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  1. Well well, so now it starts! To all the users of this forum please read. I just got this in a private message from a user and you should all read it. It seems my comments have started a witch hunt. ASM1, Greetings. I follow the threads on Scouter.com with interest and I have been following all of your post with great interest. However, I just got an email from a council member in my home council that was a forward from the Scoutmaster of my old troop that makes the accusation that your posts are mine and about his troop. That angered me greatly and made me think that perhaps you are
  2. http://www.commondreams.org/views/120700-106.htm http://www.geocities.com/redflagsinflorida/cybercrow.htm le Voyageur, You have earned an "A" on your homework. Isn't information wonderful? It is truly a shame so many people blindly bebeive and follow carots dangled in their faces as "truth". The information is there for everyone to see, and it is the truth. Not propaganda. All one needs to do is ask themselves if everything they are told is the truth? It does not take much time or effort to verify what is being said one way or the other. We watch Fox news and see statements like, "
  3. I have a full database driven web site I did for our old troop that I will give you free if you would like it. All you will have to do is change is the graphics and there not many of them. It has an admin section so you can make live updates to the information on the site. It also has a link to a free forums much like this one for your patrol announcements. Let me know how to get it to you and I will send it. ASM1
  4. This is no hook. It is a tool for recruitment for sure. But a Venture Crew has the options to select themes to base their crew opon. Statewide tournaments only run two months of the year that I know of. All the boys, and girls know if they join that this crew will be attending the White Stag high adventure training in Bloomington Indiana every year with the new members. They will indeed follow the rigors of the scouting program and will be involved in high adventure activities. But their theme will be to form teams to compete when not enduring the activities. We will always make the time for t
  5. Why don't you just get on the troop committee so you can say NO! next time this happens? You have avoice ya know... ASM1
  6. Well, we have opened a true can of worms here. First off I never made the implication about any religious shift. I have not seen any either in 35 years of scouting. It has remained steady, which is very cool with me. But in the last troop that we,(our entire family) was thrown out of after 6 years of service we were asked when we joined if we were Democrat or Replican. I refused to answer stating that politics is my personal preferrence and private. We were actually labled communist. Wrong! we are Democrats. But their wild visions lead them to ASSUME and we all know what happens when we assume
  7. sctmom, Well, congrats on your involvement in the scouting program. I think if you would like to see your son get back into scouting you may wish to try to get involved with one of those other two troops you mentioned. Get on the committee of one of them, or better yet, become an Assistant Scoutmaster and start attending the training and go on the campouts. You show your son that your going on the campouts, he will be back into scouting so fast all you will see is a blur! About your situation with the pulic school system. Your story sounds like ours with my youngest son. They absolutely r
  8. I am all for background checks also. They must be a part of scouting in today's world and should not be overlooked. My concerns were that they be performed by law enforcement agancies instead of organizations. After all, that is what the FBI does best. Why go anywhere else? ASM1
  9. Two questions. 1) Are you still involved in scouting? 2)Do you wish him to return to the program if it was his idea to do so? ASM1
  10. LOL! Ok, here is the rest of the question. You all had great responses but now I really need to hear it. As some of you know my company chartered a troop and venture crew late last year. Well, things have been moving slow in recruitment. In fact the only members of the crew are dual memberships from the troop and that only has 6 members in it. My son came to me with an idea of making the crew themed around Migic the Gathering and go to New York to compete in the national tournament held twice a year. I said hmmmmm, I'll have to think about that. My son already has won the Maryland State champi
  11. le Voyageur, please do not consider leaving the program. It still is the very best program offered to our youth. It is up to people like you and I to keep it honest. We can do that. Scouting has taught me wonders of education for youth. I am just very upset with the present doctrine. But doctrines change, and as long as we all keep our youth in sight as the priority, I think we will previal. Keep our perspective, and keep our reality. We can make it work. I refuse to give up. As long as I have influense with my sons, I will always try to convince them that scouting has absolutely nothing to do
