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  1. I just found out our Webelos Den will cross over as a patrol. The patrol emblem they picked last year is an existing patrol, so we'll have to pick a new emblem. The Scoutmaster cautioned me about the emblem they pick needs to be some thing they can easily make a patrol yell work with. What are some examples of unique emblems and yells in your neck of the woods?
  2. ManyHats

    Easy Craft

    I need ideas for a cheap and easy craft for a station at field day. They are expecting 1000 cubs to go through. Overall theme is centered around the 100 year anniversary. Thanks
  3. Is there a way to burn it to dvd? We would love to share the Mike Rowe speech with the scouts @ a meeting.
  4. We have one. One person controls who is excepted in the group. It's a great tool for sending an invite to an event and actually seeing who is planning to attend. That's a few less phone calls to make.
  5. I'm a second year Webelos Den Leader. At day camp my den became clicky and left scouts from the same den out. Each day it seemed to change who was "in". I'm looking for team building exercises that would work well for 2nd year Webelos.
  6. I believe the ramp is only part of the plan. Part of the other requirements will be met with the ramp project. Req #2. Demonstrate the proper way to drive, set, and clinch a nail, draw a spike with a claw-hammer, and to join two pieces of wood with screws. Req #3. Show correct use of the cross-cut saw and of the rip-saw.
  7. SM was busy with SM conferences, so advancement chair just asked hubby ASM. I'll tell him it's the SM's call.
  8. Hubby is working on couseling the historic carpentry MB. He didn't want them just building a tool box, so he has a larger project for them. The local fair grounds needs a wheel chair ramp to the arena. They will not only do the wood working, but also paint the ramp. Advancement chair asked if the project could also be used for community service hours. How would you respond?
  9. Does anyone have a pair of the Centennial shorts? I got an email that they are on sale and was considering buying a pair for the hubby. According to the size chart a 40 waist would be size L. Do they run that big - size 40 is normally XL?
  10. I usually get better info here. DEs have been frustrated that volunteers know more than they do.
  11. Our scout shop tends to be out of everything new. Besides the belt loops and pins they also have a hard time getting 100 yr anniversary patches and ribbons. I tend to check weekly and have to keep a running list of what we need.
  12. "Family Travel" is one of the new belt loops.
  13. If you plan to go as a visitor, what would you wear (official uniform or your troop or pack tshirt)?
  14. We modified the image we use on our tshirts and made a banner. We went the 2 X 8 size with gold fringe off the bottom. I can send a pic if you like.
  15. Our Pack and Troop will be planting a tree in honor of the 100th anniversary this weekend. Our Council received a grant from our community foundation. The grant is paying for the tree, shovels, patches and snacks. I just found out representatives from the foundation will be there. What kind of snacks and drinks would you serve?
  16. We don't "require" the worksheet be filled out, but encourage them. It helps make it easier for the den leaders to turn in to the advancement chair as well. Some parents don't have access to the internet, so I brought in my binder with all the belt loops and asked them to list ones their scout is interested in working on. Then I printed the worksheets for those belt loops so they could work on them at home.
  17. Did they just turn in a list or did they print out the worksheets and turn them in? I had a parent turn in long list right before the big awards ceremony. I went through the long list and any that had some thing they could bring in (ie. poster) I asked that they bring to the next den meeting. I explained that it encourages the other scouts in the den to work on belt loops, and helps them speak in front of a group. The parent said she mistakenly wrote down one of the belt loops that had a poster as a requirement.
  18. Our Day Camp theme is pirates. Anyone have any good ideas for Craftsman requirements that fall under the pirate theme?
  19. They were all Cub Scouts and it was reported to the Cubmaster. They did announce on the PA the scout and other voluteers that worked all day.
  20. This past weekend the elementary school put in new playground equipment and mulch. A few kids from the neighborhood saw what was going on and asked if they could help. It just happened they are all scouts. The school staff was very impressed and appreciative of their work. They wanted to make sure they received recognition for their work. How would you recognize them? The ones that worked part of the day could receive their Community Service 100 year anniv ribbon. The scout that worked all day already has his.
  21. We held a primary election, debate and final secret ballot vote for the patrol emblem they would choose.
  22. I would think the new Belt Loops would cause changes in the handbooks. All ranks but Webelos would be minor changes (add picture of new BL). I would think some of the Webelos Activity Badges would have requirement updates. Sportsman: While you are a Webelos Scout, earn Cub Scouting Sports belt loops for 2 individual and 2 team sports (it lists the BLs that qualify)
  23. At our first official Webelos meeting we started working on the Citizen Activity Badge. I tied in a primary election to narrow down the patches they liked. Then the next meeting we started with a debate between CM, WDL and AWDL on the top 3 patrol emblems and had the election with secret ballot.
  24. "During each year of tenure for this award, participate in a Cub Scout leader pow wow or University of Scouting, or attend at least four roundtables." What exactly is a pow wow or University of Scouting? We have a leader that took Baloo training at a merit badge university that "qualifies" for a knot. Maybe the whole program was called University of Scouting. So could you take any training at an event like that to qualify?
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