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  1. Our Pack is chartered by the church. The few times we've asked for help the money has come from the UMM (example 1 family lost job and couldn't pay dues and example 2 God and Family awards) The only time I've seen a check from the church was when a leader turned in volunteer hours to the company they work for. The company had to write the check to the church since our nonprofit, tax exempt falls under the church. The church deposited the check and wrote a check to the pack.
  2. www.design-it.com Search on description - friend They are only $.45
  3. I think he talked about them, but didn't give them out. He did have maps that the scouts got to take. We found communication patches for $.45 at www.design-it.com.
  4. I found a patch for communication that was only $.45. Coming to the presentation wasn't manditory and it wasn't as exciting as we hoped it would be, so we decided to reward the ones that came by getting them patches.
  5. I need 25. It wasn't required, so we wanted to reward the scouts that came. The couple of places I've ordered from in the past didn't have anything stock that would fit ham radio.
  6. We had a Ham Radio presentation last night. I'm searching for a patch for radio or communication.
  7. How do find a nationally run scout ship in your area?
  8. We're going family camping over Spring Break. Hubby asked that we not talk about scouts the entire time. He needs a break. I'm the one that will have a really hard time, since ours awards ceremony/cross over is right around the corner. I'll have to write down everything that pops into my head.
  9. I ended up ordering from 3 different scout shops. I'm sure the shipping will make each patch more expense. I'm really surprised the Facebook comment was correct and the Customer Service email wasn't. Live and learn...
  10. I called national. They aren't restocking. They did give me several numbers of shops that are suppose to have them left.
  11. Any recommendations?
  12. I went to order the dove shaped patch right after Scout Sun. and it was removed from the web. I sent an email and also posted on Facebook. I got 2 different answers. "We are out of stock(more due in 3/10/08) and that's why they are not shown on the website." Facebook - "Are you talking about the Scout Sunday patches in the shape of a dove? Those were limited edition patches and are no longer available online. However, your local Scout Shop may have them." It's now the 12th and they still aren't on the web. I responded to the email and asked if they still weren't in stock and
  13. I really prefer the spiral bound. We haven't had trouble with either falling apart, but I sure like the fact it will lie flat. You don't lose your place and have 2 hands free.
  14. I agree. I figured when we told him he could not officially earn the God and Me like the Cub Scouts it would lead to encouraging him to work on the God and Church.
  15. The faith of the DC is not the problem. It's his age. He should be working on God and Church (6th-8th) and not God and Me (1st-3rd). We discussed it at a committee meeting. I forgot they have God and Me patches and pins that can be bought separately. We'll go that route for both the DC and Cub that already earned the medal.
  16. Our pack pays for each scouts car. I don't think it's too much to ask that they use the kit entirely. Last year we had to DQ a car for rubber tires. Luckily dad's car for the open class was identical except it had BSA tires, so they just switched them.
  17. Would it be appropriate to give the Cub Scout that already earned his God and Me the Duty to God patch too? The Cub Scout started the meeting discussing that he completed it with his grandma and it was a lot of fun. Purpose: To learn about and promote religious emblems Requirements: Attend or make a presentation on religious emblems and make a commitment to Duty to God Eligibility: Both youth and adults of all faiths (This message has been edited by ManyHats)
  18. The Den Chief isn't exactly participating as a leader for the God and Me program, so the Mentor pin wouldn't really be appropriate. He wasn't in Cub Scouts. I'm not sure if he attends church beyond scouts. It think it's a good exercise for him, but know he doesn't qualify to receive the God and Me award like the others due to age.
  19. Several from our Bear den are working on their God and Me emblem of faith for the Bear requirement. We have one scout that earned their God and Me last year and has already completed "WAYS WE WORSHIP". He is participating in the current God and Me class. We also have a Den Chief that is participating. Should they be awarded anything for participating?
  20. Our troop and pack continue to do food drives. In our case it's double win. We collect the food and give it to our CO (church), who gives it to the local food bank. Good graces with the CO and food goes to people that need it.
  21. This was the first year we gave out GTA patches. We didn't tell the boys they would get them either. It seems to be the same ones that volunteer. (Usually leader kids plus a few others) We thought it might motivate others to volunteer too. I agree that they shouldn't have to be rewarded to do a good turn, but at the Cub level it's more the parents than the kids. We will only give out one patch, but annouce the kids that earned it again.
  22. Our Bear Den just completed our visit to a police station and we donated stuffed animals to them for kids involved in emergencies. So they just got their Good Turn in 09. Our CO had the barrel of cans and asked if we would pull the tabs. I know the tabs go to the Ronald McDonald House, but I'm not sure what they are doing with the cans. We personally split our tabs between the Ronald McDonald house and Riley's hospital. I've heard the tabs are the only part that is pure aluminum and thought they get more money for them. Well they at least got 4 beads in the jar and a big thank you.
  23. I didn't miss your point. I don't normally try to make something fit an existing requirement or elective. I misspoke to the scouts that it would probably count as an elective. They don't need it as a requirement, but all four have odd numbers of electives. Bears can use extra requirements as electives.
  24. I'm not trying to change the requirements. 6a is a stretch, since they won't be taking the cans to the recycle center. I just thought there would be a fit somewhere. They already received their Good Turn for America. For LNT at the Bear rank you have to do a poster. We have that in the works.
  25. I had 4 boys stay after our den meeting and pull tabs off aluminum cans. The cans will be recycled and the tabs are going to the local Ronald McDonald House. I thought there was a requirement or elective this would count for. Maybe 6a - "Save 5 pounds of glass or aluminum, or 1 month of daily newspapers. Turn them in at a recycling center or use your community's recycling service."? What would you do?
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