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  1. All simple dribble from non-Venturing adult leaders.... What a shame to shun a great program. ASM514 Also Venture Advisor Crew 514
  2. What an outstanding conversation. All of your opinions are well thought out. Some differ but all true to the spirit. I never made Eagle, maybe because of the reasons posted here. I was in an active troop in Chicago, but I had no parent involvement. My father traveled ALL the time in his job, and my mother was working to help my father put my sister through college. My father died when I was 14. I was alone in scouting but never minded. I had the time of my life, and to this date, I do not remember when I have had more fun. My high rank was Star. At the age of 18, I had to leave scouting. I was very sad. But I think I got the true meaning of scouting. Now I have 3 sons, 2 of them are older and in the military. ALL were scouts. The 2 in the military never made Eagle either, and I never pushed them to. They are both fine men. My youngest son is bent on making Eagle and I am very proud of him, as I am of my other sons. My yougest made Life when he turned 14. He asked me what he had to do next to make Eagle and that he wanted to plan his project right away. Since he entered scouting as a Tiger Cub and has been a burner ever since. I told him to relax and put off the Eagle project for at least a year and enjoy scouting for a while instead of making it a DUTY. Maybe I am wrong, I don't know. but I know he will make Eagle on his own abilities and not from me pushing him to make it for my glory. He is a good boy and to this point, lives his life in the scouting methods. What more could I ask for? ASM514(This message has been edited by ASM514)
  3. OldGreyEagle, we have two units. a Venture crew and a Scout Troop. My son as with many of our Venturing boys are multipled enrolled into both units. Meaning they can keep their Scouting awards, rank and memberships. They can also still work on their Scout ranks and OA advancements. ASM514
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  5. captainron14, I just showed my son your post. He is our Venturing Crew President and he said if you find a black sash with white arrow to please let me know. He will buy the lot for his crew. Thanks for the post. ASM514
  6. Bob White is absolutely right! But with Scouting declining in memberships, press not favorable to our cause. And leaders who are not leading but politicizing, what is the harm? If this fires the spirit, and gets them motivated, who cares? I don't. I am sure BSA doesn't either. Get the youth in the program, keep the program alive, keep the program exciting. Bottom line. If it works, use it. Since our Venture Crew has adopted black SWAT uniforms as their uniform, this black OA sash for our Venture OA members will be appealing. Remember, Venturers can select their own uniform. ASM514
  7. Great Thread! dsteel hit the solution on the head though with his last words: Punishment, BTW, is an out-of-politic term. Try "learning opportunity" or "Education moment." Well said. I would follow this advice.... Best wishes... ASM514
  8. Yes, your right. There is a lack of activity in the Venturing movement. Last week we ran a council wide Venture Quest at Broad Creek Scout Reservation, there were only four Venture members from 2 crews that attended. This new group is a result of that. It seems council with all good intent, can't get the word out. It will have to be up to us, the volunteers to make it happen. But, that is always the way it is I guess. Anyway, the group started yesterday, 6 members so far, three new just today. I think if we all start working together across the US to get Venturing going, it will happen. Thanks for your support. ASM514
  9. We have started a new Yahoo group today and we hope that we can get many councils, and crews from all over the United States to join. We are located in Baltimore and the group will be for Baltimore Area Council, but Venturers travel, if your a Venturer you know that. Our intent is to get the word out about evants and activities everywhere so all Venturing members can know what is happening at any given time and make their plans. the group is located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BAC_Venturing/. Please join and share all of your Venturing adventures. We need to keep it active. This group is, at this point 3 hours old. It needs to grow. Spread the word... ASM514.
