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  1. We have the exact same award in our troop, usually for car camping. Patrol with the best overall food. We look at teamwork, cleanliness (ug!), and if they are somewhat using different food groups. We have adult 'judges' that go around and watch and test each patrol during the outing. At the end of the outing, usually during a Scout's own, we have the judges announce the patrol who has won. The SM even went and purchased a good sized plastic spoon and spray painted it Gold. We present this to the patrol and they can attach it to their flag until the next outing. They love it and to their credi
  2. Anonymous-this is a great question..one in fact the SM has already decided to discuss with the Boys at the next PLC meeting. We'll see what they come up with!
  3. Thanks everyone for your different views! I agree, electronics are here to stay, but teaching responsibility is a great tool to these boys as well.
  4. Wanted to get an opinion on how other troops handle the situation with electronic devises. Right now, our policy is electronic devises only allowed on the trip to/from only. I have to admit we are pretty laxy-dazy on this policy, as these boys can easily pull out ipods in their tent in the middle of the night. Last year at summer camp we had an incident where a boys ipod was stolen. Wether it was a boy in our troop or another troop was under much discussion. In the end we told the family that, although he shouldn't of had it, that is the risk one takes for bringing it. Nowadays - there are sma
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