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  1. Well, lets put it this way. The tape, "Truth and lies about 911" is a shocker of facts. The tape does make the case that Bush knew about and attacks of 911 and prevented the CIA and FBI from acting on information they had. George Tennant (director of the CIA) is documented as going ballistic two days before 911 because he had information of an imminent attack in New York by passenger airliners. Now this should be known about me, (ASM1). The point of this post was NOT to accuse Bush of knowing about the 911 attacks. He probably did, who knows? Some say FDR knew about Pearl Harbor before 12
  2. Sure, most news agencies around the world. But I bought the video tape and the proven, documented evidence in it is compelling. It may be worth buying if your mind is open to beleive not what your told, but what the fact prove to be. ASM1
  3. "Narrow vision lacks the full scope of truth" Oh My! How true. Here is the latest from the "world opinion." Oh yeah, sources are proven, and it is true. Sorry, garbage does not fly. Don't you find it funny that the entire world is now acting like Americans? All of a sudden they have caught this fever in every city in the world of, "We the People." How dare they protest to their governments. HOW DARE THEY? Just who do they think they are? Read and learn. ___________________________________________________________________ - Belgian Court Ruling Saying Sharon Can Be Tried as W
  4. Despite the accusation, I do not support or endorse smoking in front of any Scout. It is wrong! Plain and simple. We set up an adult area away from the Scouts for our smoking. Scouts are not allowed in the adult area which is always out of sight of the youth camping area. ASM1
  5. Ed, how is this unclear: "Adult leaders....may not allow the use of tobacco products at any BSA activity involving youth participants." Does it say "prohibited" as in the preceeding para. in the G2SS? No, but "may not allow" is just as clear. You may not allow this whether you like it or not. If your council, district or troop allows it, they are in violation of the G2SS. I'm not an anti-smoking nazi, but the rules are very clear. I maintain that there is only one conceivable interpretation. YIS (scouting, not smoking ) Quixote This is EXACTLY what I m
  6. Um, that quote was from a press release I posted here. I never said any of the words YOU say is a quote from me. Someone is not paying attention. You think US news agencies are open? And I don't need to buy a clue, I have plenty. ASM1
  7. My information comes from several news agencies around the world. Yours comes from within the boundaries of this country from news agencies that are less than open. That makes your observation of my statements irrelavent. Also, you quote of Putin is correct as with your source of where he said it. However, the source you quote was one hour and ten minutes after the press conference held in Moscow for the United Press and Pravda. I also trust our intellegence community as you do. I do not however trust anything that comes from George Bush's mouth. Everything I hear him say on foriegn
  8. cmcmullen, I salute you and everything you do and stand for. I feel you may have gotten the opinion that I am against background checks. I am not. I am all for it! But I am totally against the private firms selected to provide these checks. There were two mentioned here. I have personal experience with both of them. They are nothing but right wing conservative data farms. My argument was that law enforcement should be the ones to provide these checks on a local besis. Easy to do. Maybe you have 4 or 5 troops in you area. Maybe 3 or 4 new adult leaders a year, maybe a few more. Local authoritie
  9. Thanks guys for the kind words. A difference of opinion aired in an open forum is exactly what America stands for. The events of today have turned me from angry to freaked out and frightened for all of our safety. I am not sure how many of you were able to view the news today as it unfolded. That is important because as it broke, shock was felt here. but as expected as the day went forward the news was ever increasingly changed to fit the administrations policies. I will try to summarize the events as they happened. but rest assured, I will find the international releases and copy them here so
  10. Fortunately that is not the way it works. And China will come to bare. Bare down on us the moment we fire a shot at North Korea. You may have forgotten the Korean War, but they haven't. ASM1
  11. KS has it about 90% correct except for one thing. Germany, France, and China not in a partnered investment, but in seperate endevors have all invested right about $200 billion in Iraq. Some in oil, but most in technology development and business infastructure. Iraq being an petroleum based economy means their monetary exchange is higher than Russia, France or China. This in Russia's case will be a return on investment in the years to come to $6.4 Trillion Rubles. And $1.6 Trillion Renminbi's in China. In anyones market, that's a lot of cash to risk on a war that is driven by someone elses gree
  12. I think you need to put words in the proper posts, I never said anything about troops. That was the statement form someone else. See how things get turned arounded? LOL! Ok, I will post the entire dreadfull truth in the morning. ASM1 Be patient, it will be a good read.
