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  1. supermom, The BOR\Committee was way wrong. The requirement for Star is worded as follows. "Earn six merit badges, including any four from the required list for Eagle." It does not say that only 4 can be for Eagle it say that at least 4 must be from the Eagle required list. The Committee should of personally apologized to your son, and scheduled his BOR for the NEXT MEETING not a month later. If I were you I would attend the next Troop committee meeting and give them what for. Now some people might think, I am being to hard on the Committee member that made up the BOR, b
  2. From what I understand you not only can help out, but should be encouraged to help out. One of the steps in passing a requirement in Venturing is to show/teach the skill to someone else and one of the areas that you can do this is to teach those skills to Cub Scouts.
  3. I would be interested in working on that position. I have just not gotten arround to filling out the paperwork and am not sure when and how to submit the fees.
  4. Twocubdad, I wish our council still did the WRC the way they do in your council. Unfortantly our council built this really nice Cub Camp next to the Boy Scout camp and now the WRC program has been trashed. With the old program a Webelos could get his Outdoorsman, Aquanaut, and Readyman during the 3-day period and still have plenty of time for fun, if the leader was smart. Now with the new program, under the control of people who think of all Cubs as Tigers, a Webelos only can get Readyman if the leader insists that First Aid instruct works on the requirements. I will admit that the air-c
  5. The problem I see with the campout you are looking at is that BSA wants the activities that the Webelos participate in are geared to their program and level. What you are doing at this campout is geared to Boy Scouts and their program. What I may suggest is first you look to see if there is a another campout that they can participate in that has activities that are geared to their program or could be with minimum changes. If that is not available add some activities to the program that are geared to the Webelos such as putting together a survival kit and putting up a tent using a tarp, and a
  6. Bob White, Thanks for the information. I was not too concern about the quality more about the selection. For example do they provide options to aleast the main course if you do not like the primary one and things like that? Also is the meal cafeteria style or family style?
  7. I am trying to talk my wife into going to the Training Center next year or the year after (if I can get an invitation). The only current problem is that both she and my daughter are picky eaters when it comes to food prepared for the masses (ie neither will eat cheese or enjoys a lot of the prepared frozen food out there). So my question is what types of food do they serve and how do they serve it?
  8. I would say no. The reason being that the Scouts at Daycamp are doing a SERVICE to the district putting on the camp and part of Scouts is doing a GOOD TURN without expecting an award. If you were to start tipping, then the Scouts would start expecting it in the future and degrade the value they are earning in learning that helping others is an award in and of itself.
  9. For me morality is not based on scripture, but making the choices that cause the least harm to society and yourself. In the two examples stated in the thread (homosexuality and sex outside of marriage) I have to come down against them because I see evidence that they harm society. First both examples are based on the presumption that if it feels good do it. This presumption in our society causes all sorts of social problems, including the following: transmission of diseases, the break-up of marriages (studies have shown that two opposite sex parents are necessary for well-adjusted children/
  10. My proudest moment so far in Scouts with my boy is when as a 2nd year Webelos getting ready to move on to Boy Scouts we were having an impromptu discussion about the Scout Law and what it means. He gave the best explanation I had ever heard of the cuff including that it applied even out side of Scouts. It was at that point that I understood that he had gotten it.
  11. As someone that worked in a department store that did alteration for suits in the Men's Department I would add to the Tailor merit badge the requirement to know how to properly mark a suit for alteration.
  12. The problem is not that your PLC is not planning enough of the details during the planing session, though setting dates might be a good idea instead of just what is done in each month, the problem is that they are not given the chance to finalize those plans throughout the year. I see this because it is a problem my troop also has, the Scouts say they want to do this on this date and then the Troop commitee/leaders take over and makes it happen. What we both need to do is too convince the commitee/leaders to work with the PLC so that each patrol is assigned events. The patrols will then fin
  13. You can not have a Venturing Crew in a troop, you can only have a Venture Patrol (a patrol of older more skilled Scouts that particapate in high adventure trips, usually 13-18 years of age). A Venturing Crew is a total seperate unit/program from a Boy Scout troop, just like a Cub Scout Pack is a total seperate unit/program. The Venturing Program has it own awards, advancement and uniforming policies. The only links between a Crew and a Troop are the following. 1) They can have the same CO. 2) A Boy Scout that has reached 1st class or above in a Troop can continue working on his Eagle ra
  14. Keep in mind the options that can be used for swimming for rank advancement in this case DO NOT qualify for replacement of the swimming requirements in G2SS. Those requirements are for safety and must be meet for the activity in question. As far as the swimming test at summercamp, if he feels that he can not even attempt it then he can take the test for beginner which is easier or be classified as a non-swimmer, and he will a course be only be allowed in the areas that he qualified for.
