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  1. Well, regardless of any clues, I would never assume that anyone was gay. Unless I was told told straight out by the person themselves, I would never know for certain and would not assume anything. In the case where I have been told by the person that they are, in fact, gay I would treat them just like any other parent with the exception that I would not attempt to recruit them into a leadership position. Unless someone is dead-set on being a problem, I think you will find that gays are people just like the rest of us and as parents they want to encourage thier kids to succeed and wa
  2. I just went and looked at the new requirements.... YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING! have all the MB been watered down this much? If it is, it is no wonder registration is down. Kids WANT to be challenged. I never had much problem earning Rifle & Shotgun because long firearms came very natually to me, but I remember having to practise my rear off to get my Archery MB. I was very proud when I finally earned it too. Looks to me like any Cub Scout with his BB pin could earn this MB.
  3. We can trade quotes all day in an effort to support our pet theories that the founding fathers would/would not have supported the SCOTUS rulings and that our nation is/was a Christian nation and that the 10 Commandments are the basis for our laws. "The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion" -- George Washington (American commander in chief of the colonial armies in the American Revolution (1775-83) and subsequently 1st US President (1789-97), 1732-1799) *** "The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep fore
  4. I can already imagine the responses I will get to this, but here I go... I think that the posting of the Ten Commandments on govt. buildings and/or property is wrong. I applaud the SCOTUS decision to remove them from the courthouse and am disappointed that they can remain on other govt. property. The reasons for my feelings are many: 1) Those that wish them posted make the argument that they are the basis for our system of laws. I disagree. According to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_law_(legal_system), our system of laws is based on Roman law, which admittedly, came af
  5. Disclaimer: I have not read all the posts on this topic as I am short of time. If I post something that is redundant, please excuse me. I am an Eagle Scout, Gulf War Era veteran, father of 3, Asst Cubmaster, and against the proposed flag buring ammendment. Why? It is pretty much summed up by this anonymous quote, "I prefer someone who burns the flag and wraps himself in the Constitution to someone who burns the Constitution and wraps himself in the flag." or as Neal Boortz put it.. "Any law or Constitutional amendment barring burning of the U.S. Flag is an attack on politic
  6. I loved the Brother Cadfael books. I also Liked the PBS adaptation for Mystery! Sir Derek Jacobi is absolutely fantastic as brother cadfael.
  7. I read a lot of Science Fiction and one of my all-time favorite authors is Robert Heinlein. Almost anything he wrote is worth reading. More recently, I have read a lot of military sci-fi and the two best in the business are David Weber with his Honor Harrington series (space navy) that starts with "On Basilisk Station" and John Ringo with his Alldenata series (powered armor marines) starting with "A Hymn Before Battle". Ringo is a veteran from the 82nd Airborne and it really shows in his writing. These two DID team up on a series that was really good as well. It is about a young man, a pr
  8. We have the same issue in our new pack. Our family are the only ones in full uniform. We even have some leaders that don't own a uniform shirt. I am doing a presentation when school starts back up about wearing the uniform. I am going to approach it from a pride standpoint. How boys should be proud to wear thier uniforms because uniforms tell the story of thier scouting career. How each and every little thing on the uniform has a story associated with it. I will use my own uniform as an example, since it has lots of doodads on it. I will point out my OA flap, knots, position patch, wood b
  9. Unless you are in full uniform, you should remove your hat and place your hand over your heart. Activity shirts are not considered uniform. We had this issue come up one day at Wood Badge. It was so hot on our second weekend that the scoutmaster let us stay in activity shirts all day. At the flag ceremony there was some confusion over what to do. Afterward, it was explained to us.
