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  1. Ok, Im glad to see we are not off base. Our pack does have 'accounts' for the boys. The parents know money is there but we do not talk it up alot to the boys. It does help for summer camp. We like the poocorn fundraiser because the stuff sells itself. I am proud to say that my 10 year old son does a great job as a salesman. I have heard him giving recommendations to his customers and he gets repeat business. I guess the most frustrating part of all of this is that quite a few families do not take it seriously at all. You have to do the typical arm twisting to get them to help. Good po
  2. I need some other opinions. Our pack consists of 17 cubs. Like everyone else, a large portion of the money we take in from dues goes to re-charter. We pay for our Blue and Gold with proceeds from a seperate fundraiser which typically brings in just under $300. Of course there is the popcorn sale. This year we set a goal for each boy to raise $250. Out of 17, 3 boys meet this goal easily. A few others sold come pop corn but less than $50. Problem is, the entire pack benefits from just a few scouts and families who meet the goal or who participate in our other fundraiser. We have been k
  3. I have 7 boys in my Webelos den this year. For the past three years we have met as a den three times a month plus the pack meeting. I have been pouring over my resources for several months now trying to put together a fun and productive year. I understand that the den leader or whomever he appoints is supposed to sign off on the boys progress. Some of the requirements are very explicit requiring some type of performance or documentation. So if a boy builds something or makes a chart etc, he can bring it to a meeting for me or my asst to examine then approve his work. My question is how d
  4. Just curious, does anyone know if the BSA Life Guard is open to adult leaders who meet the requirements or is only for youth?
  5. Thanks for all of the replies. To address a few questions, like why am I doing two jobs? I am more the ADL/DL I dont really have alot to do as far as ACM, more of an extra pair of hands at the pack meeting. The CC, in my humble opinion, is the one guy who REALLY holds it all together. He and I see things very much eye to eye. I did get an encouraging email this evening from him. He did talk to a couple, whose son is a W1. They are considering taking over the Webelos den leadership. If all goes well with this, the den may get and additional 2 scouts just becuase of the meeting time cha
  6. Hello all, Im a ACM/ADL/whatever, wherever leader in a moderate sized cub pack. Last year we had a large Tiger den that could never agree on meeting times or days, so they never met. The Wolf den that my wife and I run kicks butt and takes names, the bear den met and worked regurlarly, a good solid Webelos one den that was just as solid, and a Webelos II den that fell apart and graduated only one this year. Now, we have a strong Webelos II den, strong bear den......but wo knows if we will have a wolf or tiger den. To top it off, the leaders for the new Webelos I den are moving and will
  7. Thanks everyone for the info. I wear my knot on uniform...it never entered my mind to wear the medals at all except when I was a boy. Still not sure on whether I should or not, even for Scout Sunday. I have mixed feelings on how much an adult should wear on uniform. not talking away from anyone accomplishements, ESPECIALLY Eagle Scouts!! Thanks again!
  8. Is and adult, who earned a religious award while a boy, allowed to wear the religious award medals he earned to Scout Sunday services or COH?? I have only seen this one time an it took me by surprise. Was not sure if it is allowed or even in good taste to do so as an adult. I was under assumption the square knot was all the was allowed. Any thoughts or answers?? Thanks
  9. I agree, wearing both loops is ''geeky''. I never liked it myself. For some reason, I thought of this friend the other day and that I am doing pretty much what he did. I did not like the look of both loops. I had never seen anyone but him do it, jsut wondered if anyone else has ever seen it. I have both red and blue and I wear them pending th activity. I currently do not have and office badge as I am sorta in limbo as to what I am needed for as of yet. I do prefer the idea of two shirts though. I dont like haveing a cluttered uniform. No reason to get tacky. thanks for the replies
  10. Hello out there! Just curious about something. Has anyone seen or heard of a scouter who is registered in both a Pack and a Troop wear BOTH red and blue shoulder loops. I had a good friend of mine who was both a Cubmaster and and ASM. He wore both shoulder loops. I am registered in both as weel as an ACM and a committee member in the troop. Our pack and troop have different numbers so is a little confusing for people I dont knwow at my OA lodge. Not REALLY that important, jsut curious, have not seen it in a whiole, wonderd if anyone does it anymore.
  11. I went to my first chapter meeting last night and I am VERY gald to report that my new lodge seems to have the rigt idea!! Fall ordeal is in a few weeks and am very much looking fwd to it! No cabins.....tent camping or under the stars! Havbe not given up hope and am very encouraged by what I saw and am hearing! yours in Brotherhood, Marktrail
  12. Thanks for all o the replies. Let me start by saying that as long as I am a member of the BSA I will always abide by the rules and regs of the organization. HOWEVER, that does not mean that I have to like them! That being said, I do not attempt in anyway influence any of the boys to think that this is not a good organization or that I think a ruling is stupid. That kind of talk I keep to myself or amongst my peers. Again, I am not bashing in anyway, the orgainzation or WOMEN. I said earlier that women have done alot for the BSA, my own mother and my wife. Reading some of the posts tonigh
  13. Hello, new member here. As a recent 'returnee' to scouting, I find some things troubling. It appears to me that the BSA is turning away from the Outdoor method to something more appropriate to a classroom. Fortunatly, the troop that my church charters still seems to have not forgottne their roots, as do others in my area. Now I see the OA referred to as the National Honor Society of scouting. I have just paid Dues to my local lodge since moving here and am waitng to first chance to see what has changed there. This may make somepoepl angry, but was shocked, to say the least, when I went t
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