  12. le Voyageur, I am fearing the real reason is quite clear. I pray every night I am wrong. After 35 years in scouting with two sons in leadership positions and my youngest approaching his Eagle, I am seeing a very different BSA than I grew up with. My two oldest sons, both military and one with combat experience have told me that BSA is not what it used to be. Both have expressed disires of leaving the program. I beg them not to. My grandson is of age to join Tiger Cubs and I am looking forward to starting the program all over again with him. But his father is asking questions. I cannot blame hi
  13. I too am in favor of background checks to verify WHO our children are being led by. BUT! The organizations mentioned, ChoicePoint, and VolunteerSelect are not law inforcement agencies who should be performing these background checks, but rather corporate right wing selection agencies who screen political candidates for organizations who wish political purity. How do I know this? I am CEO of a corporation who has interviewed both of these organizations for our background checks on employees, and we showed them the door quickly. I fear that there is a movement within BSA to limit Boy Scouts to R
  14. I have a couple questions for all of you. I usually spark some responses with my questions even though I rarely ask them. But here goes. Are there any troops or packs that have children who play Magic the Gathering? Do they play on outings? And what are your feelings on this? I am looking for opinions and I promise I will explain why I am asking this once I get some responses to feel out your opinions. I misspelled "Magic" in the subject, sorry. ASM1(This message has been edited by ASM1)(This message has been edited by ASM1)
  15. Simple fix! Make sure it is totally dry, use course sandpaper and sand it ALL off. The spray with Auto sandable primer. When dry sand smooth with 400 grit wet sand paper using water to sand. Dry totally. Spray with your choice of colors, let dry, sand with 600 steel wool, wipe clean, and spray with clear coat. let dry and your done. Make sure you do not mix laquer with enamal though. stay with one or the other. ASM1
  16. shemgren said it best! I have found in BSA that there are reasons for everything that have been thought out in every posible concern to the success of the program. Summer camp is priority for a new scout, and early bridging to participate in fundraising is the key to success. As a Scoutmaster of a brand new troop, only 3 months old, we do not yet have Den Chiefs out in packs to receive bridgers. You lucky guys, I can't wait until nest year!!! I wish you great success, and tell this parent to also make the bridge and get involved in Boy Scouts. Time marches on and our children grow up. Nothing
  17. Merry Christmas to everyone here.
  18. I have been involved in scouting for 35 years. IF on any forms I have to fill out in the future request a background check, I will take my entire family out of scouting. I have nothing to hide and pass background checks for many jobs my company works on, but I will not undergo a background check for volunteer work. Plain and simple. Seems BSA is catching the right wing trend. Not gonna happen here. ASM1
  19. I tend to agree with OldGreyEagle. Boy leadership, they made the situation they need to figure it out on their own with adult guidance. Yet I am confused by Compass's response. I know my son has been urged countless times to run for SPL and he flatly refuses. It baffles me at election time. Every member of the troop wants my son to run and he refuses. When I ask him why he just says there is too much paperwork to do and it will cut down on his Den Chief time. I guess we get leadership in other ways than running for SPL. ASM1
  20. I want to tell you a story, a story that I know is very true because it is my story and my personal experience with Mormans and scouting. Sorry, but this will be a little long so the total thought can be expressed. As with about 90% of the scout leaders in the USA no matter what religion, I was a scout as a youth. That is where we get our leaders. When I was scout as a youth and became of age to catch the "fumes", (perfume & car fumes)I started dating a young girl who was Morman. That would be 7th and 8th grade. Well, anyway we met when I was in 7th grade and we dated until our Junior year
  21. Well, here is a touchy subject. But I will put in my 2 cents worth. As you all know, Scouting leave an aweful lot to interpretation to the rules and by-laws. It only takes one cage rattler to expose an Atheist to BSA and they are history. ie.. The case in recent news about the Eagle Scout. I say this is bogus! If you alway keep an open mind, and remember that the United States of America was founded on the beleif of freedom of religion, one has to see this is a flawed policy. I am not an Atheist so don't anyone get any ideas. I am a devoted Methodist. But if you have ever studied Atheism you w
  22. EXCELLENT! Sounds like a good troop except for one thing. An ASM does not conduct uniform inspections, the SPL does. ASM1
  23. Just for the record. Baltimore Area Council has at least 5 women paid professionals on staff. And they are NOT cashiers!!!!! They hold Exectutive positions and I am very proud of all of them. I would also bet that there are more of them employed than I know about. Probably why our program is so successful and some others are not! (past posts noted that I was lambasted for) But facts are facts, and bullsh*t walks as propaganda. ASM1
  24. Bob White quote: "My question is how will a survey of opinions lead to an improvement of scouting?" I'm speachless... ASM1
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