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  1. First of all, thanks for the advice! Our COR is VERY ACTIVE in the troop. He's Wood Badge Trained, goes on hikes and other activities with the troop. He'll care. I'll have my sit down with the SM tonight. This is the first meeting as the chair. We'll go over some things and talk about the scout in questions and see where it goes. Thanks again.
  2. As of this month, I have been approved by our Chartering Organization as the committee chair. I've been around scouting for awhile, serving as a committee chair in another troop, and most recently, as the unit commissioner. Here is my issue. There is a scout in the troop who is an atheist. The SM is aware of it. The SM let me know that to him, it's not an issue because a scout is supposed to be honest. I disagree, but I digress... This scout is very close to completing his requirements for Eagle. At the Chair, I sign off on the Eagle Application. I am very torn about this decision:
  3. Thanks for all the advice... What we (SM, our charter organization leader (Branch President - LDS Church), and myself have decided to do is to handle this at the SM conferences. If the boys in question decide to continue in the program and show scout spirit, the SM will recommend advancement. Again, thanks for all the advice.
  4. GB, Just so I get this correct, although these boys were lazy and had to push, pulled, and dragged to some things, did not participate in campsite maintenance, and blew off some of their program, that you would go ahead and advance them anyway? I think that these types of behaviors are not in accordance with the Scout Oath and Law? YOS, Capella Rocks
  5. Back from Summer Camp as well - out troop's 1st camp! We have 7 boys in the troop - 1 experienced scout (1st class, completed NYLT), and 6 first year campers. Experienced scout had a blast, earned 3 Merit badges, tapped out for OA, did some service for the staff, wants to be a Counselor in Training next year, etc. 2 of my first year campers (ages 11 - 12), had a blast. Completed the FYC program, and after next week, ready to advance to Tenderfoot (Have to finish part 2 of the physical requirements: push-ups, run, etc.; which they will do next week.) 4 boys (ages 13- 15), were o
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions - I am going to our district roundtable on Thursday night - but I have some ideas now for the boys.
  7. Hello! I am the committee chair for a brand new troop. We have 8 boys, of which 1 is a registered scout and 1 is a Cub Scout moving into Boy Scouts. Some ideas I need help on are: 1. A basic troop equipment list (We are in Wisconsin if that helps - and we have NO equipment). 2. A feel for how much fundraisng to do. The scoutmaster wants to have fundraisng once a week (not a typo). I know that established troops usually fundraise 2X year. I realize we may have to do a little more as a new troop, but boys shouldn't equate scouts with "another fundraising activity." 3. Ma
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