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  1. Ed, I don't know which Proverbs 4:7 you are looking at... mine says: "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." If your version says, "though it cost you all you have," that could mean many different things. Yes, of course, money, but someitmes the cost of doing something is losing one's friends, family, home, etc. Not always about money... And if the verse is talking about money... then maybe it is just a prediction of how high college tuition would be in 2005. LOL... I am spending all money and more for wisdom and underst
  2. Thank you, once again, for your comments Prairie Scouter! I looked up Proverbs 4:7.... To me, it seems that in the Book of Proverbs Wisdom and Understanding are important, it is stressed quite often. Wisdom and Understanding areimportant if one is to live with humanity. We must all gain knowledge and understanding of ourselves and each other and the world around us. Doing so helps us to understand where others might be coming from, even though we may not agree, and teaches us how to love each other despite our differences. Proverbs 4:7 is simply saying, Get Wisdom and after you
  3. Thank you Prairie_Scouter! The Bible is interpreted by many different people to mean many different things. And yes, I do study the Bible, I just don't pick out verses here and there. I am actually going to Episcopal/Anglican seminary after my undergraduate work to study Church History and Theology. When I read James 5:12, I hear... "Don't take any oaths, just say yes or no, let your yes be yes and your no be no... tell the truth and do not take oaths. Just tell the plain old truth." I believe this so firmly that when I am "sworn" into Student Government possitions I do not take the
  4. Believing that homosexuality is a sin is just that... a belief. We all have different beliefs. But whether homosexuality is or isn't a sin has nothing to do with it.... There are "sinful" parts to Scouting that are widely accepted, such as the Scout Oath... The Bible says in James 5:12... "But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and [your] nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation." Taking an oath is sinful, yet ALL Boy Scouts EVERYWHERE take an oath. ooops... the BSA is purpetuating sin
  5. Hi everyone, I have been gone to a conferene in Illinois since Tuesday, so that is why you haven't seen me in here. I won't take long to respong to this whole conversation. OldGreyEagle asked what the goal of this conversation was because it wasn't going to change the policy and it will not, most likely, change any one's opinions. The goal is this (and it was one of the things I actually was learning at the conference this week which was a leadership training conference): Conversation is not always meant to change people's opinions. Conversation on a topic or issue, alone,
  6. First of all, being gay is not a decision. No matter what any person says or believes, being gay is not a choice I made. If you were asked to "change" your orientation from straight to gay, could you do it? Could you turn off all attraction for the opposite sex and make yourself be attracted, emotionally, spiritually and physically, to a person of the same sex? Secondly, I make the correlation between a gay parent being told to not participate in Scouting activities and then a child not being able to participate because for some events, especially for young Scouters such as Tiger Scouts a
  7. In response to Acco40 and the question of what "avowed" means: In my experiences with the Boy Scouts and my dismissal from the Scouting program, "avowed" simply means that it is known you are gay. I never participated in any sexual activities with anyone in my Troop. Sexual activity has nothing to do with it and is a completely seperate matter. In my case, I started a Gay-Straight Alliance at my high school and there was an article about it in my local paper, The Winston-Salem Journal, and my school paper, The Pine Whispers. The Journal article can be viewed here: http://www.uncg.edu
  8. Okay... so BSA policy is that no "avowed homosexual" can be a member or leader in the Boy Scouts. What about Boy Scouts who have gay parents? Parents are supposed to play a vital role in the Scouting experiences of their boys, especially fathers. What about gay parents? The BSA policy doesn't address this issue. What happens if there is a boy with a gay dad? Can his dad be active in the Troop too? Is he allowed to go on camping trips with his son and his son's Troop? If not, what about Cub Scouts who have to have a parent go along with them on camping trips or, if not, the kid doesn'
  9. Merlyn Said: "Even the BSA's official legal website says that they exclude atheists and agnostics." Don't forget gays... the legal site says the BSA exlcudes them too. The issue of discrimination does not just hit upon one or two groups... it hits on various groups.... I think that its sad that the Illinois case didn't tackle the gay discrimination part of it.
  10. First of all... its UNCG, not UNC.... way big difference.... LOL I'm majoring in History, minoring in Religious studies. I hope to go on to Seminary (Episcopal/Anglican) to receive my Masters of Divinity and Masters of Theological Studies, become a priest and maybe one day get my Ph.D. in Church History. Hopefully one day I will be a professor of Church history, an activist, lobbyist or politician. WHo knows?
  11. In my opinion, from my experiences in my old Troop and Council, the BSA is a religious organization, in that it is an organization that recognizes and operates with religion, whether that be Catholicism, Anglicanism, other Protestant denominations, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc. In every Troop meeting, we said a prayer... at every council event, a preayer was said, Sunday night Vespers was a REQUIREMENT at our summer camp, Camp Raven Knob. Religion was everywhere, but it was never made out to be one religion or the other, prayers were always to God, or Heavenly Father, and the only time
  12. Yes, I meant to say "Defense Department" in my blog.... brain fart.. blah LOL I went and edited my blog for that. (This message has been edited by matthillnc)
  13. Hi everyone. I'm new to the forums here on Scouter.com, but I have run across things on the forums before on google searches and what not. My name is Matt Hill, I'm 19 years old and a former Boy Scout here in Winston-Salem, NC. I am going into my second year of my university studies at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in August. When I was 14, I was dismissed from Scouting because I am gay. Oh well, I guess... I have tried to raise awareness on the issue here in my hometown and in North Carolina hoping that there might be a day when no Scout will ever have to be outcast
  14. Hi, everyone... I'm new to the scouter.com as a registered user, but I have seen stuff on here before. The Government should not fund the BSA... not because it violates the 1st Amendment (I agree with those of you who say funding the BSA is not a violation of the 1st Amendment), but because it discriminates against the youth of America. The Boy Scouts OPENLY and WITHOUT REGRET discriminate against gay and atheist YOUTH (as in children, the future of our great nation). I find it shameful that the BSA discriminates against youth and I find it shameful that my taxpayer money is be
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