  15. I made a PVC Frame the first time my son and I went to Scout summer camp. The version I made was simpler then the one already listed. What I did was for each end of the cot make a U shaped frame out of PVC. Each frame consisted of two uprights that were about 3-4 feet long, two 90-degree connectors and then a crosspiece the approximate width of the cot. The connectors can be glued to either the uprights or the crosspiece. The frame was attached to each end of the cot with 4 (two per leg) velcro wire ties, these were also used to keep each set together when dissembled. You can actually us
  16. First we continue to have Pack meeting each month during the summer. Second we provide some sort of activity each month during the summer (June, July, August). These events have included some of the following: camping trips fishing a local BSA camp overnights at or trips to local museums pool party at a local pool We also take advantage of the Council Cub Scout resident camp and the district Day Camp, plus the local minor league baseball teams has every year a Scout Day, where Scouts and Leaders get in free if they are in uniform.
  17. I got the Life or Eagle Scout requirement from the person who is running Day Camp for our district who looked it up with me standing there in his Day Camp Manual printed by BSA. I assume he had the current one since he had just complete training for the Day Camp director.
  18. I recently came across one of those BSA regulations that seem to be extreme, to me, when it comes to safety or other reasons. It seems that to be on youth staff for Cub Day Camp you must be 14 years old and a Life or Eagle Scout. Now I can see the requirements being set to this level if the Scout was going to be running the stations, but in most cases that I have observed the youth staff is helping two or more adults with setup, clean up, and keeping the Cubs on task. I can also see these requirements being necessary they were assisting with an area that was inherently dangerous such as wat
  19. BobWhite, I am not trying to lower the minimal legal requirement, I am trying to find out what that minimal legal requirement is. I always will advocate that a leader has 2 deep leadership at a meeting for various reason's including safety. What I want to know is if 2 deep is the legal limit, which means if it can't be met for extra ordinary reason the leader must abort the meeting at that point and send the scouts home, or if it is not the legal limit, which means the meeting could continue to its logical conclusion. One example of these extra ordinary reason is the following true ev
  20. I still have not seen any agreement on what the policy stays on my posted situtations. BobWhite or dsteele I would sure like to have your opinion on this.
  21. littlebillie I am sorry if I offended you with my last post, my attempt there was to show that I accepted your position and in that I must have failed. So here it goes again. If I understand you correctly, your position is that the BSA has the right to exclude homosexuals if they want to, but you personally believe that they should include them. If also understand you correctly, you also have not given up on trying to convince the BSA to change their policy thru debate. I also understand that you do not support any of the strong arm tactics that are used by other groups to get the
  22. littlebillie, Regarding the following "fboisseau - "But according to your logic with the BSA I have to be made a member to your group." No - the 'have to be' would seem to be in your head. In mine, it's "should be" and in mine, the BSA should not be forced to change, but persuaded to do so. Basically, there are no exclusions in the Charter, and the BSA should realize it's closing the door on those kids who arguably need it most. ". I disagree with how you state the position of the groups that want to change the rules. If I believe that someone or some group "SHOULD" do something th
  23. littlebillie, "it stops when every decent, ethical law-abiding boy has access to scouting... " Decent.......by whose standards? Ethical......by whose standards? Law-abiding..by whose standards? Yours? For example you may believe that co-ed skinny-dipping is not decent, but I see no problem with it (I do not really but keep in mind this is an example) and participate whenever I have a change and promote it also. Now your club/group say people who believe like I do should not be a member because I do not live up to your standard of decency. But according to your logic w
  24. fotoscout, I do not look at a child who has behavior problems and immediately point the finger at the parent and say they are the problem. I instead look at how the parent handles the behavior problems. If the parent says sorry about his/her behavior, but he/she is ADHD or some other condition, and we can not do anything with him/her then the parent is the problem. There are always solutions to behavior problem including commitment at a treatment facility (I know this is extreme, but my family is providing emotional support to someone who this was the solution). When a parent will do any
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