  10. The Sunday Times - Britain - ******************************************************************************** ****** * June 12, 2005 Scouts granted right to dob-dob for Allah Colin Gray and Camillo Fracassini Recruits can forsake God and the Queen FOR Scouts, it has been as much a part of their movement as jamborees, woggles and the three-fingered salute. Now, after a century, the Scout Association has ditched its traditional pledge of loyalty to God and to the Queen in favour of a series of multicultural options. Muslim Scouts can
  11. Backpacker: how how There is not a whole lot of difference between the two major parties anymore. Both want more of your money for thier pet projects and both don't want you to be informed about what's going on. Just keep sending them back to Washington so that they can playing thier games. As for major media..... It is true that most TV, movie, and newspapers are left leaning. Talk radio seems to be the one niche that liberals have a hard time with. I really have no problem with left or right leaning punditry, but I DO get upset when the so called News is spun in a particular direc
  12. If you think THAT was strange, read Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus Trilogy. You will never look at the world the same way again. Very good read, but very strange. A lot like Douglas Adams.
  13. Disclaimer: I am not a studied philosopher or schooled in logic There might well be no universal truths. Truth, in my thinking, is based on perception. If you ask all witnesses at a particular event what exactly happened, you are likely to get several different and possibly conflicting reports. Each of those stories is the truth as that person perceives it. Arguing with them to the contrary is usually futile as they "know what they saw" and any descrepancies are likely due to an error on your part. As a species, Humans tend not to trust any information that they do not experience fir
  14. Good Luck to all the new moderators. May your duties be light and your enjoyment high.
  15. I use the bungie cords that secure my sleeping bag and tent to secure the pack to a tree and then put a cover over the pack.
  16. Book sounds interesting. Is it just scouting knots or does it expand some? Do you talk about the relative strengths of the knots? One of my favorite knot sites is http://www.layhands.com/Knots/ I learned my new favorite knot at that site: The Alpine Butterfly. Fantastic loop knot. I like it better than the bowline.
  17. OGE, in the short time I have been a member of these forums you have stood out in my mind as a fair and honorable moderator, a knowledgeable scouter, and an all-round great guy. I can only hope that your successors (never replacements) do as good a job.
  18. 1) a scout handbook 2) a map of the camp 3) the distance between two specific points 4) the height of a specific object 5) a 20 yr service star Tried to come up with stuff that utilized scouting skills or should be something useful or rare.
  19. Thanks for the information. I should have remembered BALOO. I am going to take it too. I will pick up a copy of the training committee manual and take a look through it. Are there any other training courses (not only BSA, but Red Cross, AHA, etc.) that people out there feel are "must haves" ?
  20. Is there anywhere I can find a COMPLETE list of training courses available to scouters? I am currently Asst. CM of a pack and I am working with our local Lion's Club to re-start the troop in which I received my Eagle. I would like to have a fairly complete set of trainings to cover most circumstances, but I am finding it hard to find a complete listing. What do other recommend as a good set of core courses? I currently have: Youth Protection, New Leader Essentials, Cubmaster Specific, Outdoor Leadership Skills, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, and Wood Badge. I am seeking dat
  21. I only have two knots currently (AOL and Eagle) and I am working on my beads. I wear absolutely everything I have earned on my uniform. I do it for the boys. When we joined our current pack, my boys and I were the only ones to show up to den meetings in uniform. Not even the leaders were in uniform. I also found out that only half of the leaders were trained. At my very first meeting, I had kids and adults alike turn to me when they had a question about the program, not to the Den leader or the Cubmaster. I use my uniform in a presentation on the importance of wearing the uniform.
  22. Any chance of seeing a picture of said car? I love to look at all the nifty designs that the cubs come up with. One of my boys opted for a rather plain design this year while the other decided he would rather have a boat than a car.
  23. I wear a belt sheath that holds my multi-tool, a mini-mag flashlight and a pen. I wear this every day, almost anywhere I go. If I am going somewhere that it would not be allowed, I leave it in the car. My cell phone goes with me pretty much everywhere. Both cars contain water, blanket, jumper cables, and a decent 1st aid kit that stay in them all the time (water is refreshed every so often). Does this prepare us for everything? No, but it is a lot more than most people will have in an emergency.
  24. That's great! I enjoyed geocaching when I was doing it. Had a conflict with some members of the local geocaching club and I have since pulled in all of my caches. I am thinking of putting out some new ones with the cubs and maybe organizing a geo-dash event for scouts at one of the local camps (like an orienteering competition only using GPS).
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