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  1. Then we will see what National does to enforce it's rules in this case.
  2. This is not a problem child, this is a problem parent. I am tried of hearing parents EXCUSE their kid's bad behavior on ADD/ADHD problem. Before anyone jumps in my stuff about not knowing what I am talking about let me give you a little history. Nine years ago my wife and I took into our home her niece(5 at the time) and nephew(3 at the time) because their mother was a drug addict and was neglecting/abusing them, the father was in jail at the time and was not much better. When we got the kids the following behaviors where normal in our house, hitting each other, hitting my wife, yellin
  3. The way I see it is National is not going to do anything until it becomes public knowledge (in the news) that there is a homosexual leader in this council. Then my guess is that National will apply pressure to the responsible parties starting with the lowest level (COR and CO) to enforce the National policy. Each member/unit that refuses will then have their membership/charter removed in a surgical manner (minimum effect to enforce the message).
  4. No. The requirements for Cub camping are different. The expectations are different and the required level of comfort for the parents and Cubs are different. Having the Cubs camp along side of the Boy Scouts at Camporees will push the program down to the Cubs. Also keep in mind that from what I understand, not necessarily agree with, Webelos are allowed at Camporees for the day to observe, but not participate for these very reasons.
  5. This is why I posed this question. Here in this topic we have both interpretations that I have seen and heard both here and in training. For example this is from a recent post from Bob White in the topic Patrol Leader Council Meeting, "I need to point out that the PLC is a troop activity and as such the Youth Protection policies require two adults to be present." This seems to be in contradiction with the following posted by ScoutNut in the Denner & Assistant Denner topic, "Laura - Do you have a son in your den? Technicaly, the 2 deep leadership requirement is for all trips and outings,
  6. I have a mild confusion about the youth protection guidelines dealing with two-deep leadership. First off I will say that I recommend always a minimum of one leader and another adult be present at all meetings, which is where my confusion lies. The following are some examples of what I have confusion about and would like to know if they are against the rules. 1) Den meeting with only the den leader and 3+ boys present? a) At a location where other den meetings are present? b) At a location where no other meetings are being held? 2) Troop meeting with only the Scout Master pl
  7. I thought I would bring you up to date on the situation. One of the reasons we were looking for a troop at this time was his sister had managed to get herself removed from the home by lying to social services about abuse, these charges were dismissed. The results of this was to cause a mental breakdown made worst by a lying vindictive social services case worker (this is the opinion of my friends lawyer). This social worker is trying to remove the boy from the home according to the social services lawyer to the judge based solely on her beliefs (ie no evidence), and against the recommendati
  8. I live in the Robert E. Lee council area and my family has been here since before the Civil War. I see this more as a problem if ignorance of history then being PC. This came to my attention recently when I started thinking about where most of the parents on my son's soccer team are from here originally. The only parents on the team whose families are from Virginia originally where my wife, me and maybe 1 other. Everyone else is form another state and was not taught Virginia history like I was. When I was growing up here you learned a lot about the original settlements, the revolutionary
  9. Here are my answers based on serving as the district Webelos leader trainer and a Pack Trainer. 1. The fact that some council and district trainers by either individual choice or committee direction alter the training syllabi contents. I am curious as to what information you add or delete and why. When I do training I teach the syllabi contents. The only thing I add is suggestion of ideas of things to do or methods that I have tried or that others have used that worked. For example I tend to handout a copy of the letter I gave my Webelos leaders along with the schedule I used. I als
  10. As the parent of a boy that is in both travel soccer (the upper level of soccer for his age level) and Scouts, I do not see this as a struggle between Scouts and soccer. Instead I see this a learning experience on how to balance conflicting calls on our time and prioritizing those items. For example during soccer season, I expect him to forgo camp outs and meetings if necessary because of conflicts between the two. This is not because I value soccer over Scouts, the reverse is actually true. It is because his responsibilities to the team are greater. If he lets his patrol know that he
  11. I guess I was not very clear in what I said. I did not mean to say that school work (or other work outside of the den meeting) could not be used for badge work. What I was saying was that I as the leader had to sign off on the requirement, which meant that the Scout had to show me that the work was done. For example, if a Scout while at school painted and framed a piece of artwork and wanted use that for artist, he had to bring the artwork to a den meeting and show me it, before I would sign off on the requirement. This is exactly the same rule that I would use as a merit badge counselar.
