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  1. I am not sure that you can identify a favorite. Each boy will have different likes and dislikes. My thoughts are that their favorite is either home a drawer for safekeeping, or, the one they most recently lost! My suggestion is that you just keep making them. They are fun, and cheap to make. Many can be tied to the achievement that the boys are working on or the nearest holiday. My favorite for the boys is the square knot slide. Instant gratification, Tadaaaaaaa. !!!
  2. Yes youre right, that is one way to control it. My point here is that the danger here must be recognized from the very beginning. If possible set the tone before the campout ever happens. Mention this in your paperwork, and talk about it in Den Meeting and Pack Meetings. You are going to be in trouble if you neglect this, and then try to bring it under control after its already gotten out of control. Make the marshmallow thing part of your planning discussions.
  3. If you do a March recruiting the new boys would probably start in April. That gives you 3 months of the school year and two months of the summer to bring these new boys up to speed. The existing boys can go either way for the summer. There is no hard an fast rule about where the boys fall for the summer months with respect to their ranks. Use that to your advantage!!! There is no reason why the new boys cannot earn their rank badges for this year, even if the dont get started until April. Your bigger problem will be integrating the new boys into the program mid year. Youll have to be very
  4. This is a great thing to do and B&G is a great place to do it! How you do it depends on how well you know the person. Some people really dont want a plaque or something like that. They would be happier with a special award that was hand crafted and had some humor behind it. On the other hand, if this person is with the outgoing Webelos, and has been very active since Tigers or Wolves, the pack really does have an obligation to recognize this person with something more formal. There are always plaques and certificates. They are available thru your Scout Shop or the Supply System
  5. You gotta love this hat stuff ! ! ! I bought one on ebay. It is almost 50 years old and in great condition. All I had to do was brush off the dust and condition the leather hat band. It even came with some history. I think I paid $42.00 + shipping.
  6. Hello and Welcome, Don't stress over this! Many of the cars will be made entirely by the boys, yours will not be the only one that does not look like it came from a custom body shop. Yes it's true that some, not many, of the dad's obsess over the cars. My guess is that less than 15% of the cars will be "Dad" cars. MOST will be done as a team effort by the parent and child. Most of the cars will look like the kids did them with some help. Some will look like the kid did it all by himself! Your son will be very proud of his car. As for the other adults watching the derby, we can'
  7. There is a lot that will go on here. If you merge you may have 10 boys! Thats a lot to handle. Then what happens next year, do you lose some or gain some? The two dens probably dont meet on the same day at the same time. If the meeting day, time and location change you may ultimately lose someone from the other den. Then there is the other den leader, how does he feel about this? Its admirable to want to help the other den. I am sure that you can do some things to help them without merging. Talk it over with the other den leader before you take any action.
  8. Eagledad's right about a Scouts Own. Here is a resouce for the material you will need. http://www.dacbsa.org/CC_RR/forms-RR/ScoutWorshipServices1999-PeteMetzloff.pdf Caution this is a big file, it falls under the heading of everything you ever wanted to know! The service does not have to be on Sunday morning, you can have it on Saturday night or even on Saturday morning.
  9. Ok, here it comes again, Foto on Foto and marshmallows.. Nothing scares me more than kids, lots of kids and marshmallows and sticks around a flaming campfire. Dozens of little flame throwers, parents that dont and wont take control of their kids, and kids who are obsessed with fire. Each one wound up tighter than an eight day clock, and having consumed copious quantities of soda and candy, plus lord knows how many marshmallows before ever making their way to the campfire. Then there are the leaders who sit back and enjoy the campfire without showing leadership. If youre
  10. After rereading your post I had a rhetorical question Is the intent to have a Cub Scout Program based Pack Camping Trip, OR, is the intent to set up an opportunity for the pack families to all go camping together?? You seem to be fearful that a structured campout may not be received very well, that thought leads me to believe that the pack has not been doing a Pack Camping Trip but rather a Family and Friends of Pack XXX Camping Trip. I am sure you realize that there is a big difference.
  11. Plan everything you mentioned, and then be flexible. Remember that there are only so many hours in a day, and groups like this dont transition from one activity to the next very well. Some activities may be a bust and youll have to do something else. For instance, the fish may have all gone on vacation. You cant give the kids fishing poles and keep them at the lake it the fish are not biting. This would be a recipe for disaster. Some things youll have to decide on.. - Swimming is there a lifeguard, dont forget about BSA Safe Swim Defense - How will meals be prepared and ser
  12. Has anyone ever heard of this??????????? foto
  13. Moving targets..... Thats how it was explained to me. Your destination, date, and adult leadership should not be a moving target. Therefore these should be firm and not require that you update your TP before the trip. If one of those things does change you will have to update the TP. Drivers, vehicles, number of participants are all moving targets. You should do your best in the original TP submission, but our Council allows these items to be updated after the trip has been completed.
