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  1. OK, simple answer. Pornography has no place in scouting the same as alcohol, illegal drugs and cigarettes. HOWEVER, if the pornography in question is legal where you live and you are of legal age to view it and it does not violate your religious beliefs or morals, it does NOT conflict with the scout oath or law to view it on your own time. Now, there are probably not that many people in scouting who can truthfully claim that it doesn't violate at least one of those points, so the answers you get will tend to be skewed against it.
  2. Eagledad: I am glad I asked instead of going with my first interpretation! You are correct in pointing out that morality springs from religion. Some may argue that morals come from "cultural values", but these are largly derived from the sharing of a common religion. However, morals tend to differ from one culture to another for this same reason. What is moral in some parts of the worl would certainly shock those in others. Morals also change with the times. Could you imagine the scandal a woman would create in the Victorian age if she showed up wearing modern fashions? If morality
  3. Scoutingagain: Thanks for the welcome! btw, it is g a v v i n. Some fonts run the v's together and make them look like a w. Eagledad: "Your writtings reinforce my theory that morality without God is what the guy with the biggest stick says it is." Are you actually saying that people who don't believe and worship your God are immoral? That non-believers only live by a might-makes-right code? OR are you saying that there is no morality without a grounding in SOME kind of religion, be it Judeo-Christian or other?
  4. I realize that I am a bit late responding to the original question, but I'll do it anyway. I would remain in Scouting. I believe that we have the best youth program going and that ALL youths could prosper by it, regardless of religion (or lack thereof), sexual preference, or gender (why girls in Venture but not troops?).
  5. One of my 1st patrols as a scout was the Rat Patrol. We were fans of the TV series. Never could find a decent patrol patch for it though.
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