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  1. We need a flag retirement ceremony appropriate for Cub Scouts. The Pack has been given several flags to retire. Thanks
  2. Paoli, IN - Paoli Peaks has merit badge training and jamboree weekends for skiing http://www.paolipeaks.com/scouts.html
  3. ""Technically the awards come from PRAY not a church." Is that to say then that technically the Eagle award comes from the Scout Shop?" No. PRAY has developed the literature for the religious emblem. Much the same as BSA has set the requirements for the Eagle award. On PRAY's website Do I have to belong to a church to earn a P.R.A.Y. award? No, you do not have to have official membership in a congregation to earn this award; however, the program requires that a pastor review all work and oversee the program. Which denominations use the P.R.A.Y. program? Prote
  4. All the boys in this den would have been working on the Protestant version if they did it with their own church. The majority of the work was done with their family at home and reviewed at separate den meetings. They weren't required to go to the religious emblem meetings. To be honest I think my son got more out of the discussions with his den mates than the one on one the year before. Yes I agree this years set up is better, but that wasn't an option last year. Technically the awards come from PRAY not a church. A pastor did review their work and signed off on them.
  5. We've done it a few different ways. My son worked with a counselor by himself to get the God and Me (UCC - Protestant). The medal and certificate were presented during church service with a reception afterward. Then his Bear den worked together on the same award with a counselor that kept it as generic Protestant. Those medals and certificates were awarded at our Blue & Gold Banquet, since no specific church was tied to it. This year his den is working on the God and Family with our chartered organization's pastor, so they will be awarded on Scout Sun. at that church. www.praypub.org
  6. ManyHats

    ivory soap

    I had some one donate several bars of cheap soap to the cause. (Cleaned out family's closet) I also bought Ivory since there weren't enough for our den. The cheap soap was hard and not very easy to work with. My son asked for another bar because he messed up. He cut his finger because it was like going from wood to butter.
  7. The bus company just called us. To make a long story short - they are double booked. So now we will have 2 smaller buses. At least they still have a bathroom and DVD/screens. Our leaders decided to go with Night at the Museum 1 on the way up and 2 on the way back. Now we will have to have 4 movies or swap on the way back.
  8. We've had one family do this 3 years in a row. They end up paying, but not until they get their tax money. Our assumption is they use the money they collect for Christmas or what ever and then wait to pay when they get their income tax refund. We usually send a registered letter. We also refuse to give popcorn prizes until all the $ has been turned in. Unfortunately for the scout they don't attend anything until they pay, which puts him behind.
  9. It's the little things some times that stick with me the most. We were camping and one of the youngest got upset around lights out. His dad told him he would try to make it and didn't. It was pretty late and they had played hard, so I knew it wouldn't take much for him to fall asleep. I told him once he closed his eyes, it wouldn't be long before we were eating donuts. He came up to me the next morning and said you were right. I had no idea what he was talking about. He said he closed his eyes and it wasn't long until donut time. Those proud parent moments stick out too. I set up an ex
  10. We are going snow tubing at a ski resort. It was a huge hit last year. Unlike skiing you don't have to have any lessons, just hop on a tube and sled down the hill. Thanks for all the suggestions. Sandlot and Goonies were a couple other suggestions I got.
  11. I'm not sure we'll be able to vote before the day we leave. We may bring several and have them vote on the bus. For those that have seen it already, what are your thoughts on UP? It wasn't one of my son's favorites, but it was a good movie. The span from 1st to 5th grade makes it hard.
  12. What movie would you suggest for Tiger - Webelos for a 2 hour bus ride?
  13. We usually have 5 or 6 categories (ex. Scout design, Patriotic, Winter Theme, Most Unusual/Creative, Valentines) and a Pack Favorite. We have a couple impartial judges that judge all the categories but Pack Favorite. They tend to pick the ones that it is obvious the scout did a lot of the work. Then all the scouts do a secret ballot vote on their favorite. This works best if everyone doesn't know who made each cake, so they don't vote based on popularity.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback. Right now I'm not looking to spend a bunch, so $100+ is not an option. I forsee this as an in between tent. We're at the Webelos stage. It will be used for car camping and family camping. Down the road we'll look at a more expensive tent when we know what road the troop will be taking and what we will need. Right now they are car camping, but I see that changing soon.
  15. As John said - asking people to help is key They may have no desire to join the committee, but every little bit helps. I know what parents I can count on for cookies, clean-up etc. Don't try to do every thing your self or you will burn-out at some point.
  16. On paper verses reality are two different things. On paper I'm registered as a Committee Member, but in reality I serve as Webelos Den Leader, Assistant Cubmaster and Treasurer None of our committee members are just committee members. We do keep a checks and balances. Committee Chair, Cubmaster and Treasurer are all separate, so you have at least 3 people discussing budget and finances. Oh I forgot the Chartered Organization Rep is a separate person as well.
  17. Don't worry our son already has his own tent. He sold enough popcorn this year to get one as a prize. He's past the staying with mom and dad, but I'm keeping the option open if we go out as a family. Any comments positive or negative about Coleman?(This message has been edited by ManyHats)
  18. We have a really old tent and have been considering replacing it. I've seen several on sale, but don't want to make a bad purchase. Dick's Sporting Goods have Quest and Field and Stream tents marked down considerably, but not the Colemans. I know I can get a discount through Coleman but then you pay shipping. We need a tent to accomadate 3. Hubby is over 6'. Right now we camp a couple times in the summer and a couple in the fall, but that will soon change as our son moves up to BS.
  19. I'm working with 1st year Webelos. I made binders for each scout. It has tabs for Schedule, Important Info, Badges, Extras. I printed out all the Activity Badge requirement worksheets and put them in the Badges category. I encourage them to work on some badges like Family Member at home. The ones we work on in den meetings we never open the binder, but when we complete it, I stamp the worksheet DONE. It also has a large pencil pouch that is big enough to hold the Webelos book and a pen or pencil. Any info I send home is 3 hole punched and put in the binder before they leave. As long as
  20. ditto Usually we have CC, CM, COR, Treasurer, Secretary, and about 1/2 to 3/4 of leaders in attendance. Also we are charted by a church, so the minister is invited and attends about 1/2 the time.
  21. What do you think of the following? Hope you scout out the true meaning of Christmas and are prepared for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  22. CM approached the assistant last night and asked if she had time for this and explained he has someone in mind to help us out. (additional not replace) Maybe things weren't worded right, I don't know I wasn't there, but the result was her getting upset and pulling her son out of the meeting. Definitely not the result any of us wanted.
  23. I like that approach. Everyone knows she will not attend when it is not her weekend with her son. So if I turn it around as a CYA as the reason I'm asking another parent to be an assistant it will go over better.
  24. Originally we were suppose to be co-leaders this year. She offered to get together to plan out the year. That never happened and not because of me. We did talk at football practice. Maybe she feels like I took over, but I can't handle not having a rough plan. I did tell her I hadn't come up with any fun ideas for the fitness activity badge. She agreed to do it and followed through. I have a real problem with her on the phone and leaving me without 2 deep leadership.
  25. My assistant leader isn't much help lately. She is divorced and doesn't feel the need to help out if it's not her weekend with her son. I also have Pack responsiblities, so our den can get the shaft when I'm really busy. I have a parent that has been stepping up and helping. I'd really like to have her as an assistant. I don't want a confrontation but would like to say step up or step down. What would you do?
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