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  1. Boy you nailed them right. The Cubmaster went to council today and explained the situation. They recommended that it be resolved on a pack level. We are leaving them be. It is the best situation for the boys and the families. Next year the mom will put the boys in the separate dens - her main issue was avoiding this particular leader. (And just to clarify it is a tiger in a wolf den - the boys are 10 months apart in age.) They will only be together in the same den for a few months now. The issue was primarily not that the boys be together so the issue brought up earlier about will they expect
  2. I in no way went behind anyone's back - I explained that and the parent's reasons. Our CC is married to our UC?Tiger den leader. If they would have joined when our pack organized at the beginning of the year that would be one thing - I agree with you on a general policy basis of what boys belong where. Because this was a specific problem/issue is why it was discussed and adressed separately. The point being this adult's behavior.
  3. Yes, thank you - I appreciate your advice on this. One of the problems I see is that he is liked (tolerated maybe?) at the Council level (he's UC) Here's an example of what I dealt with at the last leader meeting: I had 2 new cubs interested in joining scouts. One should be a tiger, one a wolf. I am wolf den leader. The mother comes to me and says she really wants the boys to join and both in my den. She lists several reasons, one of convenience, the other that if her younger son has to join the tiger den she and her husband will not enroll him because the UC is also the tiger den leader. Sh
  4. Thank you for your responses! It was wonderful to see that there is a support system here. I appreciate the advice!
  5. The leaders are mixed - they've been in the organization for a long time. The majority feel that our pack would grow more without them because they are very unliked and not trusted. I've had parents tell me they won't join because of them. You can tell he's the kind of guy noone ever listened to and now he has a forum to stand up and talk and he never stops. I realize that they are here to stay and there is a place for everyone - I did explore talking with our DE and these are pack politics. Council stays out of it. One big issue - we had 2 new cubs join my den - wolf - one is in first grade a
  6. I am a den leader (1st year) dealing with a major pack leader headache. We have a pack committee chair and a Unit commissioner who are married and creating all kinds of political crap in our pack. Tonight I was criticized because my boys are achieving their rank badges at blue and gold (no other den is). That's what I was taught at leader training - now my boys are being questioned???? I'm just upset looking for the magic advice that has worked for someone else who has come up against a brick wall in the past and was able to deal better with it than I am. This is a couple who is defined as 'ha
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