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  1. Ok, guys, I got another one for you, this one a two part installment. I know all you guys will love it. Well, not all. The guys in my region will not read it because some of them can't read and the rest are waiting for FOX News to tell them how think. LOL! Oh, yeah, didn't Pearl just resign? How many does that make now? There was some Ambassadors also wasn't there. Well, you will love this. Next post. ASM1
  2. Very Good! And I noticed that BSA took the usual high standard of excellence by not taking a political position that so many of the volunteers seems to be poisoned by. Bravo BSA, we all support our troops and with your leadership we can make it count for something. ASM1
  3. Excellent! But I have a question. If your son crossed over, why didn't you cross and become an Assistant Scoutmaster in his new troop, or a committee member? Just a question. I support your decision totally because adult leaders in any aspect of Scouting should be applauded! ASM1
  4. Someone needs to find LauraT7 and marry her! What a find, a true Scouting woman. I am extremely fortunate to have a wife that is almost more dedicated to Scouting than I am. When ever I feel threatened I wave my Wood Badge Beads at her. That will not last long, she just finished her ticket. I am a lucky guy! ASM1
  5. What a great movie, I remember it and will order it as well. But I am very suprised by the opinions of people here as to why Disney will not re-release this movie. Don't people pay attention? My point in other threads, but IF you remember three years ago, I know, a big request. Disney approved full equal benefits including health insurance and co-profit sharing status to gays who work for Disney, Inc. I,m not against the move by Disney, but, how does anyone think that a corporate team like this one at Disney who supports equal rights for gays would ever re-release a film that supports the
  6. What a GREAT post. I got to tell you my trunk is still full from my last campout last October. It was all Spic & Span when we broke camp,(so I thought) so I was sure all was cool. Well, last week my son went digging through the trunk of the car for a bow saw and found it. He came in the house and asked me if I knew the cooler was still in the trunk. I told him sure, I cleaned it out the morning we left camp, it is ok. Well, he informed me that he looked inside of it and it is a thriving life form that is unidentifiable. I told him we will have to clean it and soak it in bleach. He sai
  7. pfann, go to this site and read it. I like the policy statement and the people listed at the bottem who signed it. Especially the people who signed it. Please remember though, this is their web site. They put it up. They proscribed the policies. And it is they who has been the subject of my entire arguement. I would have passed this on sooner, but I just found it last might. Please read on about the "New World Order" Their words, not mine. http://www.newamericancentury.org/ I can't wait for the people to say that it is all lies. HOW? It's thier web site. I love when the subjects of m
  8. pfann, that was funny and it made me laugh. But in all honesty, I could not wear that emblem anyway because I am not Jewish. But beleive it or not, I have a Jewish member on my committee and she is wonderfull in her support to our troop. I think she may be that way because she sees that the important thing in all of this is the moral teaching of her son and our boys no matter what religion. Ya know, the American way. ASM1 PS. I am wondering if our troop would be considered a youth terrorist training camp if we had a Muslim member? Makes you want to ask questions huh? ASM1
  9. You know, I have been called a lot of things, but there has to come a time when I say enough is enough. kwc57 has crossed the line as far as Scouting spirit is concerned. How dare you question my patriotic loyalty because I seek facts from any and all sources I can find them. It seems to me that by your ignorance and absolute refusal to check the fact against what your being told means it is YOU that is guilty of non-compliance to the American Constitution. I get a ton of information everyday and I comment on NONE until I can cross reference to find facts. When is the last time you cross
  10. Is that what you think? You really think will not go to war if Iraq dissarms? LOL! When you stop using Zionist propaganda to support your views. How's that?
