have to go with Merak Mail Server of Imail 7 or even sendmail.
  11. So, should I wear my uniform even if no one else wears theirs? Would you?
  12. Shoes and Berets!! Yes, may be not the green stuff though.
  13. Does your troop wear uniforms to PLCs? How can I encourage my troop to start?
  14. If the people at national came to you and said, design our uniform, what would it be? Maybe a Class C? New Hat?
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