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  1. http://www.scouting.org/identity/contents/12.html TRADEMARK AND SIGNATURE ARTWORK For your convenience, the following trademarks and signatures files are Macintosh- and PC-compatible. Each file is provided in black-and-white and color versions in both Macintosh and PC formats. This variety of versions and formats will enable you to import the graphics into electronic documents or provide them to vendors producing your support materials. = = = = = The above seems to give permission with the stipulations that the logos etc be used in accordance with the policies that EagleinKY post
  2. What a tragic loss. The only thing that can possibly make it more tragic is this disgraceful protest. Oak Tree said it well: "wildly insensitive and inappropriate".
  3. On BSA's site www.scouting.org there is a box to the right with "other BSA sites"; among them is the Scout Zone site by BSA at http://www.thescoutzone.org/ . We (at the troop level and throughout the district) have been promoting the Scout Zone for about a year now, and I think I saw it in Scouting as well as on BSA's site. The nice thing about Scout Zone is that it has games, info on finding a troop, and a bit more. The Nascar theme, by the way, was not for Boy Scouts but rather for Cub Scouts--the Race to Cub Scouting theme was kicked off last year with Nascar being a big part of it.
  4. Our sons enjoy Scouts, and they stay on, though each for very different reasons. One has a goal of Eagle because he respects those Scouts he knows who've made Eagle, and he is very interested in taking on leadership and has had and continues to have opportunities in this. Merit badges are something that he views as work, so he doesn't have many completed. However, he is growing in confidence, has fun with his fellow Scouts, is learning new skills and teaching skills to younger Scouts, and is all in all having a blast along the way. Pushing him would make him quit, for this is the one thing
  5. All positions are for one year at a time and are renewed through the rechartering process. Some people agree to commit for a specific time frame, but they too are renewed in their positions only if the chartering organization approves that renewal. The BSA does not put a limit on the time served in a particular position.
  6. "Also, the acting SPL and ASPL constantly complained about his yelling and demanding way. In a way, I was proud of these two boys because they were looking out for their scouts (a characteristic of a leader). I'm planning to take it up with our SM and our CC." First, yes, I think you do have reason for concern. He had no right to yank any Scout's sleeping bag off him...regardless of what he was wearing. The yelling is flat out wrong. And best of all, the bit I quote above seems to be the key to fixing this: the youth leaders do have a problem with him, and they have expressed the prob
  7. http://www.scouting.org/factsheets/02-503.html If you click on the "view source" for this page, it shows that it was modified June 16, 2006, so this should be the most recent. I arrived at this page by going to the Boy Scout page, then choosing clicking on the words "Boy Scouting" on the first page that came up (both Adult Leader & Boy Scout sections were the same). I've noticed that National has been redoing some of the site (Cub Scouting was completely restructured). I tried going to Scouting Information Center, then Fact Sheets, then "What is Boy Scouting" and got the same page. Th
  8. This thread ended badly, yet it seemed throughout that all but one person agreed on what BSA gives as direction as well as the interpretation of the BSA literature. Thinking that maybe I was misreading something, I hit ignore user for the one person who was not agreeing, and sure enough, there is a lot of good advice that is consistently stated throughout this tread. It's too bad there isn't a way to pull all the advice / how-tos and simply put them into one easily accessible post or form on this site (or is there a way to do that?). I have found this thread to be very thought-provoking, an
  9. A call to your council registrar and to your district advancment chairman would provide you with the timing your Scouts can expect.
  10. This is a handy resource in the G2SS, the age-appropriate guidelines: http://www.scouting.org/pubs/gss/ageguides.pdf It might be that certain units and/or councils add to the safety guidelines, but the information you've been given doesn't match what I've seen in any BSA publications.
  11. Lightning victim's kin accuse Scout leaders of negligence Friday, June 09, 2006 BY WAYNE PARRY Associated Press >shortened to delete content OGE already posted< "... Korn said the Trescas did not learn what happened before their son's death until a Scout employee contacted them two years later, claiming he had a portable weather radio, warned camp officials in the dining hall that a storm was coming and recommended keeping the children indoors longer. That employee, Marc Spera, had returned to the campsite and tended to Tresca after he was injured by the lightning b
  12. I echo Eamonn, for I got the same impression. Sadly, this sounds an awful lot like a situation our son was in at one time. He is no longer involved in that troop, and the new troop is not in our town. In fact, it's not even all that close to home, but it's been a good move. If it's at all possible, it seems a good idea to look into other options. Welcome to the forums, and I hope Scouting begins to look up for your son and for you.
  13. In the troop my sons are in, it is suggested to Star Scouts to try their hand at leading a simple service project. However, that is not the first time it's suggested, nor is it a requirement in order to advance. It has come from frequent communications between the SM and Green Bar. One way that the troop has set up a way to implement leadership, beginning from as soon as a boy feels ready, is to have the Scouts plan all trips with the help of an adult. The adult role is to handle paperwork and financing for the most part; the Scouts plan out all other elements. Does it always work? No, s
  14. http://www.scouting.org/factsheets/02-972.html I've been reading about this for awhile, though I have no first-hand knowledge of the program. The above link may be helpful.
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