  14. JD, Before I get into this, let me say that I am not a child psychologist and some of what happens here is beyond my ability to fully comprehend and explain. But I take it on face value and I find that it is true. I think your question was, how do we get the younger boys to look up to the older boys? Most of it is Mother Nature taking its normal course with young boys. Some of it is choreography and manipulation on our part. First, we dont overexpose the younger boys to the older boys. Our dens meetings are totally separate; the only time the kids are together is at Pack event
  15. After the weigh-in we dont let the boys touch the cars except to lube them before each set of races. This year the weigh-in was on Thursday before the race on Saturday. Final adjustments were allowed; the car was assigned a number and weighed. Then the car goes into a box and the leaders are now responsible for the cars. We urge and encourage everyone to weigh-on on the Weigh-in Day! Of course some dont and wont. In a pack of 60 boys that amounted to only 4 kids this year. On Saturday at race day, we will allow them to weigh-in, but when the race is scheduled to begin we will give no leew
  16. This is perhaps the simplest question and easiest answer ever to be posted. The answer is .. So the boys have something very visible to aspire to. Tigers look up to the Wolves, Wolves look up to the Bears, and Bears look up to the Webelos. By time the boys are Webelos they have grown up quite a bit and no longer need to be a part of this type of very visual recognition. Neckerchiefs and hats are the very visual recognition that the young boys see. Remember that the CS program is a goal oriented program, with immediate recognition items and longer term recognition items. The beads ar
  17. We were told that we could wear the neckerchief at any time. The choice was ours. Many people here chose to wear it until they've completed their tickets. Then they go back to wearing their unit neckerchiefs. I think it falls somewhere in between a freshman beanie and a billboard. Anyway you look at it, it did serve as a great conversation starter, and many of those conversations were great fun.
  18. EagleInKY, as I wrote that line I was sure that someone would disagree. The Derby is a marquee event in Cub Scouting. It is certainly a memory that both the boys and there parents carry with them long after Cub Scouts. But its the car that makes it personal, not the race itself. I am not a person driven by competition. In fact I am not a fan of the competitive nature of the Derby. Our kids today have enough competition in their lives. To me, this is about building the car. Either alone or with Mom or Dad, or even with Grandpa or Grandma. Its about spending time with an adult and creating
  19. Every school system has its own set of rules governing the distribution of flyers within the schools. Check with your Principal, and/or the District Superintendent. Once youve received approval, contact you Council office and they should be able to make up recruiting flyers for you. Most can be customized for you. But before you embark on this effort, I would take look at the potential impact on your program. First and foremost, what will happen to the other boys if you breakaway and start your own den? You cant just walk away from them mid-year. Then what will happen to them in th
  20. Technically, if the boy is registered, he is entitled to participate. However, it appears that Little Johnnys parents need to be spoken too. CS is about more than one mid-winter activity which allows the child to participate in without actually being present. We do not require the boys to be present to participate in the race. If for some reason, they cannot attend the Derby, we will run the car. This is simply the right thing to do. After all, the idea is not to race the car, but to build it. Our Derby runs for some 5 hours on a Saturday, people do have other things that must get done
  21. Yesterday we ran our Pinewood Derby. Again, it was a great success. Bless that software!!!! The Pack is now ready to add a Siblings and Friends race and, an Unlimited category to the agenda for next year. We anticipate running the Sibs & Friends race under the same set of rules that we use for the Scouts. The Unlimited Category needs some thought. It would be nice to allow it to be truly unlimited, but we dont think thats this would be in anyones best interest. Does anyone have a set of rules that they have used for this type of race? The only thing we have agreed on so fa
  22. As an Eagle Scout and an accomplished professional (even though hes a lawyer), I would find a way to involve him with the boys. On the surface this type of person is a great role model for the boys and someone whose presence can only benefit the troop. I would not want to see him hidden away in the obscure recesses of District and Council Committees.
  23. We will be offering Bridge Camp this Summer for new Scouts. I am wondering if anyone else does this, and if so what issues have come up in the process?? The boys will participate in our Brownsea program but will be "segregated" as a group of newly bridged Webelos. The target audience is new scouts before they go off with the troop to summer camp, and, scouts who have not yet started with a troop. New scouts looking for an extra week of camp are also welcome.
  24. I think this is very conceivable. With over zealous volunteers and over zealous professionals all looking for awards, promotions, and yes higher salaries, this type of thing is almost inevitable. I do think that it would be very difficult to sustain over some number of years and therefore I also think that the 30%-40% numbers cited in the article is greatly exaggerated. Last year we had a thread about a DE or SE that wanted to go into some High School and sign up the entire school as a venture crew. Although this would not be an identical situation, it is certainly driven by the sam
  25. Try these guys, the prices aren't too bad. And the web site is Great!! http://www.scoutbugle.com/HOMEBUGLE.htm
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