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  1. We pay $15. That includes the patch, lunch, and handouts.
  2. Venturer2002, I think that what you will find, is the boys will want to get rid of the hats and leave the neckerchief. Most of the boys in the Pack I work with do not wear the hats, but they do wear the neckerchief.
  3. Rooster7, My statement was made because, I see three main groups in this agruments. The first group are the evoultionist that accept the science without question given all it holes. The second group is the creationists, who as a whole tend to dismiss the evidence for evoultion and will only accept a literial reading of Genesis. The last group are people who accept both explanations because they see the hand of God in the evidence for evoultion. I do have more of a problem with the pure creationists because they will ignore or discount all the evidence for evoultion out of hand just be
  4. The reason, I have heard for the fact that thier is no belt loops for Martial Arts or Karate is that they are contact sports and BSA does not what to encourage contact sports (the same reason is given for no belt loop for tackle football). I can understand this point and do support it, but do wish they would look at it again since a good Marial Arts program will teach the same traits as BSA (respect, self-displine, and honor). For example the in Tae Kwon Do they have the following that is taught to each student along with the skills: Tenets of Tae Kwon Do: 1. Courtesy 2. Integrity
  5. My belief is very simple. God decided to use evolution to achieve a goal, and with evolution and some hands on work at different points that goal was achieved. That goal was a thinking self-aware creature. This is no different then the process that is used to develop some neural chips. The chip designer sets up a situation that they want a chip to solve. They run chips through a series of test. The ones that do the best on the test survive and are breed together. The chip designer then can make modifications to the test or the chips when they deem it necessary. As to why God may have
  6. OldGreyEagle, I think the difference between my experience, is I did have access to gun and never consider using them once against the kids who were picking on me. I was taught from a very young age that I was responsible for my actions and also what guns could do and that I should not use them with out my father's supervision. That is what I was getting at that the new responses we are seeing to the bullies is not a change in bullies, but a change or lack of training from parents for all kids in self-discipline. Mommascout, Some suggestions that I have for you if you are looking
  7. sctmom, I have printed out your suggestion and will include them in my training material for my pack. I have two additional suggestions. First find a troop and work with them on going to more then the minimum trips and meetings. The more the better. This will give the Webelos a chance to observe how meetings and campouts work. Second in everything to Webelos do have them function as a patrol.
  8. OldGreyEagle, I can see where you are coming from. I was overweight, non-athelic, bookish, and due to the fact that I was not aware of a slang term was accused of being homosexual. I was constantly the butt of mean spirited jokes, name calling, and being beat up (I did fight back and was good at taking care of my-self so most did not try twice). This started about 4th grade and continued until about 9th grade (it only stop because I was not much fun). All of this caused a lot of anger, which unimportantly I directed towards my brother. Was all this fun? No. But from this I learned
  9. No the Cubmaster does not have the right to decide what position you will serve in. Neither does the Committee chair or Charter Organization rep. The only person that has any power over your membership is the Charter Organization rep and the Council that you are members of, and that is only do deny you membership if you do not meet membership requirements.
  10. Red Feather, I think you have a point about how these types of jokes can teach people to question. I have found that in todays society too many people do not question what they are being told and expect things as fact without questioning them. I have been doing things like this to my kids in the family and now they will always verify something they are told if it does not make since. Now the thing I have been doing are not to the level of some of the trick played here (for example I have told them we were going to have chicken covered in flour and boiled in oil for dinner/fried chicken),
  11. fboisseau

    Name tags

    I think for Boy Scouts there is no problem with name tags as long as they show only the first name. For Cubs I would not recommend them. A Scout will not be tricked that a person knows them just by the fact that a person calls out their first name, a Cub could get that impression. I think having the last name on the tag would give some one too much information about the Scout. The idea about the red cross for the first aid trained Scout is nice, but is it need. I would hope that a Scout that was first aid trained would render aid and would not have to be sought out.