  12. I got in this discussion too late to add much, but to recap. In Cub Scouts the parents sign off on the requirements and the Den Leader then initials and records that the requirement is completed. In this case things done at school or elsewhere can and should be counted toward requirements. At the Webelos level this changes. Now the Den Leader or who ever the leader designates signs off on the requirements. The parents should not sign off any requirements, except maybe the ones under family member. If a Scout does something outside of a den meeting, the leader should expect proof
  13. I have heard that President Bush has signed an executive order that expedites the citizenship process for non-citizens serving in the US military.
  14. When I first read this post, I was not sure that this song was the one that my father use to sing as a member of a church folk group when I was a kid. I would say the song is sutiable for vespers and the message in the song is very strong.
  15. I would like some suggestion about where a boy should be placed. My family has a friend that has a foster child that due to his previous history has some developmental problems. He is currently 11 years old and will be turning 12 shortly. The grade he is in is technically 5th grade, but they are really doing work at a 4th or 3rd grade level. He is a quick study (going from not being able to read to reading at a 4th grade level in about 2 years). He is really interested in joining Scouts and really needs what the program can offer. My question is would it better to place him in a Webelos
  16. Having never been on a real caving trip, the only suggestion I have is to not TOUCH any of the formation.
  17. No the Scoutmaster can not hold back the boy. Now having said that committe and Scoutmaster can make sure the boy lives up to standard of an Eagle, and no I do not mean adding requirements, I mean do not give him any slack on the merit badges, leadership position, and project. He has plenty of time and should be able to come up with a great and grand project that he will be proud of for years to come and not one that will be gone come the next year(like cleaning up the church grounds). If the boy was motivated to work this hard for his ranks, he should have the ability to work just as hard
  18. How do you go about signing up to work on staff?
  19. Thanks. That is what I figure would be the only solution, and the one I suggested to my co-worker. I was hoping there might be a way to get the units back on track.
  20. Here is the situation. There is a person that I work with whose sons were in scouts, but both have dropped out because the promise of Scouting was not being delivered. This is happing in both the only pack and troop for a large county in our area. First the troop, from what she has told me, after the previous Scoutmaster had to leave due to health problems, the new one has turned the troop into an eagle mill. This has turned her son off of scouting along with several other boys in the same area. The troop as lost membership and also new boys are not joining, because the new leader(s)
  21. My take on this is that there is two test. The first is a test given by the Aquatics Director gives to each person using the waterfront to determine their ablitity to swim. This test is given for safety reasons and should be make the Aquatics Director comfortable that the person that is using the waterfront will not panic and thus being a danger to themselves or others. The second test is the one required for rank. This is a test of basic compentence in the water and should be done based only on the requirements in the Boy Scouts handbook. What this means to me is that a boy c
  22. Zahnada, I will take a stab at answering your questions. I have no standing other than as a volunteer and this is just I applying my logic and knowledge to your questions. "Does the policy apply only to adult leaders or to anyone associated with BSA? What about non-volunteer members of BSA? " First part since BSA has no control over non-members their rules can not apply to someone who is not a member. So in my opinion the rules would not apply to a parent who helps the troop/pack, but does not join. The second part is more interesting. Since from what I know you have to be a me
  23. Kwc57 There was a time before I was born when a leader of a nation did the following. He detained, tortured and gassed his citizens and the leaders of the world looked the other way and did not want to do anything. He violated the treaties that his country had signed and the leaders of the world looked the other way. He built and acquired weapon systems that his country was not allowed and the leaders of the world looked the other way. He invaded his neighbors and the leaders of the world looked the other way for a while, but eventually he went too far and the world responded. Unfortu
  24. Thank you the information that you have posted. It should be alot of help in our upcoming camping trip. If anyone has anymore information please continue to post. Thank you again.
  25. le Voyageur, I had you in mind for this post since from your posts I have deduced that you have a connection to Native Americans and live in the Virginia/Maryland area, but if anybody else can provide some information I would appreciate it. My troop is having a campout in February that theme is Native Americans. We also currently have a problem with open the can and heat meals being the current standard of cooking in the patrols. So my thinking was that if I could find some web sites that had Native American recipes, especially ones with recipes from the Virginia area, the troop could inc
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