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  1. A lot of the ideas I have done. And the Pack leadership is knowledgeble of the problem. I would have to agree with keeping the kid from meetings until he is willing to follow the the rules. The parents are part of the problem. The dad doesn't come to meetings and mom looks like she is drugged up most of the time.
  2. OK folks, I have this child (P.C.) in my den (Wolf) all through out the year my Wife and I had to deal with; 1.P.C. hitting another child. Mother was present at meeting. When child approached P.C. mother, child was told to sit down and listen. Kind of hard to do when your kid is the problem. 2. Pinewood Derby: P.C. beats this other cub scout first reaction "your a loser, your a loser". Had the talk about good sportsmanship prior to race. 3. Pinewood Derby: We conducted the Pinewood Derby in a Gym so we had areas that were off limits. P.C. decided that didn't mean him so he got on the equipment
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