  12. Bob and Ed, I can see both of your perspective. A situation came up when my son was deciding what merit badges to take for his first summer camp. He decided to take the swimming and first aid. The swimming his SM had no problem with, the first aid was a different issue. We had not check out the prerequisite for the badge before hand and were not aware that he needed to complete the first aid requirement for 2nd and 1st class. Instead of saying no to the first aid badge, he explained the situation to my son and then told him if he could complete the prerequisite in the first few days of
  13. LittleBillie First, if I understand you correctly the two distinctions are as follows: 1) The behavior is natural for the chimps. I agree with you on that in that since they do not have the intelligence to distinguish right from wrong they are doing what makes them feel good. 2) The other distinction you are making is that this in not part of a power play among the individuals, but instead it is away of rendering comfort. I have two issues with this. First I do not believe you will accept this explanation if you found a member of your family comforting your preteen or teenage child
  14. My point is more along these lines. If an organization takes a stand against another organization stronger morals, then the first organization loses all standing when it tries to enforce it's morals. In this case the BSA has stated that, based the morals that the leadership of the BSA wants to promote a gay leader is unacceptable. Now I can accept that Broward counties school board can have a problem with that and that is okay with me. But when Broward county takes punitive action against the BSA because of that rule and only that rule (keep in mind that the BSA does not endorse any type o
  15. Yes, Broward County was one of the counties that tried to ban the Boy Scouts for excluding homosexuals. Second the reason this teacher was fired was not because he did anything illegal, but that the county had a problem with his morals. So my question is what makes Broward Counties morals more valid then the Boy Scouts morals?
  16. A double standard anyone. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/broward/sfl-cskl19jun19.story?coll=sfla-news-broward
  17. Bob White, Thanks for the information. I think for now I will help out with training at the district level. I did that for the the Webelos leader training and now have the outline for that class. Thank you again.
  18. Bob White, I hope you can help me out with this. I have just excepted the position of Pack Trainer in my Pack. Previously I was a Den Leader and Webelos Den leader and took on this position, and because I wanted the Pack to have access to my experience as a Den Leader in the future, I took on this position. My problem is that my District/Council have not schedule any training for the Pack Trainer position so I am at a lost of exactly what I am suppose to do. One area that I have some confusion about is training. According to what I have read about the position, I should be getting trainin
  19. littlebillie If you want to take issue with me on a use of a single word, I will grant you that complete may have been a better word for me to use. This did not change the fact that you provided an example to support your position without, suppling a fact which was also important to this discussion that would have hurt your position. When someone in a debate, which this is, does that, I consider it to be at the minimum misleading.
  20. littlebillie When mentioning the bonobo chimps, you forgot to mention that they engage in pedophilia. If you are going to used this as support for homosexuality, please be honest and mention all the facts that can be brought froth from your examples.
  21. My suggestion is to tell the parents to bring the scouts uniforms for any opening, closing and campfire events at the campout. As for the rest of the day I would suggest a pack t-shirt if available, if not regular play clothes.
  22. Merlyn_LeRoy: First you are jumping to the conclusion, that Pascal and I are talking about one God in particular. I do not know exactly what Pascal was talking about when he posted his gamble, but in my case I am only talking about a Creator of all that is around us. It is this same Creator that in most religions have promised good things to those who believe. I hope this give you some understanding of where I am coming from. I could care less if you believe in God, The Great Sprit or Mother Earth. To me they are all one and the same and only the way to worship that Creator is differ
  23. Sorry the chart got messed up when I posted it. Here is an easier chart to read. (I hope) Believe Do not Believe God G B No God N N
  24. From what I understand about Pascals wager, Weekender overstated the wager. When I first heard about it was explained in the chart that I have recreated from memory here. As you can see the thing had nothing to do with what belief system was correct it dealt with just the existence of a God or not the existence of a God and How believing or not believing in each case can effect you. +-------+------------------------+ | |Believe |Do not Believe | +-------+------------------------+ |God |G |B | +-------+--------+---------------+ |No God |N |N | +--
  25. I do admit that my post was a little of topic, I was mainly replying to sctmoms post about some problems she had experienced and how I was going to fix them in my Pack and Troop. As far as a snappy ad campaign is necessary and National should really consider doing one. They should show all levels of scouting and they should have scouts tell about the great things they are doing in Scouts. The focus should be on the outdoors and leadership program. Think about how many boys would be interested in a program that not only took them on a great outdoor trip, but also had the boys point out
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