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  1. I am a almost a life scout, in line to become the youngest eagle scout from my troop. I do not like the new uniform. I work with a lot of older youth in the council with NYLT staff and almost none of them like the new uniform. I, personally refuse to wear the new uniform. I love the old uniform and will not wear anything else. I want some other opinions on this. Pretty much my whole council does not like the new uniform much and at summer camp, you see the whole staff wearing the old uniform. That is just my opinion.
  2. wormy

    New Socks

    I also hate the new socks. I do not own a pair and will not buy any, because of the fact that I have heard many bad things about them. I do own a few pairs of the new pants, but after buying a few pairs of old shorts during the Bogo on scoutstuff, I refuse to wear them. I am a youth just about to get their Eagle. I, after hearing all of the bad things about the new uniform and then looking on teh tags of the new uniform (reading "made in china"), I refuse to wear the new uniform. I love the long socks and will not wear anything else. I hear that the new socks are very thin and do not hol
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