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  1. My kids would cut off an arm before they'd remove a badge! Buy the oval and a temporary patch holder. Project this into the future for a moment. What are you going to do if you, or the parent, decides to make a display board or case for the boys CS achievements. You're going to be screwed up because you didn't follow the program. The four diamond belong where they are. Even the lack of a diamond has significance. Boys who started Cub Scouts in Septemeber 01 or later, should be getting the Oval Webelos Badge.
  2. MY understanding is that they should all be getting the oval. Last year was the final year for the diamond shaped Webelos Badge. There are specific positions for the diamonds on the shirt. You should not arbitrarily put the Webelos diamond where the Tiger Badge belongs. The full four part diamond tiger-bobcat-wolf-bear is a displayed proudly by the boys who have earned it. We shouldnt diminish their pride by allowing something that is wrong to happen. Aside from that, the boys should be moving into the tan/green uniform this year. The oval Webelos badge is an incentive for them to
  3. Gas over liquid ANYTIME !! Even when backpacking. I have never, ever filled a liquid fuel stove or lantern without getting some of the fuel on my hands or clothes or the ground or a table or whatever. The safety issue is huge, but the cleanliness issue is just as big. and that's my 3.5 cents.
  4. Thanks Laurie, we did the Valley Forge Pilgrimage yesterday! What a great event. I was a long drive for us as a one day trip, but it was really worth it. If I had one word to sum it up with I would say it was APPROPIRATE. From the hiking distances, to the presentations at each station, it was appropriate. The boys had a great time and learned plenty, as did the adults. Well be back for the Encampment in a few years! (This message has been edited by fotoscout)
  5. Sounds like there is a lot of work to be done! First the money thing is out of control. Where is the treasurer, and the check book? Where are the receipts? If there was enough money to buy a BBQ, several tents and sleeping bag, then why are you mining the internet for neckerchiefs and uniform shirts? Aside from that, CS Packs dont normally purchase and own the type of equipment that you mentioned. Especially not sleeping bags, they are personal equipment. The CM starts the meetings and then we split into dens??? VERY wrong! Den meetings happen without the CM present (almost exclusiv
  6. I thought the NBC piece was fair and balanced. I did not feel that it had a negative connotation. NBC could have easily used different words and turned it into a very bad piece of BSA history. We should all appreciate that it was handled well. The response from National appears to me to be VERY defensive. With the action that occurred in Texas in 2000, I would be very surprised if the National people were not (and have not) been on the lookout for this kind of thing nationwide. After all, if it happened in their backyard, it was likely to happen elsewhere.
  7. This situation is one of the great challenges facing the Cub Scout Program today. With more and more opportunities for parents to be involved in their childrens lives (more sports), it is inevitable that the pool of available parents will dwindle. Add to that, the simple fact that most Moms are now in the workforce and you quickly come to the conclusion that the Cub Scouts Program has what some may define as a critical problem. But I do think that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Our local soccer league was down by some 300 kids this year, and baseball is down by about 200 kids
  8. Starwolfmom fear not, for you are not alone ! ! Many units function with a situation just like yours. It is not unusual. What you need to do is simple, recruit more people for the committee. The committee functions are not too different between CS and BS. Make the point that everyone will be better off with more people on the committee. More to the point give the Den Leaders a chance to focus on being Den Leaders, instead of trying to be everything. Just tell them that you want to be a committee member. You refer to the postings that talk about troubled Packs. Not all packs
  9. Since this guy is a professional Scouter there is most certainly a higher standard that he must be held accountable to! First I would confirm the offensive comment. Then I would schedule appointments with your SE, and his boss the SE in your neighboring Council. Of all people this man should know better. It makes you wonder what else he is telling these parents and boys about his troop?
  10. The Artist Activity Pin is easy. The boy gets the pin if he has completed the requirements for that pin. It can even be used toward his Webelos Badge if necessary as the one activity pin from another group part of the requirement. Dues is a more complicated answer. My first question would be: Do you have any written rules about how you dues money is handled? You are referring to this money as Den Dues, do you also pay Pack Dues or is Pack money generated some other way. Since you are calling this money Den Dues I would suspect that this money is intended to go to the den leaders fo
  11. The older Webelos look forward to B&G. they all know that they are getting their awards and they know whats next after B&G. So I have to think that this thought has been circling in the boys mind for some time. I also think that a last minute decision like this was not made without some parental intervention. I would talk to the parents first. I they prefer to just let it go, then of course you have to honor their decision. If they prefer to have you talk with the boy, I would suggest that you plan the discussion with the parents first. Let them know what youre going to say, and
  12. As they get older, they develop their own cadence and it comes out just fine. Also, as still very young boys they need some way to associated themselves with the promise.
  13. If the boy is registered in an LDS Troop, there is certainly nothing kosher about it. As for a youth being registered in two units of the same program, I have never heard of this. Part of BSAs fixation on registration is to insure that the boys record of achievements resides in one place, and that he is only credited once with each achievement. To me this sounds a little fishy, scales or no scales. He is certainly welcome to register with two different types of units, troop/crew/team/post.. but two troops. I think he should pick one and stick with it.
