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  1. Great question, and a great idea. Except for one thing. Adults do not get along well when playing. A Camporee for adult leaders would require them to be equal and on an even playing field. 98% of us adults would be happy to have this playing field, it is the 2% that is spread throughout the nation that will not respond to this because they are way too busy trying to get someone out of their troop, district, or council. These leaders will not allow this to happen. They would have to play fair. Yeah Right! ASM1
  2. Voice without knowledge. Truely sad... Facts presented on 12 networks, and you still follow to slaughter as a good sheep should. ASM1 And I AM CRAZY.... LOL!
  3. How true. It is clear to those who can see, but hidden from those that are blind. ASM1
  4. Hmmm, turn you TV on. Geeeeesh! Talk about not paying attention. ASM1
  5. Oh My! Now US Veterans who are Muslim cannot play paint ball without being arrested for being terrorist! REGIME CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME!!! ASM1
  6. Welcome to the real world. They all think Bush walks on water. Like calves to slaughter, they follow... ASM1
  7. The person fills out a Leadership application and it is submitted to Council for National review. If it comes back clean, done deal. End of story. Bob White is screaming "no way" right now, but those are the rules. As a CO, I can only remove volunteeer members or leaders IF they show an desirable behaviour, or commit criminal activities. My question has to be. Why on Earth would any Troop turn away willing leaders? Adult leaders are SOOOOOO hard to find in the first place. ASM1
  8. SagerScout, are you an ASM? If you are get another ASM to agree with you that these boys have met the requirements and go the the Lodge Advisor at summer camp. It only takes two registered leaders to approve boys on the fly. Trust me, I had a real problem with my son. He was elected twice, but taken off the call out list by our Scoutmaster. I went around him. Remember this... If it is due in BSA, it will happen. ASM1
  9. How on Earth would you get permission to dig up the grave, and who would you get that permission from? Family? ASM1 But I am in too, if you know the logistics. I have freinds in England that could do the leg work.
  10. Thanks Bob, I knew that was true. We are having trouble right now with our council registrar over this. I have a scout who turned 18 a couple months ago and wishes to remain as a leader. I registered him as an ASM and sent in his application. The council registrar is refusing to process the application because she says he has to be 21 years of age. But this registrar has an axe to grind with me anyway and usually is very slow processing our regular scout applications as well. Any ideas? ASM1
  11. This is crazy! A VFW, or American Legion who CO a unit own the unit. They don't lease it, they own it. On the same note, the unit or members of the units may or may not be members of the CO. But, if the CO operates a legal fund raiser by their legal standards, it does not involve the BSA in any way. Even their units. They are not allowed to participate in the fundaiser by their legal restrictions. They can do what ever they want within the law and give the money to whoever they wish. And, just try to get a DE from anywhere to say you can't take the money. Yeah Right!!! He/She will be aski
  12. I think you all better re-read the posts here from Bob White because he is right on the money so to speak. As a charter organization who is affiliated with other charter organizations within many of our local chambers of commerce I can tell you that the fund rainsing activities of a charter organization conducted within the laws of the local authorities is not of any legal or suspect concerns of the BSA units they sponsor. plain and simple. And it is a fact! Some of the strongest units in our country are sponsored by the American legions and VFW's, who consistantly operate Bingo's and Raf
  13. Politics in Scouting? Your kidding? Our family has the Purple Heart of Scouting Politics. It is not for the faint of heart! Be strong young Jedi, it only gets worse. If you wish to fix it, or make it worse, get involved in District or Council. It works both ways. Find out who is who, but keep your eyes wide open because there will be a knife waiting for your back. Chances are, who you think is on the up and up, are really on the down and down. And also be aware that no matter how motivated the scout is, if his parent do not participate and tow the line so to speak, you will have problems
  14. Well, that's a great idea also. Do you know how we can do that? Should we contact our recruiter or local bases? ASM1
  15. Count your blessings. I mean, really, count your blessings. So many youth have a great time in Scouting but they do not get excited in the program. I have seen it over and over. Your son has got it, don't let him lose it. Your concerns will soon change to, will he make Eagle before he catches the "fumes" That's the goal nowadays. Let's get them to Eagle before the "fumes" set in. Once you bridge over you will very soon know what the "fumes" are and that will be your next concern. But I don't think from what you say, that will be a problem. Congrats! ASM1
  16. Question for Bob White. Our boys asked this just last week, how can we support our troops over seas. I promised them I would find out because it is so very important at this time. I don't support the war or this President, but that has nothing to do with our brave young people who protect and fight for our country. My question is, would it be acceptable to go to our local recruiter and ask them how our units can offer support to our troops? I know security is priority, but wouldn't the military itself be able to offer ways for Scouts to show they care and support our country? I know my ol
  17. When your right. your right. I am sorry. I was indeed wrong for cutting and pasting that article. From now on, I will just include a link. And hops_scout, I commend your intellegence and interest in the topic. My 14 year old just thinks about Magic cards. I doub't he even knows where Iraq is. Keep up the good work. Again, I am sorry guys. ASM1
  18. hops_scout, I guess you were one of the ones who chose not to read the articles. The links in this article are plain to a blind man. The original link of the souce is www.copvcia.com. But if you took the time to read it before you spoke on it uninformed, you would have known that. ASM1
  19. One added note. Please don't blame me, I voted with the majority. And I cartainly did not appoint this moron to be President.
  20. THE PERFECT STORM - Part II "Shock and Awe" Is "Mocked and Flawed" -- War Plan Stumbles as Bush Tells CNN, "Its Gonna Take a While to Achieve Our Objective... This Is Just the Beginning of a Tough Fight." -- U.S. Soldiers Captured, Iraqi Resistance Significant and Toughening U.S. Press/Political Hostility to Bush Administration Intensifies Major Papers Discussing Criminal Behavior, Impeachment as Focus Intensifies on Forged Niger Uranium Docs Cheney, Powell and Rumsfeld Implicated Oil Bonanza Fading as Economic Indicators Weaken in an Unstable Environment Iraqi Oil Deliveries Int
  21. The Real Stakes Behind the War - With the UN Neutralized There Are No More Rules - The U.S. Economy on the Brink - Global Oil Shortages and Massive Price Hikes Imminent - Paralysis Looming in U.S. Government - The WTO and Rockefellers Turning on Bush - A World War that Will Pit the U.S. Against Europe and Russia in a Struggle for Survival with the Winners Facing China THE PERFECT STORM - Part I by Michael C. Ruppert Copyright 2003, From The Wilderness Publications, www.copvcia.com. All Rights Reserved. May be rep
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