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  1. Ah! I have heard some more information, I guess its due to an insurance issue. It may tie back to the Scout who passed away while on a hike in the everglades a year or so ago. (and no, I'm not Merlyn sorry!)
  2. The word on the trail that I have heard is that the United Methodists might be pulling their charters. Apparently they have refused to sign the annual charter agreement form, and have instead worked out with national a 6 month extension to the 2012 annual agreement form. I haven't heard what they are taking issue with. Anyone heard anything?
  3. Because Summit is run by national, and national is bad! (I am kidding here, but sadly most that post aren't)
  4. It was a great trip! Beautiful scenery and surprisingly affordable.
  5. My wife and I were in Iceland for our honeymoon while this was going on. We didnt stop in but I did run into a lot of Scouts in Reykjavik!
  6. News out on the trail is another release of the in-eligible files is to occur next week, this release will be made up of more recent incidents.
  7. What do you expect the DE to do? They cannot make families join your pack, aside from flyering the schools, doing boy talks, what else can they really do?
  8. What were the reporting requirements back when these issues arose, I know the article touches upon New Jersey Law, but what were the laws elsewhere? If they werent legally required to report it to law enforcement, how can they be accused of covering it up?
  9. Hi folks, sorry for the delay in responding, I have been busy with work. For more background info I am based in New England, folks here tend to be more liberal than other parts of the country, hence why it may be a bigger issue up here. And no, I do not hope for the demise of Scouting as SeattlePioneer states, Sorry to burst your bubble. Basement I am definitely not trolling, sorry for the lack of diversity in my post, I will post more about how horrible my council and district committee are.
  10. Well its the reason these families have been giving to me when they leave.
  11. Hey folks, have you been seeing families dropping out due to National's reaffirmation of their membership standards? We've heard from about 8% of our families that said they weren't returning because of it.
  12. The republican party itself may not be a racist organization, but it is #1 with racists.
  13. It seems one of Connecticut's Councils is not enforcing the gay ban. http://www.ct.com/news/advocates/latest-news/nm-ht34ncboyscouts-20120814,0,5314304,full.story
  14. Dean, local council's do not make the membership policy. National does, councils have no effect on that if they want to keep their charter.
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