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  1. You people have too much time on your hands. And sctmom, why did you buy your son a PINK Easy Bake Oven? please don't tell the rest of his troop. We have American Heritage, how about Ammerican Culture, or American politics? It seems the youth of today has not clue who our fore fathers were, and the political system they put in place for all of us today. American Heritage only touches on these and stays the course of American History. Our politcal system today is complex and our scouts our future leaders. They need the foundation to know thier jobs when they mature. Just a though
  2. Whoa! I'm Studdering... Three posts?
  3. SHHHHHHHHHH! It's Secret! But, if what you say is true. It is time to go right to Roundtable and confront your district commissioner in person, and in front of the rest of the district. ASM1
  4. SHHHHHHHHHH! It's Secret! But, if what you say is true. It is time to go right to Roundtable and confront your district commissioner in person, and in front of the rest of the district. ASM1
  5. SHHHHHHHHHH! It's Secret! But, if what you say is true. It is time to go right to Roundtable and confront your district commissioner in person, and in front of the rest of the district. ASM1
  6. Well, what could I possibly add? The advice in all of the responses is "Right On" My only comment would be about the very mature observances and leadership skills shown by Troop510S, Wow! Bravo! As ASPL for your troop, I can only say your troop is very lucky to have leadership such as yours. Right on top of the situation, and seeking advice to resolve an obvious problem. Our troop has 8 ASPL's and all of them together would not have noticed a situation like this or sought out advice about it. Maybe our SPL, but I doubt it. We would have noticed it and fixed it. Once again, BRAVO! Exc
  7. As for the original post, (topic leader) This is sometimes the problem with OA and why feelings for OA run so strong. Boy Scouts prohibits secret organizations, yet OA is that and more. So secret it seems that even the members do not know current policy. As for my posts, knowing this, as well the SM and other ASM's at that summer camp, we, (all OA members) took the bull by the horns so to speak and just got it done. If we would have waited and asked, there would have been days of indecision, bad calls, wrong decisions, and only frustration would have remained. According to national O
  8. The scout in question was overlook because his name was not on the ballot. He had been out of the country with his family who was serving in the military. He was overlooked becuae they forgot to add his name to the ballot. The scout in question is by far, one of our most talented leaders. We did the right thing, and national agreed. The Key 3 from the host lodge agreed, and our Key 3 agreed. ASM1
  9. Thanks for the reply. On waiting two years before urging Woodbadge training? All new leaders are urged to attend new leaders essentails and all outdoor training including youth protection. But Woodbadge, even though a leader may take the course and pay for it himself anytime our council offers it, our troop likes to work with a new leader for at least two years before they urge the taking of Woodbadge and the troop pays for it. In fact, our troop pays all cost of all training for leaders, including transportation, with the exception of Woodbadge unless they invite a leader to attend. With
  10. I am betting you have already resolved this issue because of today's late date in July, but we had almost the same situation happen last year. We attended summer camp out of council and lodge. At the OA call out, the SM and a few of the attending ASM's got together and decided to have a scout called out for OA because he was overlooked in our troop elections earlier that year. Here is how it worked, with the apporval of national. At the time though, we just made the decision, and worried about taking care of the legalities when we returned to council.(and this scout also attended his ordeal in
  11. As per the standards of Baltimore Area Council, ASM's are Scoutmasters, they are Assistants. We encourage advanced leader training and Woodbadge to most our ASM's after two years of service. Our troop has 75 boys and 18 ASM's. If we had to wait for just the SM to hold a SMC for every boy, we would not have very many advancements. If the official rules of BSA were to exclude ASM's they would not be encourage into training. The same training the SM recieves. ASM1
  12. First of all and very most important. GET OFF AOL! AOL not only shares information with local authorities, which is good, their membership files are very easy to penetrate and are the first ones accessed by child preditors looking for families with children. Second, try to get off a dail up connection and switch to cable or DSL, then buy a Linksys Router which will place your computers behind a firewall. This firewall is not as secure as ones used by corporations to protect credit card info, but they are a good source for family and personal information protection. Third, prohibit your childre
  13. (This message has been edited by ASM1)
  14. Greetings, I am an ASM for a Troop 672 in the Baltimore Area Council, and also own a small web development company. We created a web site for our troop that has worked out really well and I wanted to let everyone know about it. This site is complete with a database back-end administration portion that allows instant information updates like rank advancements, troop election results, and activities instantly. It also has a forums sections to keep everyone in the troop up to date of current news and events. We would love to make this site available to any troop that would like to have an updatab
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