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  1. Hey folks, has anyone ever heard of this group? http://www.facebook.com/snecyouth It looks like they are affiliated with the 7th Day Adventist, they seem to me a cross of scouting, religion, military? (just by looking at the uniforms in the photos). Any info? Some of their uniforms borrow heavily from Scouting. *Edit* Apparently their group is called Pathfinders.(This message has been edited by Broken) *Edit 2* Huh, apparently it is the youth group of the adventist church. Learn something new every day.(This message has been edited by Broken)
  2. Scouting is FOR THE BOYS. Many of today's adult volunteers needs to remember this and check their ego at the door. I think having the adult recognition knots was a horrible idea.
  3. Heh Calico! I went to Unity as well, I only stayed a year though, way too small for me.
  4. Seriously? You have a problem with someone saying "hey we are a national youth organization, youth obesity is a dangerous problem, maybe we should do something about it?" Really? encouraging kids to get healthy is a bad thing? Wow.
  5. Sure it would be great if the uniform was made in the USA, then everyone here would be complaining about the price. You cant have it both ways.
  6. @CNYSCouter Its not that your DE wasnt meeting HIS goals, it was the district wasnt meeting THEIR goals. While the DE lives or dies by their goals, they are directly impacted by the involvment of the district members. A DE cannot do it all, a DE who is highly successful has recruited a high speed crew of volunteers. I was in a council that went from 16 districts to 8, and you know why? because these districts REPEATEDLY weren't hitting their goals.
  7. Ecstasy started out as medicine, used in therapy. I believe its clinical "name" was MDMA
  8. Ok.... so I've read through this, and everyone complains that Scouting doesn't get the kids outside enough. My question to you is.... What is stopping you from getting the kids outside? Someone mentioned units that just sit in the Church basement, how is that National's fault? National puts the program out there, its up to the volunteers to effectively implement it. If troops are having trouble keeping kids, maybe they should look at how they are implementing that program. You can only blame national for so much folks.
  9. FOS doesnt only go to camps, at least when I do my presentations I make it clear that it goes somewhat to camps, but also to the programs the Scouts get all year long. I am sorry, but if camp isnt filling each week and is operating as a loss to the council then it isnt doing its job. The camp I used to work at would have 700 kids a WEEK for damn near 8 weeks. If the camp isnt bringing kids in the management needs to take a long hard look at why.
  10. Oh I wasnt even referencing FOS with my last post, more your point of the ever widening gap between volunteers and Pro's.
  11. Baden the problem I saw in the districts I served was everyone wanted everything done by someone else. No one had the time to help out. Hell I even had a pack that was angry with me for not stepping in and just running their recruitment/program (this was after three months of me calling and e-mailing various pack leaders and getting no response) A lot of people were first in line to complain about something but would never step up to help solve the problem when asked. It was frustrating beyond all get out.
  12. If they can get kids to attend the camp there will be no need at all to moth ball or sell the camp. If half the people who rally to "save" a camp took three units to do camp presentations for, then your attendance issues would disappear. Why would any council want to keep a property that no one uses?
  13. I Would have no problem with Scouting going full co-ed. I think it would be a benefit to the program.
  14. How many scouts use the camp per year? I guarantee you that if you get a massive amount of scouts to use the property council will not want to sell it. But if no one uses it, its destined to be sold off.
  15. Sctdad... the DE tells you when YOUR units recruitment night will be? When I was a pro, it was up to the packs to schedule them, I would then make sure flyers were printed and approved for the schools, do boy talks (if the school system let us) and then be there the night of to offer any support I could. But I never told a unit when their recruitment was, unless they were really struggling.
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