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  1. Talk to your COR. The CC needs to have the same training as this ASM has. No, exceptions, Bye Bye CC! ASM1
  2. Greetings folks. we have re-activated our Yahoo Venturing group and would like to invite all Venturing Crews to join. The group is targeted to the Mid-Atlantic region, but you know how Venturing is, there are no bounderies to high adventure. We wish all crews to post their activities and share everyones adventures. In fact, we have a crew member from England who enjoys our program. Share folks, share! Here is the URL. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BAC_Venturing/ Please join the group and share your adventures. ASM1 PS. Crew 150 in Keystone Council, please join and contact me Tim.
  3. PASHAW!!! We run a Novell network and Norton System Works on all of our machines. I suggest it is not Norton, but AOL. (Choke Choke) which is garbage of the highest caliber. Though I am not a fan of DELL either, our one DELL machine has no problems with Scouter.com. Norton is not possibly the problem. ASM1
  4. You are all Deer staring into the headlights. DOH!!!!! You all make me wonder if your Scouters, or politicians. But in any event, it is clear Scouting is far from your agenda. ASM1
  5. The Blog has been burned on our campfire. I hope all of you can forgive me for trying to bring Scouting back to the public forum available to everyone. I should have known better that we need to keep our adventures to ourselves and not to ever let the public in on our "great experience". Please excuse me now while I go and throw up and ask myself why I have spent 37 years in this program. I will tell my 3 sons who have also dedicated their lives to Scouting that they have lost thier mission as well. I thank you all for showing me the light. At least I will have a few years left to notice
  6. You can repond if you join the team..... Or did you miss that question in the original post? ASM1
  7. Eamonn, Your qualifications as a volunteer to judge and replace other volunteers is what????????????????????? You think too much of yourself. ASM1
  8. "Training at every level will help improve the program." You said it all right there. ASM1 We all agree, we just do not know the avenue...
  9. C'mon, lets forget the local forum, lets put together a national team that is viewed by the general public and not just by our little Scouting ring. you know that is what it is, a little local Scouting ring. Let's make it public. We need the public to survive, we need their youth to make it work. ASM1
  10. "My point, since it was missed, is that I just love working with the unit and am thrilled that we earned this ribbon as it took hard work to accomplish and feels just plain good." Then hang it on the unit flag where it belongs and be proud of your accomplishments. ASM1
  11. It was never my intention to suggest you are untrained because you have not attended Wood Badge. But if you think you are trained without attending Wood Badge you are very mistaken indeed. And may I ask what your hostility is towards Wood Badge training? Why are you so hostile because you have not yet sought out the Wood Badge? Do your self a service to you and your unit and get the training available to all Scouters. Why do leaders resist training? I guess here is the reason for my Blog posting? ASM1
  12. "After reading the link, I have one thing to say: It does not take Wood Badge to obtain leaders committed to keeping Scouting a youth program." Yes it does plain and simple! No Options! No Substitutes! Make the committment, and take the course! Then, and only then will you understand what the program is all about. ASM1
  13. Laurie, if you are untrained, you are one of the few. Many, and often too many think they have the best motives in mind, but lack the whole program training to make it work. You seemed offended that I slate untrained leaders, I do. Sorry to say they are often running our programs at the root level, and at the recruitment level. Hence the problem. ASM1
  14. Unit ribbons go on the unit flag. Not to leaders. It was the effort of the unit that gained that ribbon, not the leaders. My point exactly in my other post. ASM1
  15. Manditory training needs to come from the Charter organization. It has to insist and pay for that training for the leaders of their units. It needs to be a requirement of National for any Charter Organization to gain its Charter. There is just too much garbage being handed out to new Scouts by untrained leaders. It is ruining the program as a whole. Your comments are well founded. but I suggest, if you have not already attended, to take your Councils next Wood Badge course. ASM1
  16. Phil, thanks so much for posting. I can say that our Venturing Crew has been "Blessed" with a member from your great country. Her father lives here in the US and she made the pond crossing last year to join our Venturing Crew. It made the headlines here in local newspapers and she has been an invaluable asset to our Crew. She has exploded our diversity, and expanded our vision of World Scouting. Keep up the Great Work! ASM1 PS. We are planning a trip to Scout Base UK and Gilwell Park in the near future.
  17. All responses are correct. But Bob White hit it true. Go to the COR! Your right, it should never be tolerated!!! ASM1
  18. I have started a Blog about the problems in todays Scouting and how to fix them, or to suggest things to address. First let me say I have no clue what a Blog is, but it seems to be the rage nowadays. Anyway, I would like Team Members from this forum to include for this Blog. I don't want the idle rantings that go on in this forum, but I wish to narrow it down to the specifics. The address of this Blog will in effect identify me to those who know me. But guess what? I could care less because they are the ones who have inspired this Blog. They will think, "WAR", I think it is time to a
  19. Nope! Won't do it. Freedom of Speech is priority #1. ASM1
  20. Well, I don't post here much anymore but this hits to the quick with me. And is the reason for all of our family's problems in Scouting. Bob White is correct and so is NeilLup. Scouting is rooted in its volunteers, plain and simple. I used to be in a "WarChest" troop like Neil mentioned. They had plenty of brag, plenty of equipment, 22 ASM's 60 boys. They did support FOS and I always wrote my check for $100 every year. As one of those ASM's I thought it my duty since I have been in Scouting for more than 35 years. But then my wife and I wanted to do more. We got involved in the District a
  21. Someone needs to alert the moderator of this board and contact the FBI about this WHEELER fella. He sounds like the next Ted Bundy to me. How the hell did he ever get into Scouting? You really hate women don't you WHEELER? ASM1 PS. I think my wife would be the one woman who would love to wax your rails! But it would take a real man to stand up to her. You do not qualify.
  22. Well, OGE, and WHEELER have made my point very clear. Women MUST be involved in BSA as leaders. This is exactly why I said I would tear the uniforms from my sons back if women were to be removed. My boys will never grow up with this demented, out dated, garbage, opinion of women. Your time gorws short, I can tell, you are old. You will leave the program soon and it will be a better place. Your ideas are outdated. **** and complain, but you cannot turn back the clock that is ticking on your ideas. Adios! ASM1
  23. This thread is discusting at best! Women in Scouting? I have been in Scouting for more than 36 years startng as a Cub Scout. Now I am a SM with 4 children, 2 of my eldest boys are leaders in other troops around the country. My youngest son is working on his Eagle. My wife and I have given our all to Scouting and we are both Woodbadgers Proud and true! I remember my childhood experiences in Scouting and they were not all pleasent. The method was there, but the practice was &*^( up at best. I took what was positive, which was great and forgot the rest and went forward. If it were t
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