  14. Dont be discouraged, we only had three at the Webelos breakout this month. Like you, I know that some of people at the other breakouts were also Webelos Den Leaders. Maybe being a Webelos leader is the time when wearing too many hats comes home to roost and tough decisions have to be made. I would think that it also didnt help that you didnt have the Nov. and Dec. breakouts. Continuity is important. Next time youre unavailable for RT, you might try finding a replacement.
  15. I know one pack that does this. The pack is from a very blue collar community where every dime counts and scouting is expensive for them to participate in. Ultimately the families that worked hard at fundraising got tired of watching the loafers benefit from the hard word of their children. So they started Scout Accounts. By the way this is a pack the formally paid, (or at least contributed to) many of the pack outings and functions. One of the more immediate outcomes was better uniforms. The boys wanted to use there Scout Accounts to help pay for uniforms. However, it is an accounting
  16. I keep going back to this thread with one thought in my mind. Tying a bowline is a basic scout skill. Beginning with Cub Scout Bears, there is a requirement that the boy be able to tie a bowline all the way through the Boy Scout Program. So if they cant tie a bowline, then what have they been doing at all those meetings and camping trips? What kind of Scouting Program have all these boys participated in? I have to believe that most of them (more than half), are the product of a good solid CS and/or BS program. So whats wrong? Perhaps the program has grown beyond itself. Maybe
  17. That sounds like fun. It appears that you have some time blocks of time around your meal periods. Be sure to tell the den leaders that they should be prepared to fill these periods with some sort of activity. Certainly the boys need to have some unstructured time, BUT, too much unstructured time will lead to problems. The meals will only take a short amount of time to eat, and for the most part the boys are not involved in preparing the meals. One of the things you can do with these time periods is to have a short bathroom break, this way the boys wont be leaving the activities to
  18. Maybe Im not being clear. This is not an attempt to remove new boys from their Troop. This is a Specialty camp and not necessarily intended as an option to summer camp with your troop. Although that may in fact occur with some boys. We do not plan to run this program every week of camp, but rather on selected weeks. Here are some of the realities of the Webelos to Scout transition with respect to summer camp. 1. Many Webelos dont move to a troop until late April, May or even June. 2. Many troops wont take the new boys to summer camp if they havent had sufficient time to become com
  19. With all due respect Vicki, your post indicates that you've come to the conclusion that this boy will need to recieve special treatment. You have even made this boy the focus of one of your tickets. In addtion, you want to have a preemptive counciling session with the boy and his parents. Again I say, let this family decide at some later time, that they would like to persue some special treatment. Remember that "do your best" is not just the Cub Scout moto, it is much more than that in the BSA program. I would think that the family is very knowledgeable, and sensitive to the pote
  20. It appears that they put as much time into the poll as they have into lowering prices for the past unpteen years. What a lame poll !!!!!!!!!!
  21. The advantage is that many of the boys have seen their school mates doing scout stuff for the last 9 months or so and some are eager to join. You have the advantage of giving them a fun filled warm weather (outdoor) program before beginning to work on the book. They also have the opportunity to attend camp one year earlier. Theyll have the advantage of being organized in the fall, without any startup issues. Leaders should already be chosen. The early recruits will bring new recruits with them in fall, hopefully giving you a larger group of Tigers. The down side is that y
  22. I just had this discussion with the CC of one of my CS units. First and foremost she wanted to see information from the Troops about financial issues; ie: costs (including sumer camp), fundraisers, scout accounts, uniform needs, and equipment needs. Along with how monthly campouts are financed. Secondly, she wanted to see real requirements about participation; what are the expectations of the unit. This woman, along with a number of other parents from her pack who last year sent boys to different troops, were very upset (in hindsight) about the lack of information they have been give
  23. Our pack pays for belt loops, even in the case of a Webelos who may earn them twice. In a Pack of 60 boys this can become expensive! I like the idea of charging an extra $10.00 to participate in the academic and sports program. Some kids and parents gravitate toward the belt loops and take great advantage of the program. Others don't want anything to do with it. If the program is sold to the parents, and they have a financial interest in participating, maybe, just maybe the participation will be greater.
  24. For a few summers I camped with a dwarf, and his family. He was married, with a young child. He and his young daughter, also a dwarf, did everything that the rest of the group did. After spending time with this very determined individual, I have to agree whole heartedly with Anarchist; Dont drop the bar too quickly! This young man has all the potential that every other boy has. Give him the opportunity to be like everyone else.
  25. Without the as opposed too the answer is yes to all the above. The intent is very simple. Provisional Boy Scout Summer camp in a troop that is limited to new scouts. It will be available to New Scouts as an additional week of camp, and/or it they are not comfortable going out of council with their own troop this summer. Yes, it will be available to New Scouts who have not yet signed up with a troop, or those who have decided to wait until September before becoming active in the troop.
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