  13. BUZZZZ! Wrong answer! That's one. We get a few here and I will explain it all to you. Oh, and by the way, my explaination will NOT be my opinion, but the facts as they are today in this world we all live in. You know, as Paul Harvey used to say, "The rest of the story."
  14. But the blacks came back for her didn't they? And her vote was not against the Boy Scouts, but against Jesse Helms moronic views. Jesse Helms........... Need I say more? Thank God he is retired now. ASM1
  15. Your right BW it is Essentials not fundamentals. I stand corrected. Forgive me, it is Sunday and I am relaxing with a few beers and some friends. But I agree with you that there is no toleration for alchohol or controled substances and that will not ever change, thank the Lord! I have too many stories about drunk Scoutmasters on campouts. (from the old days, I doubt it happens much anymore) ASM1
  16. BW. I am surprised at you. Your supposed to know the rules. I teach New Leaders Fundamentals and according to the newest video for the class, And I Quote "Adults who smoke should do so in a designated smoking zone outside of the camp area and out of site of the scouting unit" That is BSA policy on smoking legal tobaco. Putting your opinions in bold type does not make it BSA policy. Back to my argument about volunteers making BSA policy in another thread. Just for your future reference. ASM1
  17. (Who is Iraq's friend? Nobody as big or as powerful as China.) Oh Really? Does anyone here know why France, Germany, and Russia are balking at this war? I am dieing to hear your responses, but based on what I have read hear I would bet my mortgage payment nobody has a clue. Probably be some, because they are anti-American responses though. ASM1
  18. What do you think the REAL reason is that we do not think North Korea is a real threat to the United States?
  19. ASM1


    pfann, *"I still am looking for an answer to my question. Scalia, in the original post said that the government has been too hostile to organized religion, primarily christianity."* (your statement) How is this? The moment "organized" religion is allowed in public schools is the moment I convert to home taught learning. The statement "organized relligion" should be scary to any God fearing person. Who's religion? Yours? Mine? or theirs? Who will decide what ALL children in public schools will worship? If we make it a Cristian prayer, what about the Jewish children in that school? Or
  20. I think what the problem is with BSA right now is that is has become slanted to a conservative management system. Please don't get me wrong here, it would be exactly the same if it had become slanted liberal in its management, only in reverse. The results would be the same. The way to preserve BSA is to regain the centralized, "diverse" (they preach that so strongly) management approach. That is a tall order and a task almost impossible to accomplish. Once extreme, no matter left or right, finding center is a long road back. But here is a way we can all work together to bring it back. Rem
  21. Bush is a pig of unimainable evil. Daddy Bush sits on the board of directors of the Carlye Group with Daddy Bin Laden. Prescott Bush provided 69% of Germany's iron in 1942 (notice the date) The US government seized his comapny for trading with the enemy. The entire family is evil. If you think the Third Riech is dead, think again. It is alive and well in Washington. People who support blindly with no facts or idea what the heck they are talking about make me sick to my stomach. Yeah we now go to war. For what? So Haliburton and Unical have money? Um, by the way Daddy Bush and Dick Cheney sit o
  22. It really blows my mind how uninformed people of strong opinion are. Unbeleivable indeed! Please read, so far on 8 major news agancies including CNN. My God folks, pay attention! - News of Bogus UK Intelligence Report Sweeping the Planet - Blair Government Facing Imminent Crisis - Revelation May Speed Up Iraqi Invasion Britain's Intelligence Dossier on Iraq was Plagiarized from a Grad Student by Michael C. Ruppert Update: Feb. 7, 2003, 1830 hrs, PST, (FTW): Mainstream media in the U.S. has finally started to report on this story: CN
  23. Isn't information wonderfull? Already we have sparked questions. Keep it up folks, it is our right to know. To the others who wish to limit our knowledge? Screw you, and you all know who you are. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Not this time! ASM1
  24. le Voyageur, you have made the wrong decision to leave Scouting. I have come to find out that it is not the program that is flawed, but the people running the program that are flawed. I couple months ago I posted in this forum a plea to help Chicago Area Council in its failing program and was openly chastized for it. I was stunned and angry to be told to mind my own business. My business is the well being of all Scouting, not just my local program. It is when us as adults give up that the wrong people win. Stick with the program, it is still the best youth oriented program on the face of the E
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