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    New Square Knot?

    Today I noticed for sale on ebay a new square knot. Is this an official knot?
  2. I like your sarcasm packsaddle. Given that Kayw gave little info its hard to answer. They should go one further and have the chartering organization ban the family from the premises. Sad that these folks live with this childish behavior.
  3. eghiglie

    Can I bring my younger son to scout campouts?

    At the cubbie level its a family event so yes. At the the boy scout level. No, unless your the 2nd leader and the event will be cancelled with out you, even then. If you go as an adult leader your there to pretend to not watch the boy scouts, your younger son will need attention and so forth. But as someone above mentioned ask the SM.
  4. Still it is easy to circumvent the rules. For example the boy holds a car wash to raise funds. Of course his mom and dad will get their car washed and put $150 each in the bucket (or more). Saw this done quite a few times. It doesn't pass the smell test but its "legal". Sometimes the benefiting organization has the project in the their budget and the materials are paid for by them. Saw this done also. I see nothing wrong with this. But a parent should not expect to be paid back by doing more fund raising. I saw one family solicit funds at the Court of Honor.
  5. eghiglie

    Cooking Merit Badge - New Requirements

    For a long time in my council at summer camp this badge was a freebie. Show up to class for 5 days, cook one pancake and one sausage and you earned it. Glad to see this badge getting some strength.
  6. If the kid has done his best, meets the requirements and performs the actions required then don't hold them back. Many troops do hold kids back until they "deserve to be Eagle" and good luck to them. With the number of kids that quit because tying knots and cooking is too much work you try to do what you can with what you have. I recall a few years that the national average is just under 15 yo. Once high school hits their time becomes precious and scarce with homework and other activities.
  7. eghiglie

    Cell Phone at Summer Camp

    Lots of valid arguments both pro con for this issue. Cell phones and mobility are a part of life now and many schools even permit the use of them during lunch and switching classes. The kids need to learn to deal with low reception and managing battery life. At most camps the kids are kept busy during the day so usually they ignore them. Its during the down time, which there is a lot of, during that week. So let them have them and learn to deal with them. We use a release that is signed by the parents.
  8. eghiglie

    What to do ???

    You did the right thing. Congrats
  9. eghiglie

    Scouting Urban Legends

    These are a riot! Thanks for the chuckles.
  10. Just looked in Internet Advancement today and the 4 badges are not listed.
  11. eghiglie


    Just like Kahuna said, Electronics are here to stay. The boys came up with some usage rules. The new uniform shirt has a iPod pocket that I use to/from an event.
  12. eghiglie

    "Speak up" or "Shut Your Mouth"

    The real test of personal ethics is what you do when no one is looking. The BSA and society have many different rules for many different reasons, we sign up to follow the rules to the best of our ability. Are the few bucks raised worth it? To me and the folks I work for, work with, and know it wouldn't be. Sadly the human mind can rationalize good and bad behaviors. I send you well wishes to do the right thing.
  13. eghiglie

    Arrow of Light and Crossover

    As I recollect this happened once or twice when I was a DL in Pack. Simply put the boys got to finish up by the end of the school year with his AoL, the troop crossed him over in May. The troop always went to a local council camp so if there was an issue the parents could remove him. In both cases the boys finished the week and made it to 1st class or so. Sadly both boys left Scouting because they have a bunch of outside activities. One boy at 15 yo now, is an accomplished violinist and play with the local orchestra and gets paid for it.
  14. eghiglie

    Permission Slips

    We use them for several purposes. First is to let the parents and Scout know the who, what, when, where, why and how. Along with the cost and equipment needed and restrictions, basically a a sign up for the event Its also used to solicit adults to help drive Each permission slip for each event includes a liability waiver that our Chartering Org requires for any activity from any group sponsored by the church does.
  15. eghiglie

    new Rank Badges for 2010

    I think this is some plan to drive collectors to buy a lot of patches. DISLIKE!
  16. eghiglie

    Order of the Arrow Admonition

    sox, Ask the Chapter chief, chapter adviser, or scoutmaster (if he is OA) Many times the word(s) are mumbled or not pronounced right to begin with. It is worth the quest to get the right word(s)
  17. eghiglie

    What kind of drink

    On all our hikes each person starts out with 64 oz of water. 32 should be Gatorade, 32 water. Some folks add lemon to the water but no sugar. Even on a chilly day you need water.
  18. eghiglie

    First Knife

    just a plain lockblade knife with out 200 other tools the knife I suggest is a kabar, #4065, foldable with easy opening hole, available in black, bright orange or pink Not an employee of kabar or any other knife company. the $5 knives are not worth the hassles of trying to keep them sharp
  19. eghiglie

    Need a Scoutmasters Minute

    thanks fish
  20. eghiglie

    Pet Peeve

    Thanks for bringing this up. Its great food for thought.
  21. eghiglie

    2nd Class Req. 5

    We do what oldm does. With technology today pictures can be created and appear realistic so we want to see it for real.
  22. eghiglie

    Cub Scouts 2010

    That's great that retention is up with the new method. As a former Bear DL and Web DL, and now as a Scoutmaster one of the biggest issues I see is with the kids EXPECTING stuff to be signed off because that's what happened in cub scouts. This is a great change by the BSA.
  23. eghiglie

    Providing Scholarships to cub scouts

    You all are very fortunate to have this problem. I would love to trade places with you. Because we are a tiny troop we have very little extra cash, during this depression we've lost quite a few kids because of the dues and camping fees. Fund raisers help quite a bit.
  24. eghiglie

    Is It Just Me??

    It gets hard. There are way too many ways to interpret the requirements. When I make a judgment call as the SM, there are always a handful of parents who tell me I'm wrong, but they don't want to offer much help.
  25. eghiglie

    Eagle COH?

    After my son's project was over we took the work crew out for pizza. Other families in the area have done some over the top ECOH's. The last one we saw the parents invested $1,200 into a catered bbq, DJ, rented hall and all sorts of stuff and a keepsake for each person, like a wedding. Others have been similar. My wife, son and I thought it was over the top in each case. When my son earned Eagle I asked what kind of ECOH? His answer was keep it simple! It was part of a regular Troop COH. The OA Ceremony team came and did a great show. My son is a Brotherhood member and active. It was done outdoors, near his project. The other boys received there awards also. He did something remarkable, he wanted no gifts. He asked that each attendee bring food for a local food pantry. He was really thrilled to bring the food to the pantry, about 7 bags full. For food all we had was cake, later we gave him a cash gift. Although my wife and I were trying to economize we were putting it in perspective. As he is 14 we realized that he will have many other great events ahead of him. Middle School grad (in six months) HS grad, College Grad, wedding.