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  1. I recieve a private post today that I would like to publicly respond to. Perhaps after this respons we can drop the accusations from all around & return to the original question that I posted. The person who wrote me (did not sign the email) stated that opinions had been made of me because people don't know me at this site. This may be true, or from what I'm seeing on this site & private emails I have been receiving, there are some who just like playing devil's advocate to just about anything. In any case, I submit to you a brief history of my relationship with Scouting and chi
  2. I am astounded at some of you. The comments I have made OUTSIDE of my initial question, was in response to what some of you have been writing. If I was that concerned with discrimination in Scouting, do you really think I would have gotten as far as my Phd in Commissioner's college. And for the record, I have been in Scouting for nearly 9 years. Not as long as many of you, but I'm not spring chicken either. I have worked my way through the many different positions in the voluntary end of Scouting. I am currently a Scoutmaster and a Roundtable commissioner. I also serve on dist. event co
  3. FORGET IT!!!!! NEVER MIND!!!!!!! All I was attempting to do was to get a couple of opinions to do a NON BIASED report. But without knowing ANYTHING about me, some of you have made some HUGE assumptions. There is no axe to grind. And the only agenda I have is to finish this 20 page thesis. Some, not all, have posted privately. I am ashamed at this moment to think that I am part of this crowd who call themselves Scouters. Some of the attitudes I have witnessed since my posting has been embarrassing to say the least. I will do more research on the subject and write my thesi
  4. Bob White, 1. My thesis is not going to contain 20 pages of people's opinions. 2. You're correct, on paper, BSA does treat women equally. However in the real world BSA does NOT. 3. They may be able to hold the same positions as men in Scouting, but I have yet to see a woman in a paid position, unless she's working the cash register. Granted, I have only Western Colorado and Eastern Utah to look at. 4. It may be the commissioner's job to ensure a quality program for every elegable youth, but I am not required to write a thesis regarding a quality program for elegable y
  5. Please let me say; this paper is not intended to change BSA policy in allowing girls to join BSA. For this portion of my paper, I am simply needing your opinion, that's it. Also, Bob White, women are NOT treated by the BSA exactly the same way men are. As a woman, I can tell you I have had many instances of discrimination because of my gender. Training opportunities are there for us all, but that is where the line is drawn. I am a Scoutmaster and a Roundtable commissioner. I have been in Scouting for nearly 9 years and have seen many women in my council quit because of the "good ol b
  6. Bob White. It was a small request to leave an opinion about the pros or cons of women and girls in the boy scouting program. It was never intend to strike up an arguement. The reasons for my writting this paper are my own. If you don't want to participate in my questions that's fine. This not a requirement. For everybody else, thank you for your input. I have gone back and viewed the suggested reading, but I'm looking for more specifics. I'm looking for the whys in your decission. This paper will only be a success if you share your honest opinion on the subject. Thank y
  7. Greetings from Colorful Colorado! I am begining my 20 page thesis for my Phd in Commissioners College. The title of my thesis is as follows... The Pros and Cons of Women and Girls in the Boy Scouts of America. I am looking for EVERYBODY'S opinion on this one. Pro or Con, I need as much data as I can for this paper. Don't let the fact that my name happens to be Annalisa, fool you, I see both sides of the argument. I'm looking for your honest opinion. All names will be with held from the thesis. Thanks for all of your help and input!
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