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  1. How does an inactive OA member pay the dues, is there an online way to reup? I can't seem to find a way back into OA
  2. The local lodge wants proof of my membership its a catch 22
  3. I AM A MEMEBER OF THE OA LODGE #458 HI-CHA-KA-LO WICHITA KANSAS TAPPED OUT ABOUT 1972 OR 1973. HOW CAN I PAY MY DUES AND GET REIN LISTED MY SON ALEX 12 IS WORKING ON HIS TENDERFOOT TROOP 764 IN ATLANTA WOULD ANYONE HAVE A RECORD OF MY OA MEMBERSHIP I understand #458 and 321 have merged since 98 Any help would be much appreciated. I am working on becoming an ASM Thanks Mark Weihe
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