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  1. Thanks to all. The forum here at Scouter.com has provided us with a pool of suggestions from experienced people as we had hoped. We have a Committee/Leader tonight and all of your suggestions will be considered. Here's how we got to this point and this is from my viewpoint as an Assistant Scoutmaster: A scout father who did not come to many troop meetings and barely participated in troop events and is the Cub Master in our village, suddenly and without knowledge to our troop, pulled his son (and friends of the same school-age follow) out of our troop, and began his own troop. The parents
  2. Let cool heads prevail! Our intent was never to ruin the B&G. We're thinking of the boys crossing over to our troop. The idea to "deputize" the parents seems most practical since the parents of these prospective new Scouts are completely behind them and us. Again, sparing details, if this matter of a new Troop had been handled in a friendly way, not secretively and vindictively, our Troop would have the opportunity to welcome the new Troop and cooperation would flourish. Be it that our efforts to reach out are squashed and not passed along to the Cub Community, our image is being unfairly
  3. The answer to my question has been answered in many creative ways. What I am most afraid of has been presented by Clemlaw regarding who has to right legally to allow who to attend Scout events. I think that will keep us out of the B&G crossover. We're concerned about how these boys will feel when there is no one there to welcome them to our troop. Perhaps we'll suggest that the parents of those crossing over to our troop leave at the time of the actual crossover and take part in our ceremony??? I'll present these ideas to our Committee. I didn't want to get involved here about the ex
  4. Very pleased to have found Scouter Network. For some reason, and I suspect disinformation from the Cub Master, the District and even the Council seem to be shying away from our situation. So we bring this matter here for other's feedback.
  5. A father from our BSA troop split off and started his own troop in our small town of 3,000 people. He is now the Scout Master of that troop AND the Cub Master of the towns only Cub Pack. He took our base of youngest Scouts with him. He has complete control of the Cub Scout community. He demands that correspondence between our Troop and the Cub Pack only be through him and Cub parents tell us they never get event invitations and information that we extend to the Pack. He continually discourages Cub Scouts and parents from considering joining our Troop. We're cut off from the Cub Scout Program s
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