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  1. I went to Charles base last July. It was possibly the best camping experience of my life. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
  2. I've sewn all my own patches on for the last 2 years. =)
  3. My lodge handbook (Tecumseh #65) says that the sash can be worn at COHs and OA functions.
  4. What does your troop do regarding wearing both sashes. Do they even let you? My troop says to wear the OA sash and the merit badge sash throught the left hip part of the belt.
  5. I agree with the second post, I need Emer. Prep. but I don't want to get it, Communications was an easy one though. The 30 mi backpacking trip is nothing I've done multiple trips like that.
  6. The hardest one I think would be composite materials, cause unless you know someone with a lab, it would be pretty hard to do at home, or get lab time to do the stuff. What do you think is the hardest merit badge to earn?
  7. I had enough of trying to plan a campout's meals during 1st class cooking. Doing 3-4 times that amount would make me insane. Also, I am working on my eagle project and if they make the requirement June 1, 2009 or before it'll probably set me back a couple months for earning Eagle
  8. I have seen in some threads that cooking mb is going to required in 09 or 10 is this true? If so...
  9. OAwww

    The new uniform.

    I think that this uniform is not much better than the current uniform. While the fabric is an improvement, I'm not sure about the other parts of the new unifrom, mainly the pockets. The pockets that we have are fine and we don't need pockets that make Boy scouts look like Girl scouts. The pocket on teh sleeve is the worst idea in the world. It makes the position patch IMPOSSIBLE to put on without sewing through. Also, who wants to put something in that pocket if the look like they're packing a gun up their sleeve? With out buttons, where will we put the hanging patches, OA dangle/NES
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