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  1. I know from my sons point of view its not that he has to wear a uniform he doesnt mind, its the fact that nothing ever fits right and the pants are useless for anything other than den and pack meetings and a parade. They recently went on a field trip to a science center lots of running around and hands on stuff we ended up with 4 out of 15 boys with ripped knees. The pants dont hold up, and if you wear them camping even in the spring and summer you better bring your thermals to wear under them because they are not good for keeping you warm. I know most of the boys that I know that are into sc
  2. have talked to CM she really doesnt care she is leaving, we do also no outtings because she doesnt want to deal with them. most of the parents act like this is something the have to do instead of want to do. i have found a new pack that the boys LOVE to come, and they have fun. i have called council he really wasnt helpful at all, acted like well the CM is leaving and all will be well. well they have no one in line for the job and its to much for me right now and i dont think you are going to change these parents at all.
  3. she told me about the same time she was told about this site. well we only have one wolf den. and furter more its not our fault that the pack has gone to hell and hasnt and probably wont make it back. she told me about the forum after a friend of hers told her about it. neither one of us knew about the other submitting until we were talking yesterday. and i really dont like the unsubtle hint of being accused of not being TWO seperate people. are all people here rude to people who just happen to be from the same pack and join around the same time. of course we would have similiar problems we ar
  4. Me and another forum member just found out we belong to the same pack and den. So no I or her are the same people if everyone was wondering. She had told me about this site and we were just talking yesterday and found out we both summit forums. me and new-cb-mom are moving together to a new pack, we are both happy with this new pack compared to ours. we have both tried to help fix what we think is the unfixable and unwanting to change pack. we are both go getters and love to be really involved and help plan fun and interesting things for the boys and the new pack was overjoyed when we told the
  5. we were just informed and I am fighting this that the boys are not going to be given their wolf rank that 1/2 the boys have earned already until the crossover in May. The CM told the DL its up to her when they get awarded them mean while the lady that is our DL is actually not our DL she is our ADL but since the DL is more unorganized they the boys are she took over. Can you all tell just how messed up this pack is. We were hoping to more to our new pack that we found after march since we already paid for an outting in march. but what to do if they wont award my son his wolf that he has earned
  6. I would like to thank all who have helped me with my questions and problems. I have hopefully found a pack that seems to be what me and my son are looking for. They do so much with the boys heck they do not only the PWD but the rain gutter regata and the space derby too. They go fishing atleast3x a year, plus so so so much more. Plus a bonus is they are actually looking forward to my help. And thats a first. So os that what a actual cubscout pack is supposed to be or did I find a really good pack. I'm just happy to have found them.
  7. cubiemom


    I know the money isnt a factor it seems the CM is mad because I have started parents on asking why werent they told of these in the beginning. She has also stated that the pack will not pay from some of the awards that my son has earned because he would be the only one earning them since she has never even heard of them ( the emergency preparedness award, the heritage award) and that the pack would not be doing the world frienship fund patch.(she didnt know about that one either) she is moving on next year and so am I ( to a different pack) since the committee is just like her set in their way
  8. cubiemom


    how does your packs handle the beltloops? our pack just informed us that they will not cover the cost for them since they are an optional program. doesnt that seem unfair? aint it still a part of cub scouts?
  9. why not have them make things that represent the different years of scouting. different milestones of cubscouting. something like showing the different uniforms, patches, etc. have them make cenerpieces that stand up with pictures on it that show scouting through the years,
  10. what theme are you going with? it would all depend on that.
  11. Eagle, what do we do if say by summertime they are not awarded what they should have been. Do we go to council about this by then? I have told the parents in atleast my den that i would keep track of the boys achievement, electives, awards, and beltloops if they just give me the info each meeting we meet hopefully atleast once a month but the DL's seemed upset at this. This is why I am looking for a new pack. DL's wont give up on being DL's again next year for the next rank. Laurie, DL's dont seem to care about celebrating the 75th have tried on both the pack and den level to get them to do
  12. I wouldnt mind being a DL so that atleast I could make sure the boys had fun and got all the achievemnets and electives and beltloops and awards that I can make sure that they can get. I love being involved but at this pack they make me feel like intruding on them when I say that I'll do something so that my son isnt the only one earning beltloops or awards. I just want to find a pack that would appriciate my help instead of dreading my involvement. ty all for the help
  13. Eagle, our DL's are not keeping track of what the boys are completing much less turning it in. Did I say they are disorganized (DL's) and that the CM isnt really all that great this year since she is moving on next year even though she has not formally told the pack so. Everyone knows or atleast heard that she is not coming back. So she hasn't really done a good job this year of making sure the dens turn in their info.
  14. How do you handle the fact that our boys have not been awarded their bobcat badges yet or any other thing yet. I have took it upon myself to have all the parents fill out a copy of my speadsheet and to turn it in to me so that I may turn it into the cm so that hopefully they are awarded their bobcat badges their wolf rank if they completed it, the arrrow points and the beltloops. I hope the pack realizes that they are going to have to award alot of things for the boys in not alot of time. We were hoping that they would be awarded at the B&G but can they be awarded both the bobcat and the w
  15. I know we do this in our area we sell Entertainment Books. The ones with all the coupons in it we get a great profit from them I think it was $9 a book we sold or was it $6 either way it really adds up just get them early enough before a;ot of people have bought them other places.
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