  10. Is there anyone here who is, or knows a graphic designer? Here is why, our Troop and Crew are looking to make their own combined units flag. We need a BSA Fleur De Lis with Eagle in stencel that is about 26" from tip top to bottom. Our CO will be happy to pay the price. Why don't we just go to a printer? we may, but if there is someone here who can do it, we would rather pay a Scouter... ASM514
  11. Well, I started this post so I guess I will end it. My company held that raffle for that computer and we raised $10,000 with each ticket being sold at $5.00. Council was very happy with what we donated to them. End of conversation. Looking forward to our next raffle. ASM514
  12. During our training at "The University of Scouting" we learned about this award. And it seems that it is pretty easy to gain given the increase of manditory community service hours now required in many high schools in order to graduate. This is really nice for Venture Crews who have older members. but you are right, it is a nice compliment to the scouting program. If you go to bsa national site you will find the requirements and application. Best wishes, and make it happen for your scouts. ASM514
  13. I just asked this question to our District Executive yesterday about some of our girl Crew members. I have not gotten a reply yet, but I thought a lot about it last night. fboisseau is absolutely right though. I am sure that be the answer to my question as well. But I would strongly advise you to help out as much as you can. If you know a troop, or if their are Den Cheifs from a troop in that pack, you can assist in directing Webelos to that troop. Therefore, you would be performing the duties of a Den Cheif even though there is no Den Cheif position in Venturing for girls. ASM514
  14. Flaming? Maybe, but I am just sick to death of it. Bob White has a motive to prove, no matter how hard he has to do it, just how inferior everyone is to his premier career in Scouting. Nobody can have an opinion other than his or he recites passages from the bible to prove everone wrong. I am sorry, but he is not a leader I would ever respect in our unit, or district. ASM514
  15. THIS IS ALL GARBAGE!! >ASM514, I'm glad you can recite the manual, I find it hard to believe, but I'm happy for you. Then you already know that nowhere does the BSA give the responsibility or authority of adult selection to the youth members in any program. In fact if you recall page 18 'Volunteer Leadership Position Descriptions of Adult Leaders' sub-heading Chartered Organization the second bullet reads (shall we recite it together?) "Recruits adult advisors and committee members". Then on the same page under the sub-heading "Charter Organization Representative" it says "His or her primary job is to recuit the crew committee and help it to recruit an Advisor and associate Advisors." On Page 19, in a continuation of the sub-heading "Crew Committee" in the second paragraph..."The crew committee sees to it that the crew has an Advisor and at least one associate Advisor at all times. If a vacancy occurs a crew committee member becomes the temporary Advisor. The committee takes immediate steps to recruit the right person to fill the vacancy." If there is any reference to the youth selecting adult leadership I missed it in the Handbook and in the training syllabus. Please refresh my memory, where exactly did you get your information. The Venture Leaders Manual you recommend that I read does not exist. Venture is a patrol in a troop. The BSA does publish a Venturing Leaders Handbook but the the Crew Rules you suggest I read does not exist in that handbook. There is a section on Crew Code and Bylaws, but it says nothing of crew members selecting adult leadership. Since you have it memorized, pointing to the reference should be know problem. (by the way I find it much easier to not memorize the Handbooks but to just look it up as I need the information, that way I minimize making unfounded statements.) Last question, how does one get to be a CO (Charter Organization)? I know individuals who are Institutional Heads (IH), Charter Organization representatives (COR), and Committee Chairs (CC). But how is a person a CO? BOB HAS OBVIOUSLY FORGETTEN WHO RUNS A VENTURE CREW. TELL ME BOB, WHO RUNS A VENTURE CREW? THE CREW!!!!! IF THEY SELECT A LEADER THEY WISH TO BE THEIR ADVISOR, THE COMMITTEE PUTS THAT PERSON THROUGH THE PROCESS. NOW WHAT WAS YOUR IDEA? CREW HAS NO SAY WHO THEIR LEADERS ARE.... ADULTS CHOOSE WHO WILL LEAD THEM... ADULT WILL DECIDE THEIR EVENTS..... SOUNDS LIKE BOB WHITE IS A CUB SCOUT LEARDER. ARE YOU FEELING A LITTLE EXPOSED AS THE IDIOT I SAID YOU WERE HERE BOB? GOD HAS FALLEN FROM HIS PEDISTAL. ASM 514
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