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  1. In the past we have not had 3 events in one month. I think everyone in our Pack assumed it was 1 a month. I was surprised the Excel spreadsheet had several blanks for each month and listed the scouts that attended all 3 June events as having earned the award already. I'm sure that's because it's harder to make it automated for 1 from each month.
  2. "A pack can qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award certificate and streamer by planning and conducting three pack activitiesone each in June, July, and August." Ok that part is easy. I started putting info in a spreadsheet I found online. We had 3 events in June. When I entered the info in it listed a couple scouts as having earned the individual award already. I just assumed they had to attend 1 each month. "Boys who participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin." How do you count it when you have more than 3 eve
  3. We are planning on using the worksheets for badges like Family Member. http://www.usscouts.org/usscouts/advance/cubscout/webbadges.asp Parents can sign the sheet, but little Billy has to show the sheet to the DL and have DL sign his book.
  4. We've had 2 pairs fail this year as well. The second pair he only wore half a dozen times as shorts, so at least I didn't have the time in on hemming them. Scout shop commented on China's quality and replaced them at no charge, but it's still a hassle. I wish they would offer blue switchbacks in the nylon. I've been really pleased with mine. My son is a 1st yr Webelo and we haven't switched to BS uniform yet, but I got him a pair of the BOGO switchbacks and he has already worn them.
  5. If I had it to do again it would have been more fun. You have to pick up on what the boys enjoy. I have a group that likes to talk, so telling stories was right up their alley. We had to cut them short to get through everyone. They definitely like wood work. I was surprised the tool boxes only took them 1/2 the meeting to complete. Whittling Chip was a favorite too. The majority of the den earned the religious emblem. They didn't enjoy it, but really like the medals. We had pen pals. That went over well to start with but they lost interest and didn't want to write much.
  6. At the cub level we state anyone needing financial assistance must speak with the CC. Some people that need it are too proud to ask for it. That leaves the Treasurer hounding them for the $. We ask for sweat equity - work concession, etc. in exchange for the Pack paying for the event. In some cases we will ask the CO to sponsor a boy. At the Troop level they offer a payment plan for summer camp. Maybe they can't pay $200+ in one whack, but spread out over a few months is more managable for most.
  7. Hubby is 6'10", so 36" is a little short. I'd like to know for sure before I order. Thanks
  8. Can anyone tell me how long the unfinished inseam on the new switchback pants are? 40 waist so XL in relaxed fit. Thanks
  9. Any recommendations for good cheap compasses?
  10. We are planning a treasurer hunt with compass work at a pack campout. I just wanted to do my homework, if it related to acheivements. I overlooked the belt loop. That will be great for all cubs. Thanks
  11. Another leader was pretty sure using a compass was part of Webelos. I didn't see that as an option for any of the activity badges. Did I overlook something?
  12. Some of us have a major itching problem with wool.
  13. CM/hubby was approaching burnout from us doing everything at every event. As a reward for great popcorn sales we rented a charter bus and took the pack to the nearest slopes to go snow tubing. While we were there a Pack of 100 scouts showed up. They were very rude and not well behaved. As we stood in the background making chili and peanut butter sandwiches, we gleamed with pride at how well behaved and polite our scouts were. CM said that was enough to recharge his batteries.
  14. I picked up the CS deck of cards and loved it. It was great for when we had time left before the meeting was over. It shows you how much they've learned and forgot. We would add beads to the bead jar for correct answers, so they really got into it. I haven't looked at the BS deck or the skills game. I'd be interested in reviews too.
  15. Our den tries to rotate who brings snacks. It's usually better when the den leaders take care of it, because it's healthier and centered around something we are working on (Example Bear - make a trail mix). But that's a big expense for the leaders to do it every time. We even had someone bring in MREs once. Pack events vary depending on the timing and the theme. Popcorn kickoff - popcorn and juice boxes Oct campout - foil dinners and decorated cupcakes (elective for some)
  16. We have a hard enough time collecting $20 for dues from the parents of the kid that didn't sell much popcorn. I can see tacking a couple bucks on the fee, but definitely not $100. We have a FOS presentation coming up. I don't expect many parents will come let alone donate. Our council doesn't have a very good reputation with our pack or troop. We've not seen anyone from council all year, they canceled the FOS we had set up last year and we don't feel we get much support. Most people would rather donate directly to the pack or troop, where they know how the $ will be used.
  17. We've made a point of awarding "special" awards to the leaders at Blue & Gold. It's gone over well, since the leaders know it's all in good fun and the cubs get a good laugh too.
  18. Our scout shop has plastic diamond shaped patch holders for cub ranks. The pack purchases them and places their bobcat in them before they award them. Solves the problem of them sewing them on.
  19. The only thing the CM plans to do is to have a general talk to the pack about acting like scouts outside of scout events.
  20. Scout 1 said F U to Scout 2 before throwing him on the floor. Maybe Scout 2 provoked him and the witnesses didn't hear that part. Regardless the kid had to have staples not just stiches. The size difference between the 2 scouts would be equal to at least 2 grades. This goes beyond ruffhousing and boys will be boys in my opinion.
  21. I don't really think the DL expected the CM to "punish" Scout 1, but maybe have a chat with him. After things cooled down DL told CM it was taken care off (outside scouting). I do think CM needs to remind all of the scouts (not single out one) that their behavior reflects on the Pack and they are expected to act like scouts outside scout events. I would have a hard time if I was in the DL shoes. I think I would have a tendency to watch Scout 1 like a hawk.
  22. Witnesses confirm Scout 2's story that he didn't do anything. Scout 2 is very small for his age, so there's no doubt Scout 1 could physically pick him up.
  23. Scout 2's parents approached the CM not the scout's parents that got in trouble. Scout 2's dad is a DL for both scouts. The awards banquet is tonight. I'm sure it will be tense.
  24. Scout 1 threw scout 2 on the floor of the school bus. Scout 2 had to get stiches in his head. School gave scout 1 a demerit, which just means he can't go to the good student activity. Parents took it as a slap on the wrist and wanted more to be done. They asked the CM if he would do anything. What would you do? It wasn't at a scout event, but obviously wasn't scout like behavior.
  25. Out of sight... out of mind We've been trying to be in sight more. Scout Sun., ice cream social etc. We can tell some people don't want us there, but others are starting to realize what we do.
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