  11. All good responses about France and Germany and Russia. But I am seeing something different here in the US. Doesn't it sound just a little bit funny to anyone how "panzy" the US war machine is acting? I mean the idea that we mass 250.000 troops and armour on the boarders, treaten all out war, then demand outright that the opponent disarm first. Sounds crazy to me. I wonder how Hitler would have responded in 1941 if we demanded he disarm BEFORE we go to war with him. I think the entire world would have laughed the United States right out of legitimate existance. Doesn't anyone find this so
  12. A Trial Balloon? - "Five to Ten Times Worse Than the Patriot Act" Secret Bush Legislation Sent to Cheney, Hastert, Deepens Assault on Constitution Patriot II by Michael C. Ruppert Copyright, 2003, From The Wilderness Publications, www.fromthewilderness.com. All rights reserved. May be copied, distributed or posted on the Internet for non-profit purposes only. Feb. 25 2003, 1800 PST (FTW) -- With more than twenty U.S. cities having passed resolutions openly opposing the multiple civil liberties violations in the 2001 Patriot Act, and as the state of New Mexico debates
  13. kwc57, your last post is false, you know it is false, and I am offended by your attempt to deminish the truth. ASM1
  14. NO! Sorry, the Scoutmaster WAY overstepped his bounds. ASM1
  15. >how come all of those Muslims who whine about the Palestinian's >plight don't come to their rescue? They won't accept their refugees >into their countries. They won't lend military support. They do with $345 Billion dollars in support to Hamas and the Infitada. The countries who contribute are, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, and Syria. >Do you not think all of the Islamic nations couldn't put together >their own coalition in support of Palestine and wipe Israel off the >face of the Earth in a few days? Israel is a Nu
  16. Laura, I almost forgot, next time your at roundtable get with your training coordinator and sign up for Wood Badge training. You will love it, and you will be elite trained to be a leader. I think your a natural. ASM1 I once was a Fox....
  17. Fill out the adult application and consider yourself an Assistant Scoutmaster. Your deserve it! ASM1
  18. SMT376Richmond KY, Your question is a valid one that I wish I had asked before we made the journey. My question is, do you have a Charter Organization yet for this troop? On the assumption that you do, make no mistake, it is a tough road to hoe. Recruitment in an established troop is a task. But recruitment in a troop that is either brand new, or not started yet is like pulling teeth from a hungry panther. It is tough. Your key will be marketing, without it, you have not a chance. But, with the proper marketing, you have more than a good chance of making it. Everyone who posted a response here
  19. Very easy fix to this war, to terrorism, and to ALL trouble in the Middle East. And I dare anyone to challenge this solution. It is the sole root to it all and 9/11. Solution: Relocate our current deployment to Israel, sieze control of the Israeli government, arrest Ariel Sharon and bring him to Geneva to face the charges of war crimes (which he has been indicted for) and create a free state for the Palistinians. Maintain our military presence in Israel to keep the Israeli's out of the Golan Hieghts and West Bank. End of problem. Terrorism will end everywhere. Let someone here tell
  20. It doesn't matter. Good bye folks, I wish you all the best. Free speach has no meaning anymore. _____________________________________________________________________ More than 10 million people demonstrated between Feb. 14 and Feb. 16 in 603 cities worldwide against the WAR on IRAQ. The largest numbers of demonstrators were in the following cities: Rome: 2.5 million Madrid: 2 million London: 1.5 million Barcelona: 1 million Paris: 800,000 New York City: 500,000 Berlin: 500,000 Seville: 250,000 Melbourne: 200,000 Athens: 200,000
  21. All of our prayers are with Scot as well. but you should not think you are about to lose him. Keep the faith. We just learned that our newest venture scout, a 14 year old young lady has an inoperatable brain tumor and was rushed to the hospital ladt night. We are praying for both Scot and Ashlie. Your spirit of sharing and asking for prayers is the truest meaning of Scouting. God blass you and God save our friends Scot and Ashlie. ASM1
  22. I'm sorry. After re-reading it, I just could not post it. My family's safety comes first. But I have made a lot of ememies here, and in my home district and I exit just the same. There is one who I will deal with on a professional scouting level before I leave the program. God Bless all of you. ASM1
  23. I beleive my next post will be my exit from Scouting. Not because I fear the program is faulty, but because I fear I will be ridiculed and run out of scouting for beleiving that my President is not my Fuher. I love Scouting and think it the best youth program on the face of the Earth. But the "volunteers" have taken over. So long folks, I wish all of you TRUE scouters the very best. ASM1
  24. Probably why they hate us so much! How many of you Americans like to be controlled? http://www.whitestruggle.net/bushallegiance.html The lack of knowledge allows it to happen. PAY ATTENTION! ASM1
  25. And that is exactly what I expected your response to be. ASM1
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